(Rental)-Baylor Offense: Running Back Play & Play Action Passing


(Rental)-Baylor Offense: Running Back Play & Play Action Passing

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Features & Benefits

  • A quarterback-running back mesh drill is a great way to improve your option readings and fine tune your QB/RB timing.
  • Chute drills can improve vision and footwork, as well as helping your back to create blocks and find creases.
  • To keep the defense honest, learn how "nakeds” and bootlegs are used during the passing game
  • You can add route tags to your passing games and expand your playbook without any teaching
Philip Montgomery, University of Tulsa Head coach; former Baylor University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach; 2013 Big 12 Champions;
2013 Offensive Coordinator-of-the Year (FootballScoop); Coach of Bryce Petty and Big 12 Player of Year; Robert Griffin III; Nick Florence, All American; Kevin Kolb; Conference USA MVP; Houston standout Case Keenum

Running back and quarterback are two of the most critical aspects of a balanced offense. This presentation is by Philip Montgomery, the former Baylor Offensive coordinator and 2013 Offensive Coordinator of the Year. He shares drills that will help you develop your running back. He teaches each drill, then shows how the drills can be applied to the game using game film.

Running Back Technique & Drills:

Coach Montgomery starts by working on the mesh between the running backs and the quarterback. The Baylor running attack is based on the mesh. This foundation is the basis of everything else. While he emphasizes specific steps and angles he allows for different types of running backs. He creates a game-like environment that can be managed and critiqued at all stages by using chutes, bags, and personnel. Running backs can use simple drills to learn and improve their skills.

Coach Montgomery will focus on the running back's feet and lower their pads after they have worked the mesh. These drills help running backs stay square before they can make their cut. The more running backs keep their lines straight, the longer linebackers must wait before they can make the cut. Coach Montgomery uses game simulation drills to develop the running back's strategy. He isolates each play segment so it can be controlled, critiqued and improved upon.

You can focus on the essentials in this offense for runningbacks if you have well-defined techniques. This allows you personalize and personalize drills to improve specific segments of the running backs’ game.

Play Action Passing
You can help your run game succeed with Coach Montgomery's "nakeds" and boots. Coach Montgomery uses game film as a way to show play from the spread and the eleven tight ends on the field. It is easy to imitate a style or philosophy when it is explained as well as in this presentation. This is a great way to work with running backs. This method solves many problems, including height, mesh, power, and making just one cut.

This video was produced at the 2014 Dallas-Fort Worth Red River Nike Coach of the Year clinic.

53 minutes. 2015.

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