Our collection of Baseball Strength & Conditioning Instructional Videos offers a range of workouts and techniques designed to improve your strength and conditioning on the diamond. These videos cover all aspects of strength and conditioning, including weight training, plyometrics, agility drills, and more. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights and guidance to help you develop the strength and conditioning necessary to compete at a high level. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, our instructional videos offer a range of workouts that can help you improve your power, speed, and overall endurance. With our easy-to-follow videos, you can practice these workouts on your own and take your physical game to new heights.
Arm and Bat Speed Training
CoachTube Arm and Bat Speed Training $9.00
Start working out like a baseball player and it will pay off on the the plate and on the field. This instructional baseball conditioning course shows you how to do the right exercises in order to increase your bat and arm speeds. Who can benefit from the baseball training information provided here?- Coaches, players, and parents- Both slow pitch and fastpitch softball players- Boys and girls, men and women- Rec League & "Beer League" players- Youth League through College & Professional levels1 Baseball Strength Intro 3:13 2 Light to Heavy Bat 1:22 3 Medicine Ball Drill Free 6:35 4 Arm Curls Free 2:14 5 Single-handed Dumbbell Wrist Curls 1:05 6 Rotation Training 1:32 7 Grip Strength 1:37 8 Rice Bucket 4:55 9 Box Squats 2:37 10 Front & Back Lunges 1:56 11 Adding Intensity to Lunges 0:41 12 Romanian Dead Lift 1:57 13 Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift 0:59 14 Goodmornings 0:47 15 Crunches 1:535 Reasons Why�Steve Zawrotny's�Training Programs Get Players in�Peak Playing Condition:Steve is one of just a handful of� individuals with�experience as an NCAA Div 1 pitcher and coach�with the CSCS credential. His training programs - designed specifically for baseball and softball players - combine solid clinical research and Steve's 30 years of playing, coaching, & training.He's a�Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist�(CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has a B.S. in Physical Education from BYU.Steve provides�online baseball training guidance and advice with each program.His programs are proven to be�safe, easy to follow, and affordable.Steve�stands behind his programs�with a satisfaction guarantee.
Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Baseball
CoachTube Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Baseball $29.00
Power, Agility, and Speed Training for Baseball presents a detailed system of exercises and movements designed to develop motor abilities of athletes in order to be more skilled at faster speeds and with better precision in the sport of baseball. Featuring highly successful Emmaus (PA) High School baseball coach John Schreiner and members of his championship team, this course�explains and demonstrates several of the key factors involved in power, agility, and speed training for baseball, including movement preparation, dynamic warm-up, assisted/resisted acceleration training, and plyometric and speed training. This course�also features a series of proven developmental drills designed to enhance the motor skills involved in baseball.�Among the topics covered:Movement preparationDynamic warm-upAssisted/resisted acceleration trainingPlyometric and speed trainingAgility ladder drillsLine drillsCone drillsStatic stretching1 Introduction 0:42 2 About Movement Preparation 2:02 3 Hand Walks Free 0:00 4 Knee Hug Lunge 1:02 5 Forward Lunge Forearm to Instep 1:05 6 Lateral Lunge 0:45 7 Back Lunge with a Twist 0:00 8 About Dynamic Warm Up 0:00 9 High Knees Free 0:00 10 Heel Ups 0:00 11 Power Skips 0:00 12 High Knees with Heel Ups 0:00 13 High Knees with Foreleg Extension 0:00 14 Lateral High Knees 0:00 15 Backpedal Turn & Run 0:00 16 About Assisted Resisted Training 0:00 17 3 Person Partner Tubing Acceleration Drill 0:00 18 About Plyometrics & Speed 0:00 19 Cone Jumps & Sprint 0:00 20 Lateral Cone Jumps Shuffle & Sprint 0:00 21 Cone Jumps in Place Tuck Jumps & Sprint 0:00 22 Single Leg Hops & Sprint 0:00 23 Lateral Single Leg Hops with Shuffle & Sprint 0:00 24 About Agility Section 0:00 25 Icky Shuffle 0:00 26 Hop Scotch 0:00 27 Side Step Double Step 0:00 28 Ladder Sprint 0:00 29 Scissor Drill 0:00 30 Ladder Shuffle Sprint 0:00 31 Shuffle Sprint Backpedal 0:00 32 Right Ladder Sprint 0:00 33 Sprint Shuffle Sprint 0:00 34 X-Pattern Multi-Skill 0:00 35 3 Cone Drill 0:00 36 Star Drill 0:00 37 Power, Agility & Speed Sport Specific Program 0:00 38 Thanks for Watching 0:00John Graham, MS, CSCS*D, FNSCA,�is a former National Strength and Conditioning Association board member (2001-2004), vice president (2002-2003), and secretary/treasurer (2003-2004). One of the most respected strength and conditioning professionals in the field, he is certified by both the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. Graham is also a National Strength and Conditioning Association fellow. Over the course of his exceptional career, Graham has been honored numerous times for his achievements. He is a prolific author and a much sought-after presenter at clinics and professional meetings across the United States.
