The D1 Player Workout: A Complete Skill Package by Gary Close Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Gary Close (Rental)-The D1 Player Workout: A Complete Skill Package $17.99
 THE D1 PLAYER WORKOUT: A COMPLETE SKILL PACKAGE GARY CLOSE ABOUT THE COACH He is the former assistant coach of the University of Wisconsin. He served in this position for about 13 years. He was able to reach the semi-finals consecutively. This eventually led to gaining a place in the championships. He is 3 times champions of the Big Ten. ABOUT THE VIDEO The coach who makes this video has spent years training with players in college in all sizes. In this video, Close uses this experience to create the perfect workout. This workout is deemed to be the perfect solution to make every single player which engages in the workout a better player. There are different skills which can be learnt from the workout. These include attacking movies, shooting skills and so much more. This video and workout program is the perfect way to get your players ready for the test ahead and to help them improve themselves. Things that would be in focus include; HANDLING: it is said that the team is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, one thing which most coaches do is to try to strengthen their weakest links when it comes to handling. This is why the importance of handling cannot be overemphasized. In this program, five drills have been prepared to ensure that the players get to improve their handling effectively. For example, attack and repeat drill is designed in such a way that it would allow the players to be able to break down any form of defence in just about four dribbles. For these dribbles to be effective, good ball handling is needed at all times. ATTACKING MOVES: do you want to improve your players when it comes to attacking moves when they are one on one with a defender? Then this chair drill in this program would be perfect for them. The goal of the chair is to allow a player to make multiple moves which would create the necessary space or gap to successfully dribble a defender. Other, this drill can give your players the opportunity to learn some separation drills which focus would be to give your players the needed space in order to take shots successfully. POST MOVES: if you want your players to be able to make post moves which would leave them with a good scoring chance, then this drill would be perfect for you. This drill makes it possible by using a chair to help the students to learn how to create the needed space in the post to create a good scoring opportunity. SHOOTING DRILLS: this drill would see your students learn about five drills which would help improve the shooting quality of your team players and students. These drills would serve the purpose of being a motivator for your players. This will eventually make them start to score more on a regular basis. Drills like the Quick Pick Up would help to improve their shooting mechanics and so much more. This video ensures that your team is ready for any skill development which is deemed necessary.
Offensive Individual Musts for Basketball by Eric Bridgeland Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Basketball Offensive Skills - Individual Musts Teaching players to produce high percentage shots should be a must in any program. Whitman College head coach Eric Bridgeland has been teaching his players well. Since taking over the Whitman program, Bridgeland has produced three Northwest Conference players of the year and has produced a 104-14 record over the last four seasons. In this video, Coach Bridgeland gives you a closer look inside how he develops his players’ individual skills and gets them ready for the next level of competition. You will see Bridgeland’s foundational drills as well as the advanced drills he uses to kick things up a notch. Basketball Offensive Skills - Foundational Drills Coach Bridgeland begins with form shooting and has his players get in a low squat stance to get power from the legs. Players hold their fingertips out and over-exaggerate their follow through to develop proper shooting technique. The Attacking Defenders drill pits players in a 1-on-1 where they use Coach Bridgeland’s direct drive concept. Players throw the ball out in front of them, chase it, and try to use as few dribbles as possible to get the ball into the paint. Athletes practice getting low and clipping the hip of their defender to create separation from the defense. Basketball Offensive Skills - Advanced Skills With the foundation laid, Coach Bridgeland moves into more advanced drills. In 2-Ball Shooting, players use a number of different actions to attack the paint and get to the rim. Rip and Go is a 2-on-1 drill that helps players read the defender. If a player can finish at the rim, Bridgeland requires them to do so. If the attacker is forced to pull up, the other offensive player looks to get out by the NBA 3-point line to create more space. The drill finishes with players using a jab and fake and other separation moves giving players the tools they need to succeed. The ASE Jump Shot drill teachers players to work on rising into their shot. Players relocate off of a baseline drive before taking a jump shot. Here, players also try and combine moves working on step backs, the rip and go, or any other separation move. Coach Bridgeland’s 58-minute video is an excellent skill development presentation. The drills you see here come from a coach that has sent six players to play professionally overseas in the last 10 years. Bridgeland’s attention to detail and emphasis on attacking the rim are skills that can help benefit any player in any program. Rent th is basketball offensive skills DVD today.
