(Rental)-How To Run The Shotgun Wing-t Offense


(Rental)-How To Run The Shotgun Wing-t Offense

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Greg Wallace
Former Grinnell College Head Football coach
Jeff Pedersen
Grinnell Head Football Coach

The Shotgun Wing T has been the fastest-growing offense in the country. Greg Wallace and Jeff Pedersen, Grinnell coaches, discuss the advantages and how to implement this offense in your program. Most offenses depend on a strong-armed, traditional quarterback to succeed, but the Shotgun Wing–T is focused on the best players on the team. The Wing-T's flexibility is demonstrated by the six different formations that are available. Pedersen and Wallace clearly explain alignments and the best players for each position. They also discuss blocking strategies and readings that will ensure success year after year. The presentation focuses on teaching the T alignment, and how important it is to do so in the early practice sessions. Wallace provides great insight on blocking and snapping, which are two of the cornerstones in the Wing-T. This comprehensive and informative look at the Shotgun Wing T will help you to win football.

44 minutes. 2006.

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