Power Yoga For Sports � Baseball Edition
CoachTube Power Yoga For Sports � Baseball Edition $5.00
In baseball, traditional training and coaching are key. But there is more. And the Power Yoga for Baseball system delivers it. Designed to help you improve every aspect of your game, this breakthrough package contains the easy-to-follow DVD workout, regeneration class for pre or post game wellness, top injuries per sport, Gwen's Goal setting book to keep your aspirations close, and an article on top poses for the sport. � If you�re serious about taking your game to the next level, Power Yoga for Baseball is a home run. DVD After years of training baseball players at every level, Power Yoga for Baseball creator Gwen Lawrence realized that the two most neglected areas of an athlete�s development were stretching and mental development. And that is where the 5,000-year-old art form of yoga came in. In this special DVD package, Gwen has crafted a special baseball-specific yoga workout that will improve virtually every aspect of your gamefast moving. In this fast moving 35 minute DVD workout, you will follow Gwen Lawrence and a class of actual players through the program. Each Power Yoga position corresponds to movements on the field. For example, the spinal twist translates into increased throwing power while lunge twists add hip rotation for hitting. You can easily see why the 6 facets of The Power Yoga for Sports Phyliosophy has changed the tragectory of so many athletes. �Balance, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, focus and breath. -- Want to Train like the Professional athletes do? Now is the time to workout with Gwen Lawrence, Celebrity Yoga Coach to professional athletes and teams for over 20 years. Free your shoulders like Eli Manning. Open your hips like Odell Beckham Jr. Sharpen your skill like LPGA Pro�s. Increase your vertical like NBA champs and Gwen�s NY Knicks. Improve your torque like Alex Rodriguez did with Gwen. And much much more... Engage in Gwen�s proven Power Yoga for Sports principles at home for a fraction of the cost of a private session with her. Balance Strength Flexibility Mental toughness Focus Breathing Gwen was named, �Best Innovation in Sports Medicine� by ESPN Magazine, so what are you waiting for? Want to be the best? Start here! Course includes: Goal setting workbook:� without clear goal, nobody can reach their full potential Comprehensive article on top poses for the sport Exclusive regeneration restorative video, the same work Gwen does with the Knicks and the NY Giants for nearly 20 seasons. The full length Power Yoga for Sports workout.� Bonus article and videos1 power yoga for sports baseball edition Workout 35 minutes 35:25 2 Regeneration/Post Game workout 20:47 3 top poses for baseball and softball players 4 Goal Setting BookDo not let the thought of a Mother of three adult boys trick you, Gwen Lawrence�s resume will inspire any fitness professional and Yoga Teacher to follow their dreams. Gwen has Been in the fitness industry for well over 20 years, but most notably for being a Celebrity Yoga Coach. She is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Massage Therapist, Yoga School Owner, Curriculum Writer, Speaker, Yoga Coach, Author, Video Producer and if that is not enough Mother and Happily Married. Gwen a New Yorker has always been a lover of fitness and healthy lifestyle, DNA driven vegetarian, and Dancer since the age of 3, Gwen has changed the air in the world of professional sports and its acceptance of Yoga as an integral part of their training. She developed Power Yoga for Sports Program over a decade ago. She was named �Best Innovation in Sports Medicine� by ESPN Magazine and has worked with the NY Giants for over 15 years. Some other notables are: NY Yankee team members, NY Redbulls, NY Rangers, and NY Knicks. Her professional athletes are spread all around the world now. Gwen still focuses her life in bettering athletes of all ages, but in addition she now teachers her trade secrets to people in more than 13 countries. Another project close to her heart is her commitment to working with Veterans, and helping them cope with PTSD and re enter civilian life smoother. She is also the official spokesperson for Gaiam TV, a two time ambassador for Lululemon, ambassador for Kulae, Prismsport, Torq King, and Gaiam, her writing appears in Men's Health, Women's Health, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Details magazine and shape.com, espn.com, espnw.com. She makes regular appearances on NBC TODAY show, Good Day NY and many TV news and national radio shows. Gwen has also been seen in Gaiam Ads, and YogaVibes in Yoga Journal. Her first book Body Sculpting with Yoga, was just released worldwide, and Power Yoga for Sports APP. "I transform lives from good to great, helping my clients reach their highest potential, using my 6 power yoga for sports philosophy's to Attain fitness, find Balance, Create goals, and Define personal happiness in work, school, family and life the way only an intuitive Yogi and seasoned MOM can"
Triphasic Baseball Training Manual
CoachTube Triphasic Baseball Training Manual $24.95
