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The Trap Defense in Basketball takes various forms.  You can run a trap defense in the full or half court.  Trapping the offense means putting two players on the ball and containing that player so that they have to pass out of the two person trap.  The defense will make any pass out of the trap as difficult as possible hoping to cause a turnover by the offense.

Half Court Trap Defense

A half court trap defense in basketball will typically be in a 1-3-1 set.  The goal of a trapping defense is to use the sidelines as extra defenders so the traps areas on the court are next to the sidelines.  Now you can run any formation you want in the half court and even run a man to man half court trapping defense.  You can run any full court trapping defense in the half court by just adjusting it to the half court.

Why Trap Half Court vs. Full Court?

When you trap in the full court one advantage is that if you get a steal you are typically closer to your own basket which makes it easier to score.  The other team also has to worry more about getting the ball across half court before a ten second violation occurs.

An advantage to a half court trap is that there are more players in a smaller space.  This makes it more difficult to throw long passes that can beat the defense.  It also makes it harder for players who are good dribblers and are fast to beat you off the dribble. With more open space in a full court trap a player that is quick and can dribble can more easily beat the defense if they don't contain the dribbler very well.

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The Mayhem Amoeba Style Defense by Ryan McCarthy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ryan McCarthy (Rental)-The Mayhem Amoeba Style Defense $18.99
Mayhem Press Basketball - Amoeba-Style Defense Create absolute mayhem on defense with a zone defense that morphs into one that uses pressure man-to-man and zone principles. Ryan McCarthy, the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, has created a full-court pressure defense that helped his team earn a trip to the 2016 NCAA Division II championship game. In three seasons (2015-17), McCarthy’s teams have gone 97-7 and led the NCAA in steals. In this video, McCarthy shows you how he has taken the Amoeba defense from the legendary Jerry Tarkanian and adapted it into a full-court, full-game type of defense. Using game footage, on-court demonstration, and the whiteboard; Coach McCarthy breaks down his defense and shares drills he uses to teach it. Mayhem Press Basketball Build-Up Team Drills Coach McCarthy shows you five drills to use to teach your players how to play the Mayhem Amoeba defense. Forcing to the Baseline drill teaches players to closeout and apply intense ball pressure. They also learn to control the direction of a dribbler and force them to the baseline. The Ball Pressure Jump drill teaches guards how to help after a player gets beat. Other drills teach how to switch on ball screens, take away your opponent’s low-block presence by fronting the post, and how to rotate to protect the basket when the ball gets to the corner. Countering Offensive Strategies To learn the effectiveness of this match-up zone, Coach McCarthy shows you the responsibilities of each player and their rotations against the most common offensive strategies. Odd front alignments: McCarthy shows you how to match up immediately, disrupt ball reversals, take away cutters, and more. Even front alignments: Learn how to shift defenders along with perimeter with the reverse bump and how to neutralize pick-and-pops by aggressively switching defenders. 1-4 High Sets: Play strong denial defense with weak side help. Learn to anticipate dives from the posts and take away weak side flashes by bumping defenders. Additionally, Coach McCarthy shows you how to smother the paint when teams try the double low post alignment. On top of that, McCarthy gets into the different trapping options available that can really drive opponents crazy. This defense is one that will create mayhem on the floor if run correctly. McCarthy shows you how in this extremely well done video. Add it to your defensive collection today! Rent this Mayhem Press Basketball DVD today.
Building The 1-2-2 3/4 Court Defense by Michael Buonaguro Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Michael Buonaguro (Rental)-Building The 1-2-2 3-4 Court Defense $15.99
1-2-2 Three Quarter Court Defense Template Master the 1-2-2 Three Quarter Court Press with the help of former Siena head coach Mitch Buonaguro. In this 1-2-2 Three Quarter Court Press video, Coach Buonaguro shares 10 benefits of installing and using the 1-2-2 three-quarter court press as well as adjustments that will help you defend any situation. After watching Buonaguro’s presentation, you will feel much more comfortable teaching and installing a pressure defense that will create chaos for any opponent. Coach Buonaguro outlines the responsibilities for each player and position on the floor in the 1-2-2 press. Using on-court demonstration, you will earn when and where to trap, how to build in a secondary trap, and how to fall back into a 2-3 zone. In one possession, you will be able to give an offense three different looks. That makes things difficult for offenses. 