Basketball Offensive Skill Development by Todd Franklin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Todd Franklin (Rental)-Basketball Offensive Skill Development $18.99
Offensive Skill Development In today’s game of the dribble attack, it is still imperative that coaches teach the fundamentals. Vincennes University head coach Todd Franklin does just that in this video where he demonstrates how he works to improve ball handling, passing skills, and general basketball IQ. Coach Franklin led Vincennes to seven straight NJCAA national tournament berths and captured the 2019 Division I national title. Franklin now has over 600 career victories. Watch as he details how to help players improve their fundamentals and how to make the proper reads on the floor. Ball Handling Skills Coach Franklin breaks down a skill session in which he helps players “convert” themselves into a point guard. Ball handlers are taught to keep the ball outside the hip line which allows players to create more as well as keep the ball secure. Franklin explains how players can attack downhill using the body to protect the ball as well as how to make plays in a dribble-drive situation. Coach Franklin really gets into the details of change of direction, passing, and hand positioning on the ball. Great offensive skill development in basketball. Passing Skills Coach Franklin's offensive skill developemnt places emphasis on making passes at a fast pace in transition. He also talks about catching the pass. In a series of drills, you will see how to build effective passers who can get the ball into the corner and into the post in transition. Players must know when to pass against a collapsing defense. Understanding one’s options and how to deliver the ball to a teammate can take your perimeter players to a new level. Franklin demonstrates drills that help players make reads on the ball-side corner and in the post. The video concludes with Coach Franklin teaching the Twist Action Drill which helps players navigate the pick and roll more effectively. Franklin has mastered the development of the JUCO player, a tough task since he only has players for a maximum of two years. This video is packed with information on how to improve your players’ fundamentals so they can compete in today’s style of play. Rent this basketball offensive skill development DVD today.