(Rental)-Zone Option Offense Zone Option Offense by Brian Hughes Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Brian Hughes (Rental)-Zone Option Offense $16.99
Features & Benefits Get better at Football coaching Brian Hughes - Learn from him! Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. Brian Hughes C.W. C.W. This DVD's main focus is on the zone option. It includes the blocking techniques and zone reading. C.W. The C.W. This scheme requires defenses to play balanced by using motion. Except for the backside tackle, the blocking rules are the same. There are other benefits, such as a valid run threat from the no back position, offers Blitz Protection, allows faster receivers access to the ball in space, and many explosive run- and pass options. Drills focus on linemen running at the linebacker's level to block and running with a broad base before contact. The zone option pass is a key component in teaching zone option. Hughes shows game footage after Hughes has identified key offensive positions. The final additions to the package include the shovel option and the zone counter. The entire package can be viewed on DVD. It will greatly benefit your option offense! 50 minutes. 2006.