Formative Analytic System Book


Formative Analytic System Book

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Revolutionize Tennis Coaching

The Formative Analytical System is more than just a book; it's a comprehensive guide for tennis coaches at all levels seeking to enhance their methodology and impact on players' development. Authored by Fernando Segal, a globally recognized leader in tennis development, this book encapsulates his 44 years of unparalleled expertise and successful strategies in nurturing talent and fostering growth within the sport.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Expert Authorship: Written by Fernando Segal, renowned for his innovative tennis development projects and significant contributions to the sport's coaching methodologies.
  • Comprehensive Guide: Offers a step-by-step framework for creating tactical-technical development programs tailored to each stage of a tennis player's career.
  • Global Application: Proven success in schools, academies, and educational systems across various countries, making it a versatile resource for coaches worldwide.
  • Supports Unique Coaching Styles: Provides a logical foundation that complements and enhances an instructor's teaching philosophy and approach.
  • Rich in Content: Includes insights from Segal's extensive career, including founding the SEGAL INSTITUTE and authoring 11 books on a range of tennis topics.
  • Acclaimed and Award-Winning: Fernando Segal has received the prestigious GPTCA Award as Tennis Coach of the Year 2021, underscoring the book's credibility and impact.

Why Choose the Formative Analytic System Book?

This isn't just another tennis coaching manual. It's a transformative tool that has shaped the careers of over 6000 coaches and contributed to the development of junior players who have won 16 Junior Grand Slams. Whether you're new to coaching or looking to refine your approach, this book offers invaluable insights and methodologies backed by a leader whose influence spans the global tennis community.


  • Who is this book for? It's ideal for tennis coaches of all levels, sports educators, and anyone involved in the development of tennis players.
  • What makes this book different? Its strategic, evidence-based approach to coaching, combined with Fernando Segal's global reputation and success stories, sets it apart from other tennis coaching materials.
  • How can this book help me improve as a coach? By applying the strategies and philosophies outlined by Fernando Segal, coaches can expect to see significant improvements in their players' technical, tactical, and psychological development.

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