(Rental)-Controlling The Defense With The Veer Option


(Rental)-Controlling The Defense With The Veer Option

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J.T. Curtis,
John Curtis Christian School, Los Angeles Head Coach
Over 540 coaching wins - the second highest number of high school football coaches to achieve 500 wins.
Distinguished member of National Federation of State High School Associations Hall of Fame (2015)
2012 Louisiana Class 2A State High school Champions (26 total State HS Football titles);
The 2012 USA Today National High School Champion and 2012 USA Today National HS Coaches of the Year.

Although the Veer Offense isn't complicated or fancy, John Curtis Christian School has been using it to make baffling defenses since 1975. John Curtis Christian School, which switched to the Veer Offense back in 1975, has won 19 titles and reached the Louisiana HS State Championship Game 24 times. This video explains the Veer Offense in detail and how it can be used to manage multiple defenses. This video will cover four key points in properly executing the offense. These include how to neutralize better defensive players, get the ball to the perimeter and make the secondary play on both sides of the field. Also, how to eliminate coverages that can make it difficult to throw a ball. The offense can gain 3 1/2 yards per play, which allows your team to control the clock and the chains. Coach Curtis explains the running back and quarterback assignments and the alignments involved in the execution of the triple option. Curtis also illustrates five plays that will help you implement the Veer Offense. These plays include the outside veer and inside veer as well as ride pass, ride throwback, and cutback.

60 minutes. 2005.

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