Individual & Team Skill Development by Phil Martelli Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Phil Martelli (Rental)-Individual & Team Skill Development $18.99
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Game-Like Skill Development & Individual Improvement by Shaka Smart Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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High Energy Skill Development Drills for Basketball Practice Drills to Improve Individual Play University of Texas head coach Shaka Smart brings tremendous energy to the Longhorns program just as he did at Virginia Commonwealth. He took VCU to the 2011 Final Four and had six straight seasons of 25-plus wins. In this video, Smart shares how you can build players’ individual skills in a team setting. You will see a number of drills for both guards and post players. With an emphasis on energy and enthusiasm, Coach Smart will teach you drills that can improve long-range shooting as well as the ability to finish around the basket. Skill Development Drills for Bigs Coach Smart begins with skill development drills for basketball with the post players. There are certain fundamental skills that a post player must have to be successful. Smart addresses those here while also emphasizing energy. Coach Smart also emphasizes post players having fewer moves as opposed to several. He would rather they learn to get really good at just a few moves as compared to mediocre at many. Some of the skill development drills for basketball you will see in this segment include: Rodman Taps: A great drill for getting back up quickly, it works the weak hand around the rim Form Hooks: A simple skill drill with great instruction on footwork Shaq Series: A number of post moves are presented as well as the mentality of Shaq working the post. Players learn to play with strength and aggression Multiple Effort Drill: This is the quintessential post drill and gets your players to play at full effort Skill Development Drills for Guards In the next segment, Smart addresses the guards. These are some of the drills you will see: Pinball Screening: A high-energy drill for both offense and defense. Players learn to use screens to get open and defenders learn to fight through and defend screens LeBron Combos: Used by LeBron James early in his career, this drill features a series of moves and shots. Smart creates the moves and players must execute them. 3-Minute Shooting: Works on shooting when fatigued, players have three minutes to complete 2-on-1 Drill: Players battle the difficult situation, which requires total effort Another awesome drill that shows the philosophy of Smart if the Ironman Drill. In it, a defender must take a charge, hustle to get a loose ball, and then scramble to save a ball from going out of bounds. It’s just another of many great drills you see in this 74-minute video. Learn how to get your players to challenge and push themselves to up their game! Rent this skill development drills for basketball DVD today.
Cutting And Moving Without Basketball by Ganon Baker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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3 on 3 Basketball Player Development by Mike Procopio Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mike Procopio’s 3-on-3 Basketball Player Development Developing players is the specialty of Coach Procopio, the current Director of Player Development for the Dallas Mavericks. Widely touted as the best player development coach in the NBA, Procopio shows you how you can develop your players using a variety of 3-on-3 situations. Teach offense or defense in 3-on-3 situations and watch your players develop the skills necessary to succeed on the court in this video. Procopio, who is the director and president of Hoop Consultants, has used his methods in working with over 75 NBA players, a list that includes the likes of Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. Benefits of 3-on-3 Training for Basketball Player Development There are a number of reasons for using 3-on-3 situations to develop players. It allows for more touches than in 5-on-5 play. Working in a 3-on-3 environment forces defenders to focus and communicate which carries over into game situations. It is easier for coaches to break down offensive concepts and how to execute them in 3-on-3. It is also very valuable for coaches that do not have a large number of players. 3-on-3 Set Up Coach Procopio opens his 3-on-3 training by reviewing the variety of rules you can apply to help players learn certain skills. In some 3-on-3 situations, there will be rules for when player can or cannot dribble. Sometimes, they may be able to only use a certain number of dribbles. In other variations, screens may or may not be permitted. Coach’s 3-on-3 drills are great for learning concepts such as pin downs, back screens, and the pick & roll. With fewer players on the floor, players develop a knack for spacing and positioning. Players develop skills such as screen timing and where on the floor to set screens. Other offensive skills learned include cutting, passing, and reads when coming off a screen. Procopio’s 3-on-3 drills are not limited to offense. Players will learn how to talk on defense and communicate with their teammates in 3-on-3 situations. They will also improve on fighting through screens, switching, and help defense. The Pistols Set One of the more popular sets used in the NBA is Pistols. Procopio shows you how you can teach it using 3-on-3. The drill illustrates just how difficult it is to defend a pin down screen with a player coming off of it and immediately going to a dribble hand off. This 65-minute video is a lesson on how to use 3-on-3 situations to teach players offensive and defensive concepts. If you’re looking for something unique, Coach Procopio has it for you in this video. Rent this Basketball Player Development DVD today.