This High School Training Manual has been expanded to include training methods specifically designed to enhance the development of speed capabilities in the maturing athlete to the greatest extent. This does not mean elite level runners/athletes will not benefit from the program, exercises, and/or progressions laid out in this manual as the methods implemented throughout it are extremely advanced. This speed manual has been created to take every coach step-by-step through an 18-week progressive program, from warm-up to ankle rocker drills, to specific speed training and agility, and finally a lifting progression, which will all be covered in great detail and must occur in order for the maximal performance to be achieved. This manual ultimately leads to dramatic increases in speed for any athlete truly implementing the progressions laid out in the pages to follow.1 Preface 2 Eccentric 3 Isometric 4 Reactive 5 Using Cluster Sets 6 Speed and Skill Optimization 7 Triphasic Aerobic Base Injury Prevention Runs 8 Maximal Speed Training 9 Ankle Rocker Training 10 Agility Training 11 The Active Warmup 12 Week 1 13 Downloadable week 1 14 Week 2 15 Downloadable week 2 16 Week 3 17 Downloadable Week 3 18 Week 4 19 Downloadable Week 4 20 Week 5 21 Downloadable Week 5 22 Week 6 23 Downloadable Week 6 24 Week 7 25 Downloadable Week 7 26 Week 8 27 Downloadable Week 8 28 Week 9 29 Downloadable Week 9 30 Week 10 31 Downloadable Week 10 32 Week 11 33 Downloadable Week 11 34 Week 12 35 Downloadable Week 12 36 Week 13 37 Downloadable Week 13 38 Week 14 39 Downloadable Week 14 40 Week 15 41 Downloadable Week 15 42 Week 16 43 Downloadable Week 16 44 Week 17 45 Downloadable Week 17 46 Week 18. 47 4 Day Lifting 48 4 day lifting example 49 Triphasic Training for High School Athletes Free 14:38 50 Triphasic Training Spring Model Tissue Concepts 51 Triphasic Training Super Method NEURAL PERPLEXITY 52 Transfer of Speed Performance Presentation cal dietz 53 Block Method Progression in the Transfer of Speed Performance Part 2 54 The Hyperlinked aerobic Training power point 55 Triphasic Training System Aerobic Training Concepts Part 1 56 Triphasic Training System Aerobic Training Concepts Part 2 57 Triphasic Training System Aerobic Training Concepts Part 3 58 Triphasic Training - Glute Pattern Dysfunction 59 Safety Bar Split Squat -Most Effective Athlete Lift - Part 1 60 Safety Bar Split Squat -Most Effective Athlete Lift - Part 2 61 Injured Hand and Wrist Workout for Baseball 62 Coaching the Squat for Taller Athletes 63 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Bench Abduction Concentric 64 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Bench Abduction Reactive OC D 65 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Bench Adduction Reactive OC D 66 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Bench Press Below 80 67 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Bench Press Concentric 68 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Bench Press Eccentric 69 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Bench Press Isometric 70 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Board Bench Press 71 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Chin Up Bottom Half 72 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Bent Over Row Below 80 OC D + 1 73 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Bent Over Row Below 80 OC D + 1 74 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Bent Over Row Concentric 75 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Bent Over Row Eccentric 76 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Bent Over Row Isometric 77 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Incline Press Below 80 OC D + 1 78 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Incline Press Below 80 Reps Speed 79 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Incline Press Concentric 80 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Incline Press Eccentric 81 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Incline Press Isometric 82 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Psoas Single Leg Squat Below 80 OC D + 1 83 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Psoas Single Leg Squat Concentric 84 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Psoas Single Leg Squat Eccentric 85 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Psoas Single Leg Squat Isometric 86 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Shoulder Press Below 80 OC D + 1 87 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Shoulder Press Concentric 88 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Shoulder Press Eccentric 89 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Shoulder Press Isometric 90 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Split Squat Below 80 OC D +1 91 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Split Squat Below 80 Reps 92 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Split Squat Concentric 93 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Split Squat Isometric 94 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Step Up Bottom Half 95 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Step Up 96 Triphasic Training Coaching Points DB Walking Lunge 97 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Delt Bent Over Lateral Reactive Drop 1 98 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Delt OH Bent Over Reactive Drops 99 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Dips Below 80 OC D + 1 100 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Dips Concentric 101 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Drop Jumps 102 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Glute Ham Bar Lift Below 80 103 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Glute Ham Bar Lift