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  • Headline: Gear Up for Epic Flag Football Games!
  • Eye-catching image: Show a group of people having a fun and exciting game of flag football with your set.


  • List the benefits, not just features:
    • Easy flag removal: Flags detach easily from belts when pulled, ensuring a smooth and frustration-free game.
    • Adjustable for all sizes: Belts with three flags per player accommodate a variety of waist sizes.
    • Organized storage: Includes a black mesh carry bag for convenient storage and transportation of your flag football set.
  • Highlight the fun factor: Promote the active and social aspects of flag football.


  • Social proof: Include testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers who rave about the quality and enjoyment of your flag football set.
  • Scarcity or limited-time offer: Consider creating a limited-time offer or limited quantities to create a sense of urgency.


  • Clear call to action: Make it easy for people to buy with a prominent "Buy Now" button or link to your purchase page.
  • Offer free shipping or returns: Reduce purchase hesitation by offering additional incentives.

Most Important Features (Bulleted):

  • Easy flag removal belts for uninterrupted gameplay
  • Adjustable belts to fit all players
  • Durable flags and cones for long-lasting use
  • Convenient carry bag for easy storage and transport


  • Q: Does the set include a football?
    • A: No, the CF200 Pro Composition football is sold separately.
  • Q: How many players can this set accommodate?
    • A: This set includes 10 flags, which is ideal for a full flag football game (5 players per team).
  • Q: What age group is this set for?
    • A: This set is perfect for all ages and skill levels who want to enjoy a fun game of flag football.
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