Developing Interchangeable Perimeter & Post Players by Matt Painter Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Painter (Rental)-Developing Interchangeable Perimeter & Post Players $18.99
 OPEN PRACTICE: DEVELOPING INTERCHANGEABLE PERIMETER AND POST PLAYERS MATT PAINTER ABOUT THE COACH He is the head coach at Purdue University. He was part of the team who won the 2017 big 10 regular season. He has also been able to win about three titles in the big ten. He is also the coach of the year on three occasions for the Big Ten regular and he has also served as the assistant coach of the under-19 national team where they finished first. ABOUT THE VIDEO The talent of your players would do you no good if you have terrible tactics both offensively and defensively. Therefore, it is important that you develop the skills of your players as early as you can. This coach shows you in this video how to approach any skill development program by using the same drills which the Purdue Boilermakers use in their practice session. This program also identifies with the concept of motion offence which is also used by Purdue Boilermakers. This video would afford most coaches an opportunity to teach their students effectively on how they can develop their skills effectively. There a number of concepts which would be highlighted and then basic screen which highlights his motion offence concept would also be looked at in the video. This would be accompanied by post feeds and ideas which would help to make your practice more effective. We shall start with Perimeter Breakdown Drills THE PERIMETER BREAKDOWN DRILLS This drill is composed of about eight smaller drills whose job is to ensure that your players spend their session working out every part of their body. These drills would allow your players to be able to work on various tactics which would allow them to be able to stop offensive plays which are designed to tear them apart. Painter also shows coaches how to teach and develop their post players. He does this by through the help of some practice drills. These drills show the players how to ensure that the paint is completely locked down in a match and teaches these players how to defend against drills and set plays that are pick and roll in nature. These post players would be interested in learning how to dribble and score through many methods including ball screens. This can be developed during the two breakdown shooting drills which would ensure that the post players improve when it comes to scoring. LIVE SKILL DEVELOPMENT Once the players in practice have been able to perfect a new set play around the rim area, it is now important that these skills which have been learnt should be used to make sure that they score in a real game situation. That is why Coach Purdue ensures that this happens by sharing them into five against five and allowing them to test the new move which they have been able to perfect. This would see the players probably doing up to 40 motion offences. This video would be able to show how coaches can develop the skill of their players through these exercises. 
The Art Of Getting Open & Attacking Defense by Tony Bergeron Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tony Bergeron (Rental)-The Art Of Getting Open & Attacking Defense $15.99
How to Move Without the Basketball   Learn to move without the basketball and score more points. ABOUT THE COACH Tony Bergeron is the head coach of wings academy in NY. He is also widely considered to a five-star basketball coach. Teach Your Players to Move Without the Basketball One of the most under-rated things in the history of basketball is the ability move without the basketball in order to have a good scoring opportunity. With time, however, coaches of all abilities have started to see the need to have some aggressive yet creative cutting in order to make sure that they evade defences successfully. This how to move without the basketball video is designed in such a way that it would ensure that players would be able to evade the defence regardless of if they are using screens or not. The reason for this is because, in order to score quite consistently, you need to have the ability to escape from defences and aggressive defenders. This can be accomplished by the player alone or through the assistance of his teammates. Develop Fundamental Skills to Score This video has the power to make sure that players who are looking to score have the necessary skills to ensure that it happens regardless of their position on the floor. Some of the skills which would be used to do this are cuts, mechanics and so much more. The act of driving all the way to where the basket is located can easily be improved upon when you follow closely the drills which are located in this video. However, to successfully handle these skills, one thing that would be needed is for most if not all your players to have good ball handling skills. How to Move Without the Basketball in the Post Coach Bergeron also has a drill which focuses on the post players and ways to ensure that they make wise use of all their scoring opportunities. This video is all about helping offensive players to spot the loopholes in the defences of other teams. To become a good scorer and a cutting player, the key would be to know how to stay open at all times for your teammates.  If that is your goal, this video is what you need to make sure that it becomes a reality. Rent this How to Move Without the Basketball DVD Today.