Advanced Basketball Training System 26 Videos

$199.99 $699.99 -72% OFF

Advanced Basketball Training System 26 Videos

$199.99 $699.99 -72% OFF

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Do You Have the Best Basketball Trainers in the World Helping You?

Answer "Yes" and you'll never have to worry about developing skills to take your game to the next level again...

Instead, coaches will want you on their team, you'll score more points and maximize your training time to play at as high as level possible.

Special Letter from Coach Chris

Dear Basketball Player,

If you want get to the next level of play, impress coaches, or even if you just want to build confidence in your game, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

in today's basketball training world, learning from trainers that are TRUE professionals can mean the difference between getting to the next level or being left behind! You see there a ton of trainers today. In fact anyone can call themselves a basketball trainer. So finding a good or great trainer isn't so easy.

Have you seen some of the trainers clowns🤡 on YouTube? They aren't real trainers but are Internet video marketers. They don't run any camps, don't train any players - believe me - you want to stay away from these guys. Watch these guys long enough and you'll be spin dribbling, going behind the back, between the legs, and finishing a layup like your a gymnast - just to get to the basket! They aren't going to get you to the next level of basketball. No high school coach will put up with those antics so you're wasting your time if you really want to be the best player you can be and impress coaches..

If your goal is to play the highest level of basketball possible, who would you want training you?

An Internet Marketer or a Pro Trainer like Jay Hernandez who has trained hundreds of Pros and is EMPLOYED BY THE CHARLOTTE HORNETS🐝 OF THE NBA🏆? What about a Pro Trainer like Ganon Baker who has trained NBA, WNBA⛹‍♀, & Foreign pro players and clubs. Or a Pro Trainer like Jason Otter who runs camps (with real players) in attendance all over the country? Also out of Atlanta, GA Dorian Lee who works with NBA, WNBA⛹‍♀, & College players on a daily basis?

These are REAL Basketball Trainers who Work with
Pro, College, High School, & Youth Players on a DAILY Basis.

real basketball trainer arrows
best basketball trainers

How the Advanced Basketball Training System Started...

When I set out to make the Advanced Basketball Training System I wanted the best basketball trainers in the world so that any player anywhere could get the best instruction possible. Growing up I was limited to local coaches who honestly just weren't that good and couldn't help me become the best player I could become. I had the desire to become a great player but it didn't happen.

I didn't want other players to have to suffer the same fate as I did. I wanted players to have the best coaches and trainers available to them so they could achieve their goals and have the most fun possible playing basketball.

The Advanced Basketball Training system's trainers are the best in the world and have helped tens of thousands of players around the world and it will help you become the best player you can be.

This system features the best basketball trainers in the world that work with REAL players at all levels of play from NBA teams to youth players.

So, if you want to play college basketball or start on your high school team you NEED the Advanced Basketball Training System featuring the best of the best Basketball Trainers to ensure you have the best instruction anywhere in the world.

Here's to Your Dreams,

Coach Chris

P.S. I'm going to throw in 3 Bonus Videos to help you jump higher, develop a quicker first step, and play lockdown defense!

P.S.S. - Don't wait. Put the best basketball trainers in the world in your training toolbox today. Don't wait to have these incredible professional trainers on your team.

The Advanced Basketball Trainers have been featured in...

basketball training credentials


These 23 Training videos (& 3 Bonus Videos) would normally cost nearly $700 but today you can get all 26 Videos for only $199.99.

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Over 30 Hours of Basketball Training from the Best Trainers in the World!

23 Videos Plus 3 Bonus Videos Including

Ganon Baker's...

  1. Ball Handling
  2. Dribbling & Driving
  3. Passing
  4. Shooting & Triple Threat
  5. Undersized Player
  6. International Post Player
  7. 1 on 1 Wing Moves
  8. Scoring & Moving w/o the Ball
  9. Encylopedia of Dribble Moves
  10. Speed w/ a Jump Rope
  11. Triple Threat Attack
  12. Perfect Jump Shot
  13. Full Court Dribbling Workout
  14. 60 Minute Workout
  15. Pro Scoring Moves 1
  16. Pro Scoring Moves 2
  17. Advanced Point Guard Skills
  18. Advanced Free Throws
  19. Freeze Pull Ups
  20. Pivotology
  21. Art of the Quick Release
  22. Nuclear 1st Step
  23. Explosive Finishing Moves



3 Bonus DVDs

  1. M.V.P. Vertical Jump Program
  2. Killer 1st Step Drills
  3. Lightning Quick Defense

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

  • You'll discover the most comprehensive method of developing your game and give you the best shot at playing in college
  • You won't have to hire high priced trainers and spend thousands of dollars a year
  • You'll skip past the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST players because you'll have the best training methods from the best trainers.
  • You'll know exactly how to train like a pro - even as a youth player - and take your game to that next level.
  • You'll become a student of the game after just watching a few videos. You will become so much smarter on the floor you'll become a "Coach on the Floor"
  • Your confidence will soar as you get inside knowledge from Pro Trainers
  • You'll score more points in games, handle the basketball with authority, & dominate
  • Your friends & temmates will be cheering you on as you lead your team to success on the court

See Previews of all the videos Below!

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Here's what Real Players say about our trainers...

“Without Jason Otter's help, I do not believe I could have accomplished or continue to accomplish my goals. I am so thankful to Jason and all he has done for me on the court and off.”
– Jordan McCabe D-1 University of West Virginia

BIG LIE - Only 3% of High School Players have a Chance to Earn a College Scholarship:

Source: NCAA

The Better the Training, Desire, & Plan the Better Your Chances

You actually have a much better chance than 3% of earning a college scholarship. Here's the fallacy in this statement: It assumes every kid that plays high school basketball as a senior is on equal footing of earning a scholarhip.

