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Ball Handling Drills to Unleash Your Confidence with the Basketball...and Attack Aggressive Defenders

Do you need to tighten up your ball handling skills because you lose the basketball too often in games and commit too many turnovers?

Is it difficult for you or your child to handle tough pressure defense in basketball - you know - where the defender gets right up on your child and they turn away from the defender?

Hanging on to the basketball and keeping the ball from the defense is a problem many players struggle with and if a player doesn't learn to protect the basketball and attack pressure they will continue to struggle their entire career getting eaten up by defenders.

And as you move up in levels in basketball, the speed of the game increases, the defense will become more aggressive, and the pressure will increase.

How Can I Improve My Ball Handling Skills in Basketball & Develop Great Ball Control?

What if I told you that you could learn the best basketball ball handling drills from the Top Basketball Trainer in the World? And you'll see results in as little as a week?

Here's what you need...Introducing Ganon Baker's Ball Handling from the Preps to the Pros workouts.

Ganon Baker's Basketball School Ball Handling video features drills for Beginning players all the way up to the Pros. This is one basketball video you will use your entire career with all the challenges Ganon has in store for you. You'll develop quicker and stronger hands. You'll learn to get low and develop core strength that will make you solid when you have the ball in your hands. Players melting against pressure is a big problem but if you do the drills on this Ball-Handling video you will not melt in pressure but be ready to attack it and take advantage of it.

The video is divided up into two sections: Preps and Pros. The Prep drills would typically be JV High School and down while the Pro drills would be for High School Varsity and above. Ganon demonstrates all of the drills at the highest level possible. You’ll see how hard you should be practicing your ball handling drills and what is possible if you work at it.

This Ball-Handling video is a must for any player at any level who wants to build a solid foundation of being able to dribble, makes passes by, and attack defenders.

  • Learn how to Have Great Ball Control (protect the basketball from agressive defense... you won't be a turnover machine on the basketball court)
  • Drills for beginning players (start your career out being strong with the basketball... you'll get a head start in attacking defenders)
  • Drills for the Pros (continue to improve your ball handling skills... as you move up in levels you'll have everything you need to protect and attack the biggest, baddest defenders.)
  • Featuring Pro Trainer Ganon Baker (train with the best of the best... you'll be maximizing your practice time with the best drills so you get results in games)
  • Challening drills with tennis balls (work on not watching the ball when dribbling ... you'll be spotting open teammates in games instead of dribbling with your head down)

Ganon Baker's Ball Handling is for every parent that is frustrated watching their child during basketball games struggle when the ball is in their hands. Whether it's throwing the ball away, getting tied up all the time, turning their back to their teammates because they are afraid of defensive pressure, you just want your child to be successful when the ball is in their hands.

What's the Difference Between Ball Handling Drills and Dribbling Basketball Drills?

Now Ganon Baker has a dribbling drills basketball video as well called Dribbling & Driving. Ball Handling drills tend to be more stationary in nature. Some of the drills in the Ball Handling video are on the move but ball handling is being able to control the basketball and use your body to protect it from the defense.

Being strong with the basketball and being able to not turn away from the defender is very important. If you turn away from the defender then you can't see the basket and you can't see your teammates. So ball handling establishes a foundation of being strong against a defender and then dribbling comes into play from there.

How can a Coach use these Drills to Improve your Players Skill & Speed with the Ball?

If you are a coach you can use these drills your players to help improve their body positioning and keep their body strong against the toughest defenders. Coaches want players to play low and Ganon's Ball-Handling drills will get your players down into a good basketball stance. As Ganon says, "Learn to Live Low".

Are You Ready to Train with the #1 Trainer in the World?

So if you are serious about improving your ball handling and dribbling skills this video is the foundation of your game. Learn to put your body in position to protect the basketball from defenders and stop having it ripped away or be too scared to attack a defender.

This basketball drills video will unleash the confidence and strength that is inside you - it just needs to come out and these drills are just what you need to build speed, strength, & quickness in your hands.

This video costs less than any session with a personal trainer which easily range between $50 to $100/hour. This is a very small investment in your game that will reap huge rewards.

Don't wait another day to start training with Ganon Baker and stop losing the ball and put over aggressive defenders in their place!