Concentric 104 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Glute Ham Bar Lift Eccentric 105 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Glute Ham Bar Lift Isometric 106 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Glute Ham Hyper Incline 107 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Glute Ham Hyper 108 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Hex Deadlift Reactive 109 Triphasic Ranged Plyometric Method Part 1 Intro 110 Triphasic Ranged Plyometric Method Part 2 Intro 111 Triphasic Ranged Plyometric Method Part 10 French Contrast and potentiation Cluster 112 Replacing Olympic Lifts A More Sport Specific lift for Sport 113 Triphasic Training System Aerobic Training Concepts Part 3.5 - Elite Coaches forum intro 114 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Hip Flexor Prone Eccentric 115 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Hip Flexor Prone Isometric 116 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Hip Flexor Prone Reactice OC D 117 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Med Ball Chest Pass 118 Triphasic Training Coaching Points One Speed Development BW 119 Triphasic Training Coaching Points One Speed Development Trap Bar 120 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Partner Bench Abduction Eccentric 121 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Partner Bench Abduction Isometric 122 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Pull Up Bottom Half 123 Triphasic Training Coaching Points RDL 124 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Shuffle Walks 125 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Single Leg Squat 126 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Speed Band Bench Press Concentric Below 80 Phases 127 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Speed Band Bench Press Eccentric Isometric Phases 128 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Sport Back Squat Below 80 129 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Stair Walks 130 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Three Speed Development BW 131 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Three Speed Development Trap Bar 132 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Toes Up 133 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Two Speed Development BW 134 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Two Speed Development Trap Bar 135 Triphasic Training Coaching Points Wipers 136 Triphasic Training 13 training Zones Loading Parameters and Guidelines 137 Week 3 138 Week 4 139 Week 5 140 Week 6 141 Performance Pattern Cycling for Athletes Part 1 6:12 142 Performance Pattern Cycling for Athletes Part 2 6:05 143 Performance Pattern Cycling for Athletes Part 3 5:30 144 The Goat Performance Drill - Raise Your Performance Ceiling 145 The Goat Performance Drill - Part 2 - Advanced 3 Ring Method 146 Elite Strength and Conditioning Programs Free 147 The Goat Performance Drill Part 3: Team Setting Updates and ReviewCal Dietz has been an Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning coach for numerous sports at the University of Minnesota since 2000. During his tenure, Dietz has trained athletes that have achieved 540+ All-American honors, 10 NCAA Team National Champions, Teams that have won 34 Big Ten/WCHA championships teams, 29 Big Ten/WCHA Conference tournaments, 22 NCAA Final Four appearances, He has consulted with Olympic and World Champions in various sports and professional athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA and Professional Boxing.
Power Yoga for Sports FULL Baseball Softball Training Kit
CoachTube Power Yoga for Sports FULL Baseball Softball Training Kit $9.00
Whether you are a Coach, Trainer, Professional Athlete, Student Athlete, or Parent that wants to give their kid the extra edge. This kit is a no-brainer easily a�$1,500.00�value, Gwen�s services and advice is sought after from the world�s highest-level elite athletes. Ask yourself what is the cost of: Lost playing time Fear of losing your place on the team Cost of physical therapy Mental and monetary cost of surgery Mental drain of not playing Isn�t it clear that investing $47�now to offset these worries is PRICELESS This kit will give you all the tools you need From yoga poses relevant to the game and position To nutrition tips, Hydration advice 17�exclusive videos not sold anywhere else, 83+ page Power Yoga for Sports Baseball/Softball manual, How to evaluate your problem and imbalanced areas (9pages), Power Yoga for Sports Pose book 1 & 2, learn the how and why of yoga poses for your game All About Joints 80 page lesson, Mindfulness worksheets (14 pages), face it if you are not training the mental game you are putting yourself at a disadvantage to win. Athlete evaluation video, Goal setting book, 2 hours of LIVE taped workshops "how to spot imbalances before they become injuries", Dominant eye video and why it is important to know, Bow and arrow analogy video and how this improves your game, Don�t wait�take your health and success into your own hands in your own home, just like the The New York Yankees, & New York Mets did with Gwen Lawrence and many other Professional athletes do, now you can too! Check out other opportunities too like a personal online evaluation by Gwen herself, The Way of the Mindful Athlete online Course the same course Gwen wrote and taught to the entire NY Giants staff and team and now uses with the NY Knicks under the Zen master himself Coach Phil Jackson.