Let's face it, most seniors in high school never put in the required work year after year to get their game to a level that could earn a scholarship. They don't have the desire. And not every high school senior wants to play college basketball. It's been estimated that 20% of high school players want to play in college. So the pool of actual players competing for a scholarship as a senior is much smaller than you would think.

Now if you are a player with a plan and have great trainers and coaches in your corner, your odds will be much better than 3%. More like 10%. Still not easy, but much better than 3%. You have to want it and earn a scholarship. The process of earning a scholarship is an investment. It's an investment of your time, money, & effort to achieve.

Many players lack top notch trainers or coaches to help them achieve their goals. Having a great coach or trainer in your corner can set up apart from the competition.

What Age Should You Start Basketball Training?

Many players start playing basketball in the early elementary years and some are playing seriously as young as third grade in year around AAU programs. While playing helps you understand and learn the game, training on your own is important in developing your skills which will help you perform at a higher level in games.

Think about it, how much does any one player have the ball in a game? Not much. The other team has the ball half the time and then split the ball by 5 players on a team and you aren't going to get enough reps in a game - even if you played 100 games a year - to significantly improve your skills.

A big part of the Advanced Basketball Training System is Ganon Baker's Basketball School videos that feature Preps to the Pros which will get younger players off to a fast start in proper basketball training methods.

The Advanced Basketball Training system is for any player - beginner or seasoned veteran. It's a career lasting investment into your game that will pay off for years and years.

How to Jump Higher & Develop More Athleticism with the Advanced Basketball Training System

Developing your speed, quickness, strength, & agility is key to move up in higher levels of basketball. Everyone is bigger, faster, taller, stronger, & quicker the further you go. Using the videos from Alan Stein & Jason Otter will help you prepare to move up to that next level BEFORE you get there. These workouts will have you jumping higher, being quicker off the dribble, shutting down opponents on defense, and make you an overall better athlete and player.

How to Develop Pro Level Ball handling & Dribbling Skills

In the Advanced Basketball Training sytem are some incredible ball handling and dribbling workouts that will take your dribbling skills to another level and then some. Ganon Baker and Jason Otter are INCREDIBLY skilled trainers and have drills and workouts that will challenge any player at any level. You will never outgrow these two trainer's drills and workouts which means you'll get a ton of value just from these videos alone.

The Advanced Basketball Training System is for Coaches & Trainers too!

Are you a basketball coach looking to develop your player's skills? Are you looking for proven basketball drills? When it comes to the fundamentals and advanced techniques from real pro trainers you won't go wrong with these trainers.

If you are a trainer looking to start a training business you NEED this series. This is such a small investment in your training business and will give you a major advantage in getting your training business off to a great start. You'll have all the info and drills used by our Pro Trainers. Your clients will be so impressed by your knowledge of the game and you'll be able to have an answer to any question they might have when it comes to player development.

Pro Coaching Tip: Loan out the videos to your players so they can watch them at home, learn from the best trainers in the world, and keep improving and inspiring your players to greatness!

So Here's The Bottom Line With Advanced Basketball Training System

You'll get 23 DVDs & 3 Bonus DVDs that will help you score more points in games, handle the basketball like a pro, jump higher, become stronger, faster, & quicker, develop great footwork, learn how to read the defense, & much more. You get to have the best basketball trainers in the world right in your house with no stone left unturned.

But Isn't 26 videos too much? Isn't there a bunch of repeating material?

When I set out to build the most advanced basketball training system, I told each trainer we didn't want to duplicate content. So you will see very different videos in each dribbling video, in each shooting video, etc. This was a key point in building the system to not have duplicate material. Now 26 videos will take some time to digest, and that' the idea. This is something that will last you your entire career so you can continue to move up levels of basketball and be successful.

You get all of this for only 199.99...

What is the Average Cost of Basketball Training?

Just one hour of basketball training typically ranges from $50 to $100/ hour. Crazy right? How much better can you get in just one hour? Not a lot, so it's going to take a lot of hours with a personal basketball trainer and can run into thousands of dollars over the years.

The Advanced Basketball Training System costs just between 2 to 4 sessions with a personal trainer but will last you your entire career. You can still use a personal trainer but if you have the Advanced Basketball Training videos you won't need to meet with a trainer as often as you'll see how you should be training on your own and have the best drills to do.

special bonuses

Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...

Bonus #1: M.V.P. Vertical Jump Program

You want to jump higher, dunk, and be more explosive on the court right? This 12 week workout program is the most comprehensive vertical jump development program as it will hit the Core 4 areas of your body so you maximize your vertical jump potential!

Value: $25

jump higher basketball training program

Bonus #2: Lightning Quick Defensive Drills

defensive basketball drils

We made sure we didn't forget about defense in our basketball skills list! Alan Stein gives you defensive drills that will help you get quicker laterally and stay in front of the player you are guarding.

Value: $25

Bonus #3: Kiler 1st Step Drills

Every coach loves a player with a quick first step because they know they can get into the defense and make things happen on offense. Alan's 1st Step Drills will help you beat your defender off the dribble and finish the play yourself with a score or setup a teammate for the assist.

Value: $25

quicker first step basketball training

Here's How To Order Right Now

So go ahead and click the Add to Cart button to receive DVDs or click any of the Red Download Now buttons to purchase as a download. You'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

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