Power Yoga for Sports FULL Cyclers Training Kit


Power Yoga for Sports FULL Cyclers Training Kit

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Unlock Your Full Potential

Whether you're a coach, a professional athlete, a student-athlete, or a supportive parent, the Power Yoga for Sports FULL Cyclers Training Kit is your key to unlocking unmatched performance and resilience in the competitive world of cycling. Crafted by the renowned Gwen Lawrence, whose expertise is sought by the globe's top athletes, this kit is your answer to the many challenges athletes face today.

Why Choose This Kit?

Imagine having a toolkit that drastically minimizes your risks of injury, enhances your mental focus, and optimizes your physical performance. For a fraction of what it costs to recover from setbacks such as injuries or loss of place in a team, you can now have access to a suite of resources valued at over $1,500. For only $47, the return on investment is unparalleled, covering every aspect of your game from physical to mental, nutrition to hydration, and beyond.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Video Guides: Access 17 exclusive videos that delve into yoga poses, strategies to spot and rectify imbalances, and more, not available anywhere else.
  • 83+ Page Cyclers Manual: A detailed guide covering relevant yoga poses, nutrition tips, and hydration advice tailored for cyclists.
  • Power Yoga for Sports Pose Books: Learn the hows and whys of yoga poses that enhance your cycling performance.
  • Mindfulness Worksheets: 14 pages dedicated to mental training, a crucial aspect often overlooked by athletes.
  • Goal Setting Book and Athlete Evaluation: Tools to help you set realistic goals and evaluate your progress with precision.
  • Live Taped Workshops: Over 3 hours of live workshops teaching you to identify and address imbalances before they lead to injuries.


Is this kit suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! While designed with the insights to benefit competitive cyclists, the kit is structured in a way that beginners can easily understand and apply the concepts and techniques.

How soon can I expect results?
Results vary depending on your current level, commitment, and how consistently you apply the strategies. However, many users report significant improvements in flexibility, strength, and mental focus within a few weeks.

Can I get a personalized evaluation?
Yes, the kit offers options for a personal online evaluation by Gwen Lawrence herself, allowing for tailored advice and improvements.

Take Action Now

Don't let another day go by where you're not working towards being the best cyclist you can be. The Power Yoga for Sports FULL Cyclers Training Kit is not just an investment in your cycling career; it's an investment in your health, longevity, and mental wellbeing. With Gwen Lawrence's expertise at your fingertips, success is just around the corner. Grab your kit today and pedal your way to greatness!

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