1-2-2 Three Quarter Court Defense Adjustments There are a number of ways opponents will attack the press. Coach Buonaguro goes through every possible situation an opponent can dream up to break the 1-2-2 press. He gets into topics like what to do when you are better than your opponent, when to trap, when to change the look of the press, and when to change from zone to man. Coach Buonaguro also offers up some twists to help disguise the press and its intentions. This 1-2-2 Three Quarter Court Press DVD will help you master the 1-2-2 pressing game. You will see how pressure defense can give your players a mental edge over an opponent. Coach Buonaguro reviews the 10 benefits to running the 1-2-2 three-quarter court press. By the time he is finished, you will see why teams love to play at a pace that controls the tempo of a game. In addition to his discussion and demonstration of the press, Coach Buonaguro passes on his knowledge of how to prepare for a successful season. After studying several successful sports teams, Buonaguro shares with you four characteristics that championship teams exhibit. This 70-minute video is a great addition to any coach’s catalog. Those looking to build a full-court pressure attack can benefit greatly from Coach Buonaguro’s teaching. Rent the 1-2-2 Three Quarter Court Press DVD today.
Full Court Trapping Systems For Controlling Tempo by Dana Altman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dana Altman (Rental)-Full Court Trapping Systems For Controlling Tempo $17.99
Full Court Trapping Systems for Controlling Tempo Teams that only press when behind usually do not have much success trying to do something that is not part of their defensive system. Oregon head coach Dana Altman presents the Oregon Press System, one that can help teams control tempo, in this video. Coach Altman is one of just a few Division 1 head coaches to every amass 19 straight winning seasons. He has taken his Ducks to four Sweet Sixteens in his nine years at Oregon. A big part of his success is his pressing system. In the video, Coach Altman presents both the Blue Press and the Green Press defining the parameters of each and the rules for each player. Full Court Trapping System Blue Press Blue starts as a three-quarter court press with the opportunity to trap. Coach Altman shows you how he divides the court up into sections. This helps players understand how to use certain areas of the floor to entice opponents into trapping situations. The Blue Press can trap on either side of the court, but Altman prefers it on the defensive end. Blue is used to control the tempo of the game keeping the opponent uncomfortable all while burning time off the shot clock. Full Court Trapping System Green Press Green is a much more aggressive 1-2-2 full-court press used when your team is behind and must get back in the game. Similar to most Diamond presses, Coach Altman uses it to speed up tempo and get more possessions on offense. The key points Altman shares about the Green Press are: How to press with a man on the ball How to make the trap off the first pass How to press against multiple press breaks such as the 1-4 and 3-men-at-half-court press breaks How to neutralize a star point guard and force them to give up the ball How to utilize your personnel so they are in the right position during the press Bonus Features In addition to discussing his Oregon Press, Coach Altman shares some additional information for coaches looking to become effective at pressing. Altman shares how to: Trap if the ball is brought up the sideline Effectively trap in the half-court Trap an inexperienced player and how it can benefit your team A full-court press can be a game-changer for a program. Become a consistent full-court pressure team with the help Coach Altman’s video. Add it to your collection today! Rent this full court trapping system DVD today.
Creighton Green & Blue Press by Dana Altman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dana Altman (Rental)-Creighton Green & Blue Press $15.99
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Pressing Options Out Of A 1--2--1--1 by Cliff Ellis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Cliff Ellis (Rental)-Pressing Options Out Of A 1--2--1--1 $15.99
Cliff Ellis: Pressing Options Out of a 1-2-1-1 Will you be ready to press your opponent when you absolutely have to? Coastal Carolina head coach Cliff Ellis has over 850 career wins, six conference coach of the year awards, and a national coach of the year award (1999) under his belt. In this video, Coach Ellis teaches his patented 1-2-1-1 full-court press. He does an outstanding job of describing each individual responsibility and role within the press as well as all the details that make the press a great strategy. The press is for both cautious and more aggressive coaches. Those that are cautious will find security in the many effective ideas that are taught on how to avoid being beaten down the court in transition. Aggressive coaches will learn how to get into multiple trapping opportunities and how to press off of a missed shot. Coach Ellis shows you how to start the press in a more conservative manner to begin. The full-court press can also morph into a three-quarter court press that will keep opponents off balance. The press becomes very aggressive as Ellis teaches players how to trap on the first inbound pass. Wings learn when and where to trap as Ellis tapes off sections of the court. This helps players understand how to move when the ball is passed. He teaches both the middle man and the safety how to “lie in the weeds” in order to force ball movement for a trap. The most important part of any press, according to Ellis, is the recovery. Coach Ellis goes deep into demonstrating and teaching how to recover from the press. The final part of the video is where Ellis explains a number of different situations to put players through right from Day 1. He talks about a “multiply” situation where players must scramble into a secondary press if a steal occurs and a basket is made. You will see how to defend the four basic passes out of the initial trap. Coach Ellis also shows you how to switch from a conservative 1-2-1-1 full-court press to a more aggressive three-quarter court “12 Press” when the ball is passed backwards in the press. These pressure concepts will create panic in your opponents and allow your team to capitalize on their indecisions.