� Gwen was named �The Best Innovation in Sports Medicine� by ESPN Magazine�now is your time to work with her and WIN!1 WELCOME 2 Regis Philbins tells your WHY 3 FAQ Power Yoga for Sports 4 Power Yoga for Sports Pose Book 1 5 Power Yoga for Sports Pose Book 2 6 All about Joints 7 Evaluate your Problem Areas Worksheets 8 Mindfulness Worksheets 9 Goal setting Book 10 Power Yoga for Sports Baseball Softball Manual 11 regeneration class for shoulders 10:40 12 regeneration routine legs and hips 13 regeneration routine back core 14 BONUS regeneration secret 15 LIVE workshop how to spot imbalances to reduce injury PART 1 16 LIVE workshop How to sport imbalances PART 2 17 Bow and Arrow analogy 18 Dominant Eye Lesson 19 WHY SYMMETRY IS CRITICAL TO ATHLETIC GREATNESS AND LONGEVITY 3:18 20 Best Yoga stretches for catchers 21 Best Yoga stretches for Pitchers 22 Best Yoga stretches for outfielders 23 Best Yoga stretches for Hitters 24 Best Yoga stretches for infielders 25 Top Yoga moves for infielders 26 Top Yoga moves for outfielders 27 Top Yoga moves for pitchers 28 Top Yoga moves for hitters 29 Top Yoga moves for catchersAbout Gwen Lawrence: Gwen Lawrence, BS LMT e-RYT500 Registered Yoga Therapist has been described as a �visionary� and �leader� in the yoga and sporting world. Her innovative approach to using �Power Yoga� as a means for greater performance on the field has attracted the attention of professional athletes and teams throughout North America. She has over 20 years experience as a seasoned athlete, yoga practitioner and teacher, as well as massage therapist. Gwen is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is here to guide you through your teacher training process. Gwen�s unique combination of dance, massage and yoga training experience, coupled with her extensive knowledge of anatomy, and nutrition, provide her clients with overwhelming benefits. Gwen is the yoga instructor for 5 Pro teams in NY. Her writing appears in Men�s Health, Women�s Health, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Cosmo, Details and shape.com, espn.com. She makes regular appearances on NBC TODAY show, Good Day NY, Dr. Oz. She was featured in June ESPN Magazine at the �Best innovation in Sports Medicine� as well she is a featured teacher for Gaiam DVD�s and Ads.
Ashtangha Yoga for Baseball
CoachTube Ashtangha Yoga for Baseball $10.00
Enjoy this Yoga routine specially crafted for baseball players.1 Introduction 7:01 2 Sun Salutation A 16:43Joe Espinosa is the former Recruiting Coordinator and Assistant Baseball Coach at Amherst College and a former Pro Scout. He has more than 25 years of experience teaching baseball fundamentals to players of all levels. Joe and his staff are dedicated to helping players connect their ability and motivation with fundamentally sound baseball techniques.
Speed & Agility System
CoachTube Speed & Agility System $37.00
This is a collection of speed and agility games/drills designed exclusively for youth athletes to increase speed and quickness while developing long-term athleticism. The best part is that developing athletes will be motivated and work hard because they�re having fun doing it! Imagine being able to get kids excited to workout and practice�leading to developing more speed and quickness. Imagine how many more wins, success and fun they�ll have! Our�F.A.S.T. Speed and Agility System�is designed to do just that� It�s a�fundamental speed and agility program for youth athletes�that has been proven to be effective. � This speed and agility system works for all ages. �These are tried and true speed and agility drills and games that work for any athlete... But they are best for athletes in�elementary school,�middle school�or�high school. You won�t need to have a huge facility or a ton of equipment either. �Most of these speed and agility games and drills�can be done with minimal or no equipment�in a gym, on a field or a backyard. The�key to getting results�when training youth athletes is getting them to enjoy the process and stick with it! When they are motivated and happy about something they will�work hard to achieve goals and develop an internal drive! � This program includes drills and games that provide fun challenges to keep young athletes motivated and making progress. You can go scour the internet in hopes of stumbling across a system or series of drills, exercises and games that will work for developing athletes. �It will take time!1 Getting Started 2:55 2 How To Use 3:37 3 SPEED DRILLS: Figure 8 Cone Series 2:03 4 SPEED DRILL: Broad Jump Series Free 0:58 5 SPEED DRILL: Lateral Skater Series 0:38 6 SPEED DRILL: Sprint Series 1:07 7 SPEED DRILL: Scramble to Balance Series 1:04 8 Series #1 Ladder Drills 2:44 9 Series #2 Ladder Drills 1:51 10 Series #3 Ladder Drills 2:35 11 Games: Tag On One Foot With Aerobics 12 Games: Relay Race with Jumping and Turning 13 Game: Simple Tag 14 Games: Relay Race with Change of Directions 15 Games: Pushup Hockey 16 Games: 4-Man Relay Race 17 Games: Pony Express With 5 Burpees/5 Jumping Squats 18 Games: Arm Wrestling On Floor 19 Games: One On One Tug of War 20 Games: Pony Express With 5 Burpees 21 Cool Down Routine 2:51PlaySportsTV presents Daryl Weber.� Coach Weber is a former NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Champion. �He coached 13 straight High School State Champion Wrestling Teams. �He used drills like this to get kids hooked on sports and rapidly develop them in his championship program.
