Warm Up Drills For Basketball Practice by Leon Rice Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Leon Rice (Rental)-Warm Up Drills For Basketball Practice $15.99
Mike Rice: Warm Up Drills for Practice You have to keep your players uncomfortable in practice if you want them to improve on a daily basis. Former Rutgers and Robert Morris head coach Mike Rice uses a number of drills that not only teach fundamentals, but they also force players to learn continually. The drills create a certain mentality and demand great effort. The end result is winning basketball. Rice took Robert Morris to two NCAA tournaments which helped him earn the job at Rutgers. Part of his success was due to his players being able to create chaos in games and turn up the heat on opponents. In this video, Coach Rice shows you his favorite drills to keep your players focused throughout practice and on game day. Coach Rice’s drills focus on fundamentals of the game such as: Passing and Screening Transition and Finishing Defense Close outs Rebounding You will see drills like the Daily Dozen and Rightie and Lefties. Both are finishing drills that teach players to attack the basket without fearing contact. The 4-on-3 Passing Drill teaches poise while under pressure. Coach Rice’s screening drills teach players how to set a variety of screens and get open coming off of them. You get 14 different drills in this presentation. All 14 put players in positions that are generally uncomfortable. The idea is to force players to learn how to deal with any situation that may arise in the course of a game. Players learn poise and toughness. If you are looking for drills that will motivate your players and force them to be tough, Coach Rice’s video is for you. His drills will create excitement and competition in your practices that will show on game day.