Aggressive Trapping Defensive by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Huggins (Rental)-Aggressive Trapping Defensive $15.99
Bob Huggins, the '00-01 National Coachof the Year, gives us a behind-the scenes look at aggressive trapping defense Philosophy and the breakdown of aggressive Rapping Defenses Trapping forces turnovers, fatigues enemies and forces bad shots to your opponents Bob Huggins is synonymous for aggressive pressure defense. Huggins' 1-3-1 trap is built from the ground floor in this presentation. Each position has a specific role and affects the defense's strength. Huggins cites rotation, passing angles, trapping and trapping as key components to a defense that is successful. The DVD also features a full court 2-2-1 press. After the ball has been trapped, two interceptors and one anticipator take their positions using maximum pressure. Additional features include run and jump, double teaming and putting the ball in half court. Huggins shares his 2-2 defensive drill, which is crucial in building both the full and half court defenses. Trapping can lead to turnovers, fatigue opponents, and force bad shots. Huggins' aggressive trapping instruction will add surprise to your defensive game plan. Your team will gain confidence through trapping and be able to score easy baskets against your opponent. 69 minutes. 2009.
Full Court 1--3--1 Trapping by Bob Huggins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Huggins (Rental)-Full Court 1--3--1 Trapping $15.99
Huggins' defense was born out of necessity in the early stages of his career. It is a regular part of Huggins' program. This defense is introduced by player-by-player assignments. The goal is to split the court in half, from basket to basket. The defense will keep the ball on the same side as the offensive player once it is on the other side. Ball pressure is a key factor in keeping the offensive player away from throwing skip passes or reversing the ball. A 5-on-5 zone drill with slides is shown. Huggins moves the zone press up to the floor making it a full-court attack. It is crucial to keep the ball inbounds once it is in the court. The ball is not in the hands of players who are away from it. They must be on the line and up to the line so that the ball does not cross the area. There are two ways to play this full court trap: a regular or a speed them up approach. The goal is protected, anticipated, or trapped by the players. Each of these duties can be broken down into multiple teaching points. 53 minutes. 2007.
Full Court Trapping System by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Andrew Grantz (Rental)-Full Court Trapping System $15.99
Full Court Trapping System and Breakdown Drills Indiana University Southeast was one of the top defensive and scoring teams in the nation using a full-court pressure system that created havoc for opponents. In this video, coaches Andrew Grantz and Trae Cunningham lay out the entire full court trapping system by demonstrating White, 22, 1 Up, Face, and Double Face presses. The use of each will leave opponents guessing what’s coming next. White Press White is a full-court 1-2-1-1 press that looks to trap when the ball is in the short corner. You will see where to place players on the floor to maximize havoc with deflections and steals. The coaches place an emphasis on getting a good trap at the start of the defense and they expain what to do if the trap is broken. 22 Press The 22 Press is a soft 2-2-1 full-court defense that can lull your opponents into a false sense of security. The idea is to bait the offense toward the sideline where an unexpected trap is forced on them. You will see how to pressure the ball handler, force him to pass the ball backwards, and keep the ball out of the middle of the floor. 1 Up Press This is a man-to-man press designed to keep the ball handler under control and in front of the defense at all times. Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham then take it a step further and execute the run-and-jump out of the 1 Up Press. This helps to gain a defensive advantage and keep offenses on their heels. Face & Double Face When facing a team with an outstanding ball handler or a player that is extremely hot, Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham go to another form of the man-to-man press - Face and Double Face. These presses isolate an opponent’s best player and attempt to force a weaker ball handler into traps to force turnovers. Each of these schemes is broken down and detailed with drills included. There is a series of buildup drills that teach players the most important elements of trapping defenses. You’ll see how players are taught to have their ear to the chest of their opponent, how to have active hands, and how to transition into defense right after a made basket. With a pressing system that constantly changes where traps occur on the floor, Indiana University Southeast achieved a high level of success and won over 100 games in five years. Using this system, your team can do the same. Rent this full court trap DVD today.
2--2--1 Press For High School Basketball by Kevin Sutton Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kevin Sutton (Rental)-2--2--1 Press For High School Basketball $15.99
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Half Court Trapping & Double Teaming The Post by Jeff Lebo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jeff Lebo (Rental)-Half Court Trapping & Double Teaming The Post $15.99
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