(Rental)-Game Planning For Your Best Offensive Playmakers


(Rental)-Game Planning For Your Best Offensive Playmakers

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Features & Benefits

  • To get the ball to your best players, learn simple plays that don't require much blocking
  • How to set up solid screens for outside and inside receivers and jailbreak screens
  • Non-traditional runs can help you get more yardage for your running backs.
Neal Brown, West Virginia University's Head Coach
Former Head Coach at Troy University
Rivals named former University of Kentucky Offensive coordinator National Offensive Coordinator of The Year 2011.

Which are your top players? How can you get the ball to them during a match?

Neal Brown is a rising star among college coaching ranks and shows you how to maximize touches from your best offensive players. Based on his successes as an offensive coordinator at Kentucky, Texas Tech and elsewhere, Coach Brown teaches you how to "stress defense horizontally" as well as how to view your offense as "players and not plays."

Coach Brown uses game cutting-ups in this presentation to show how to plan your game around the playmakers. There are many ways to ensure your playmakers have the right touches, including screens, non-traditional runs, and play action. He also discusses a range of screen options, including empty, doubles and two-back, as well as motion.

Give your team the best chance of success this season by getting the ball in the hands of your top players.

This was produced at the 2014 Louisville Nike Coach of the Year clinic.

54 minutes. 2015.

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