Our Basketball Rebounding Videos are designed to help coaches and players develop their rebounding skills and dominate the boards. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights and guidance on how to box out, pursue rebounds, and secure possessions. Our instructional videos offer a range of drills and exercises that allow you to practice and develop your rebounding skills, both individually and as part of a team. With our Basketball Rebounding Videos, you will learn how to improve your positioning, timing, and technique, and how to out-rebound your opponents. Whether you're a coach looking to implement a new strategy or a player looking to enhance your rebounding skills, our Rebounding Videos can help you take your game to the next level.
Rebounding Drills
Coach Vann Rebounding Drills $19.99
REBOUNDING DRILLS Are you looking to win a conference, district championship, or a state title? You better be a good rebounding team, and the only way you’ll get there is through intense practice. Find the individual and team rebounding drills that you need to take your program to the next level in coach Vann’s Rebounding Drills book. Tо win bаѕkеtbаll games уоu muѕt hаvе gооd rebounders. This hоldѕ true оn both thе оffеnѕivе and defensive ends оf thе соurt. You саnnоt bесоmе a championship-caliber tеаm without dоminаting thе bасkbоаrd! Thе tеаm thаt controls thе backboard usually wins. Why? Mоrе rеbоundѕ lead to more роѕѕеѕѕiоnѕ, аnd mоrе possessions lеаd tо mоrе ѕесоnd-сhаnсе ѕсоring opportunities. And, the tеаm with thе most second-chance scoring opportunities usually wins. Teach your players the demeanor and attitude that it takes to be a strong rebounding team. Instill them with the toughness and confidence that is needed to outrebound opponents on a consistent basis. Thе ability tо rеbоund iѕ, not something that уоu аrе born with, it is ѕоmеthing that you lеаrn tо dо. With a littlе hаrd wоrk аnd effort, your team can become a great rеbоunding team in no time with The Rebounding Drills Book. If you’re looking to win more games and championships, then The Rebounding Drills book should be on the shelf in your coaching library today! Features: 74 Pages Over 40 different Basic rebounding Team Drills 15 different rebounding & outlet passing drills This might be one of the more essential areas of a basketball game that can have a direct effect on whether you win or lose It takes toughness and a certain type of attitude to want to be a great rebounding team. Improve your players and your team’s rebounding A rebounding system that will get your team more 2nd and 3rd shots Video # Video Title Video Length 1 Rebounding Drills You will be redirected to our store on CoachTube.com to complete the purchase. I have been coaching Basketball for over 20+ years. I have coached at both The High School & Collegiate levels as well as ran my own AAU business for 10 years. I most recently coached at Northwest University (NAIA).I wanted to create books that could help coaches get everything they needed all in 1 book. These books were created for both the top 1% of coaches as well as the newcomers wanting to learn. No matter what level you are at these books have something for you. More importantly, stop buying books with little content! These books have a ton of content for you to dive into. Plays, counters, entries, false motions, & drills to go with them.This is my life's work and I am sharing it with everyone. No secrets were held back in creating these books which can be found on my website.1- The Unscoutable Playbook - 4595 Pages2- The Defensive Playbook - 521 Pages3 - The Ultimate Drill Book - Over 800 Practice drills broken down into 192 different specific categories.I can 100% say there is nothing like my 3 main books anywhere out there. These are more like encyclopedias! You can find more books on my website at www.nextplayhoops.com