Successful Training Principles
CoachTube Successful Training Principles $0.00
The importance of strength and conditioning in baseball is at an all-time high. Most players want to spend time in the weight room and most coaches want their guys in their too. But where do we start? How do you know if what they're doing in the gym is going to directly impact their performance on the field? During this presentation from the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit, coach John is going to teach you the answers to those questions and much more. John will cover the principles and philosophies that all strength coaches follow. You can use this knowledge to better arm your team and your program. If you're missing any of these key elements, you're leaving performance on the table. John will cover principles like: Work Capacity Recovery Capabilities Progressive Training and much more...1 Introduction 7:15 2 Objectives Free 3:31 3 Training Theory, Definition, & Fundamentals 3:54 4 SAID: Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands 4:45 5 General Adaptation Syndrome 8:26 6 Progressive Overload Principle 9:05 7 Graded Exposure 8:56 8 Periodization Principle 8:37John O'Neil�has served as the Director of Performance at Cressey Sports Performance since the summer of 2017. He returned to CSP after being a part of the first intern group at CSP-Florida during the fall of 2014. Over the past few years, John has coached people of all ages in New York City and New Jersey, as well as working as a high school baseball coach. He has previous internship experience with both Ranfone Training Systems and the Baltimore Orioles. John graduated from Dickinson College with a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics in 2014, and holds a number of certifications in the Strength & Conditioning field.
Creating Adaptations With Limited Resources
CoachTube Creating Adaptations With Limited Resources $0.00
This course will give every coach the foundation principles of strength & conditioning for baseball players, on top of how to effectively train when equipment and resources on scarce. Ryan's presentation at the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit will teach you: What Physical Qualities Contribute To Athletic Performance (MUST KNOW) Work Capacity & Workloads Preparation & Conditioning and much more... The science behind performance training can be a bit overwhelming for many but Ryan does a great job of clearly defining the most important factors and how they apply to you as a coach. Stay tuned at the end for an open question and answer session.1 Introduction 7:01 2 Physical Qualities That Impact Sports 3:47 3 Defining Strength 9:17 4 What Is The Neuromuscular System? 3:32 5 How Would We Train The Nervous System? 4:26 6 Defining Power & Speed Free 5:40 7 Practical Application 4:48 8 Conditioning 2:55 9 Understanding Workloads 4:46 10 Key Takeaways 3:19 11 Closing Q/A 2:58Born and raised in�Central Florida.�DeLand is � and always will be ��home. Educated at the�University of Florida�in�Applied Physiology and Kinesiology Current�Arizona Performance Coordinator�for the�Cleveland Indians, where rehabilitation and development make up�the majority of my job description. Former Director of Strength & Conditioning for�my alma mater,�DeLand High School Former�Los Angeles Dodgers�and�New York Mets�Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coach Former�Division-I�Strength & Conditioning Intern, Paid Assistant-Intern (2012-2013) 7+ years�(and counting) coaching/training�high school baseball�(5yrs ��DeLand High School, 2yrs ��Lake Howell High School)
Understanding Youth Athlete Specialization Injuries In Baseball
CoachTube Understanding Youth Athlete Specialization Injuries In Baseball $0.00
