Developing Ball Screen Motion Offense


Developing Ball Screen Motion Offense

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Attention Coaches and Players: Transform Your Offensive Game Today!

Are you looking to give your team a competitive edge? Want to harness the power of your post players and let your guards shine? Look no further. Coach Dagan Nelson, Head Coach at New York University, brings his game-changing strategy directly to you with his comprehensive course on Developing Ball Screen Motion Offense. With over 20 years of coaching experience, including a successful tenure at NYU where he revitalized the team's offense, Coach Nelson is here to teach you the intricacies of an offensive system that is as flexible as it is formidable.

Why Choose Ball Screen Motion Offense?

  • Flexibility in Shot Selection: Empower your players with the freedom to make dynamic decisions on the court.
  • Difficult for Opponents to Guard: Keep the opposing team guessing with constant movement and strategic spacing.
  • Simple to Teach, Master, and Execute: With Coach Nelson's expert guidance, implementing this system is straightforward and effective.
  • Enhanced Post Player Utilization: Leverage the strength of your post players with continuous movement after screen actions.
  • Maximized Guard Efficiency: Allow your guards to exploit their quickness, driving to the rim or executing precise drive and kicks.

What You Will Learn

In this detailed course, Coach Nelson covers every angle of the Ball Screen Motion Offense, including:

  • How to teach your players the fundamentals and nuances of the offense.
  • Drills for developing effective communication and movement without the ball.
  • Techniques for improving your team's sense of spacing at any moment in the offense.
  • The proper execution of ball screens and keys to maximizing their effectiveness.

Exclusive Content and Expert Insight

Dive deep into the Ball Screen Motion Offense with over an hour of focused content, including game-specific drills, a breakdown of practice plans, essential passing drills, and crucial keys to the system. Plus, get Coach Nelson's final thoughts and answers to common questions in a comprehensive Q&A session.


Who is this course for?
Whether you're a seasoned coach looking to revamp your team's offensive strategy or a player aiming to develop your understanding of the game, this course offers valuable insights for all.

How can this course improve our team's performance?
By implementing the strategies taught by Coach Nelson, your team can enhance its offensive play, making it more dynamic and challenging for opponents to predict and defend against.

Is prior knowledge of ball screen offense necessary?
No, Coach Nelson's course is designed to be accessible for all levels, from beginners to advanced players and coaches. The course covers fundamentals as well as advanced techniques.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your team's offensive game with Coach Dagan Nelson's expert guidance. Enroll in the Developing Ball Screen Motion Offense course today and start your journey to a more potent and flexible offense!

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