High Rep Individual and Team Shooting Drills by Ray Giacoletti Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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High Rep Individual and Team Shooting Drills Teams that can shoot from anywhere on the floor are extremely dangerous and have the ability to be successful no matter the offensive system. Former Gonzaga assistant and Drake University head coach Ray Giacoletti shares over 20 drills that focus on improving shooting skills. You will see drills that help players shoot off the dribble, off of ball screens, in transition, and more. These drills will help your players refine their shooting technique and build muscle memory, which are keys in improving accuracy. 3-Point License Want players you can trust to make long-range shots? Have them earn their 3-point license. Coach Giacoletti uses the license as a measuring stick to select which players have the right to shoot from long-range at any time. This drill helps players shoot 3s off the pass, off the dribble, and off of screening actions. You can push players to become consistent shooters from behind the 3-point arc by having them earn their license. Individual Shooting Drills Repetition helps build muscle memory which is a key to developing a long-range shooting touch. Coach Giacoletti helps you maximize reps in seven competitive shooting drills that are time- and goal-oriented. Drills include: Reggie Miller Transition: players battle fatigue while maintaining shooting form and accuracy Raider Drill: similar drill that forces players to focus on shooting when they are tired Fremont Drill: players score off the dribble with pullup jumpers Coach Giacoletti includes additional shooting games where players focus on maintaining shooting streaks in order to win. Team Shooting Drills Coach Giacoletti and his staff focus on team shooting drills that are fast-paced and get all players involved. These include: Finishers Drill: perimeter players work on seven ways to attack the rim Pin Down and Flare series: players learn to score off of screens using different cuts like curls, bump backs, and 45-degree cuts Attacking Ball Screens Drill: learn three ways to score from side ball screens Floaters Drill: improves players’ accuracy in hitting the floater, which is becoming more popular Baseline Drill: a great drill for everyone as they work on footwork while catching and shooting on the move Offensive Breakdown Drills Coach Giacoletti shows you three drills he uses to teach his half-court motion series and transition offense. The Five on Zero Transition, for example, shows you eight options for getting early scores in the primary break and then also shows you how to flow right into the motion offense. All of Coach Giacoletti’s drills incorporate what is learned in the individual and team shooting drills. Develop sharpshooters with the 20-plus drills demonstrated by Coach Giacoletti, who led a very good shooting Utah team to a Mountain West Conference championship in 2005.