All Access: Utep Tim Floyd by Tim Floyd Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tim Floyd (Rental)-All Access: Utep Tim Floyd $39.99
Basketball Practice 1 You will see the way Miners work on regular basis in order to improve their defensive transition. The coach Floyd will make you go through numerous drills that will help you to build from 5-on-2 to 5-on-5 getting back in transition and it will also help you put an emphasize on stopping the ball and influencing the first pass out. The coach will make use of his time with the help of the 32 half-court offense and also forcing the players to sprint back simultaneously. You will see how the miners will carry out their duty in order to give you the best results with your practices. Basketball Practice 2 In the second basketball practice session, you will be learning about preparing the perfect practice. The coaching staff of Coach Floyd and he himself will give you a detailed practice planning session. As the coaching staff prepares the team for the upcoming game against UNLV, they will make sure to make each and every drill effective and result-orientated. While being on the floor, you will learn new and exciting quick hitting strikes which also includes post and guard pick-and-roll actions. This also includes actions that you can add to your defensive system for better performance and defense. Furthermore, the coach Floyd will also explain the art of defending for the post players when they catch inside with the help of their numerous traps, triangle and 2, and box and one defense. In the end, you will also get an amazing look at some of the very important Out of Bounds plays. Basketball Practice 3 The practice 3 will conclude the session with a detailed practice planning and scouting session. You will also be having a filming session in which you will learn how the Miners plan to snatch away the strong inside game of their next opponent. This in-depth session will happen before going on the floor. You will also go through a challenging practice that will enable the players for a battle against a top-rated opponent. The main goal of coach Floyd will be to perfect the 32 Half Court Offense into their Green Dribble Penetration Offense late in the shot clock. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.