When it comes to injuries, we think it is out of our control as coaches to prevent them and to an extent, that is true. However, there is much that can be done to help prevent them. One of the biggest culprits for injuries in baseball is bad habits at the youth level. There are a lot of factors that go into this but keeping our youth healthy is critical to their futures and the future of the game. During this course by Coach Aragoncillo, you'll get access to his talk from the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit where he does a deep dive into this topic. You will learn things like: Stress Load & Management Factors Causing Injuries Year Round Baseball Problems and much more We all need to do our part to keep our youth on the field, playing and healthy. The more you know about the issues that commonly cause injuries, the better prepared you are as a coach. Miguel has worked with baseball players of all ages, from Major Leaguers to Little Leaguers.1 Introduction 3:34 2 Reasons Why Injuries Occur Free 4:41 3 Sleep, Recovery, Stress 5:17 4 Developmental Growth in Youth Sports 3:35 5 Relative Age Effect 2:11 6 How Do These Play Into Youth Injuries 3:45 7 Lack of Preparation 2:42 8 Management of Stress Free 2:16 9 Inappropriate Rehab 4:10 10 Physiological Principles 2:20 11 Case Study 3:15 12 Mental Burnout 2:33 13 Optimal Performance Pyramid 3:37 14 Foundational Movement 2:08 15 Athletic Performance, Sport-Specific Skills 3:07 16 General Adaptation Syndrome 2:23Miguel Aragoncillo runs the Performance Cypher in Massachusetts. He is a strength and conditioning coach who helps athletes perform at their best. Miguel ensures quality movement is pursued, along with optimal exercise selection for that specific individual. Before setting off on his own, Miguel worked at Cressey Sports Performance under Eric Cressey, one of the leaders in performance training for baseball players. Miiguel eceived his Bachelor�s degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise Science from Temple University.
Strength and Conditioning For Baseball Players by Dj Edwards
CoachTube Strength and Conditioning For Baseball Players by Dj Edwards $10.00
Need help conditioning your athletes to peak performance? Then you've come to the right place! In this course, DJ Edwards reveals different strength and conditioning philosophies you need to know to make your athletes stronger and faster. He even gets into different arm care and biomechanics.1 The Industry's Current Focus 1:09 2 How It Should Be 0:41 3 Athletes Chase Short-term Success 0:48 4 Bank Account Analogy 1:16 5 Youth Development 0:39 6 What is Quality Movement 0:47 7 Strength and Skill Coaches 1:35 8 Strength and Conditioning for the Baseball Player 0:51 9 Baseball Player are Athletes 1:03 10 Posture 3:10 11 Strength Speed Continuum 4:00 12 Basic Biomechanics When We Throw Free 2:17 13 Throwing a Baseball Free 1:13 14 Arm Pattern 0:49 15 Acceleration Phase 0:25 16 Proper Warm-Up and Cool-Down 1:40 17 Energy Systems 1:38 18 Proper Baseball Conditioning 1:45 19 Arm Care Through Programming 1:32 20 Q&A 18:23DJ Edwards | Push Performance DJ is the Owner and Director of Push Performance. He played college baseball at Metro State University and has his Performance Enhancement Specialist and the United States Weight Lifting Certification.� DJ has developed many programs for a wide range of elite athletes. He uses his knowledge in corrective exercise, flexibility limitations, and biomechanics to develop personalized programs for each client.� He has developed the Elite Baseball Program and has had 11 Colorado baseball players drafted including three in the top three rounds. DJ also works with a handful of professional baseball athletes out of state in the Push Performance Satellite Program.� He has worked with over 100 baseball players at all levels in this program. DJ has also worked with multiple NFL and college football athletes. DJ not only works with high-level athletes but also with active adults and the general fitness population.
Ultimate Athlete 12 Week Strength Program
CoachTube Ultimate Athlete 12 Week Strength Program $20.00
This is a 3 day/12 week triphasic program, covering all aspects of lifting for athletes. If you are an athlete that is missing strength, power, or size this program is for you! This program will cover the essentials for an athlete: eccentric, isometric, and concentric. To add on to getting this program you will have access to the slack account which will include all my programs, extras, and direct contact with me.1 Month 1/Phase 1 2 Month 2/Phase 2 Isometric 3 Month 3/Phase 3 ConcentricIn progress of finishing bachelors of exercise science.
