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Unleash Backyard Football Fun with the Deluxe Flag Football Set!

Turn any open space into a football field with the Deluxe Flag Football Set! This complete flag football kit is perfect for family gatherings, neighborhood games, or team practices. Get ready for hours of active fun, friendly competition, and the thrill of the touchdown!

Everything You Need for Fast-Paced Flag Football

The Deluxe Flag Football Set includes everything you need to get started with flag football:

  • 10 Flag Belts: Five blue belts and five yellow belts allow for easy team identification during the game. Three detachable flags per belt ensure quick and easy removal during gameplay.
  • Disc Cones: Four bright orange disc cones help you set up the playing field and mark boundaries.
  • Mesh Carrying Bag: The convenient black mesh carrying bag makes storage and transportation a breeze.

Here's what makes the Flag Football Set the perfect choice for your next game:

  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials, this set is built to withstand the wear and tear of even the most intense flag football battles.
  • Adjustable Belts: With adjustable waists, the flag belts comfortably fit both kids and adults, ensuring a fun and inclusive game for all ages.
  • Quick Release Flags: The flags are securely attached but detach easily when pulled, keeping the game flowing smoothly.
  • Easy Storage: The mesh carrying bag keeps everything organized and makes transporting the set effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this set include a football?

A: The CF200 Pro Composition football is sold separately.

Q: How many players can participate with this set?

A: The Deluxe Flag Football Set allows for up to 10 players, with five players per team.

Q: What age is this set appropriate for?

A: This set is perfect for people of all ages, thanks to the adjustable belts and easy-to-use flags.

Get ready to score big with the Deluxe Flag Football Set! Order yours today and experience the excitement of flag football with friends and famil

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