9 Disc Rental Package

$119.99 $149.99 -21% OFF

9 Disc Rental Package

$119.99 $149.99 -21% OFF
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Save with a Rental Package


Choose a rental package and you will get 9 DVD discs for only $119.99. You can see how many discs are in a Title in the Bullet points at the top of the product page. See below for exclusions to this offer.


9 Single Title Rentals (3 at a time)
Single Title Rental Package


Save over $310 by renting vs buying!


Quick Facts:

  1. Purchase the rental package for 9 disc rentals for only $119.99
  2. You email us your list of 9 DVDs you want at rentals@hoopsking.com.
  3. 3 will be mailed to you at a time for a 10 day viewing period.
  4. When the 10 day viewing period is up for the first 3 DVDs mail them back to us and we'll mail your next 3 choices. (3 in 3 out)
  5. If you want to wait for the next 3 to be sent out, just let us know when you want your next 3 and we'll mail them. Weeks, months, whenever you want the next 3 we'll send them.
  6. All 3 sets of the rentals have 10 day viewing periods.
  7. We are always adding more titles so our selection will grow after your initial purchase and you can update your list if you want to.


 Exclusions:Read & React DVDs are excluded from this offer.



Package rentals are under the terms of the HoopsKing.com Rental Membership Terms and you must have a rental membership (free) to rent DVDs.


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