Valerie Schneiderman - Applying Yoga Techniques to Enhance Baseball Performance
CoachTube Valerie Schneiderman - Applying Yoga Techniques to Enhance Baseball Performance $0.00
Yoga has grown in popularity within baseball over the years. Many players and coaches are starting to see how it benefits players & keeps them on the field longer. In this course, Coach Valerie is going to be sharing yoga practices that you and your players can implement right away. During her presentation, she discusses the applications of yoga in sports and baseball. She shares specific exercises and how they relate to performance on the field, plus goes into effective breathing strategies so that players can calm their minds and control their bodies under pressure. Yoga has been around for many, many years and will continue to be practiced for more to come. Athletes and coaches need to take advantage of all that yoga has to offer. Valerie will share with you the numerous benefits of yoga and make sure you can apply it today.1 Introduction 2:07 2 Applying The Principles of Yoga To Sports 13:09 3 Flexibility & Range of Motion 10:32 4 Strength & Stability 4:22 5 Warrior Poses Free 4:20 6 Recovery & Stress Relief 7:36 7 Mental Focus & Calming The Mind 2:00 8 Closing Q/A 7:5625 Year Yoga Instructor, specializing in Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga Instructor IMG Academy, Bradenton, Fla (Baseball, Football, Basketball) Yoga Instructor, Rosemary Court Yoga, Sarasota, Fla Former Owner and Director, The Yoga Shala, Ridgefield, CT Member 1984 USA Olympic Team (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Train the Non-Dominant Eye - See Performance Improve
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Why would I train my non-dominant eye?� How does that affect my performance?� Better info/stimuli the brain processes the better it can move the body into a position for success.� Our brain is in control of how, when, and where to move our body.� It does so by the speed (or lack of) of info/stimuli it processes and the quality of the info/stimuli it processes.� Hitters have a blind spot in their strike zone.� They may see the ball better on one side of the body than the other.� The non-dominant eye gives the brain wrong info, or late info, or incomplete info.� How do you expect to have the brain move the body in a position for success with inferior info?� Learn how you as a coach can help your athletes to process info better which leads to improved performance.1 Non-Dominant Eye Training - Improve the Quality of Visual Stimuli Processed 7:35Mike Cavers is a former college and profession baseball player.� After playing, he went to work for NIKE Baseball Sports Marketing as someone who attended spring training, weekly clubhouse visits during the season, and post/off season time with elite players from Ripken to Jeter to Pujols to Trout.� His close association and knowledge as a former player allowed Mike to learn what it takes to perform at a high level but also understand why and how some elite athletes are never able to acheive the consistency needed to make a career.� He helps solve the question of why some athletes, not the most athletic, acheive greatness that others are destined to but fail.� Innovation in training and truly understanding how to process visual info/stimuli is the difference in consistent performance.
Mark `Pudge` Gjormand - Preparing Players on the Field and In Life
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As a coach it is their responsibility to guide and prepare their players for what's to come. It may come in different ways, whether it's on the field, off the field, off season or in season. A coach's motivation, inspiration and preparation is important to not only the club's success but the player's individual growth.� � The offseason is an important time for athletes to shorten their training while maintaining their competitive edge. Athletes who wish to stay in shape should take part in fewer workouts and training sessions during the off-season. Slowing down improves an athlete's ability to focus on the basics and specific movements. Exercise lacking intensity will result in a loss of fitness, so athletes must reduce the duration of their workouts while maintaining their intensity. � In this course, Coach Mark �Pudge� Gjnormand talks about the importance of off season preparation as well as year round. He breaks down encouragement, motivation and inspiration within the team. Off season and In season preparation is something coaches must focus on. Coach Mark"Pudge" Gjormand talks about how his team practices 8 months in the off season to be ready for the 4 months they play. Everything you need to uplift and bring the most out of your players is right here. � Simply click the �Book This Course� button at the top right of this page, place your order, and you�ll immediately be logged into the training with full access. Start preparing your players to perform on and off the field.1 Preparing Players to Perform On the Field & In Life 43:32Mark "Pudge" Gjormand is heading into his 27th season at the helm of the James Madison High School baseball program, and his 35th season coaching high school baseball. Under Gjormand, the Warhawks have won 14 Liberty Conference and 1 Concorde Conference Championships in the past 19 years, along with 2 Virginia State Titles (�02 undefeated, �15). In 2018 Gjormand was named Conference Coach of the year for the 7th�time and Region 6 Coach of the year for the 4th�time.��Gjormand's many other honors include Home Plate Club�s high school coach of the year, the National Baseball Coaches Association (BCA) East Coast coach of the year, and a finalist for the BCA�s national coach of the year award. Gjormand is also a member of the BCA�s Hall of Fame 2020 induction class.� Prior to becoming Madison�s head coach, Gjormand served as an assistant at Langley in 1987 and as the top varsity assistant under longtime George C. Marshall High School head coach Dean Sissler from 1988-95. Gjormand has grown up in the coaching profession, learning from the likes of Mike Skinner, Neil Callahan, Pete Bendorf, Chuck Welsh and Scott Rowland. During the offseason, Gjormand concentrates his efforts on Directing the MVP Baseball School located in Reston, Va