Poly Playground Ball Set.



Poly Playground Ball Set.



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Unleash Endless Playground Fun with the Poly Playground Ball Set!

Is your backyard or playroom lacking a spark of active fun? Look no further than the Poly Playground Ball Set, the perfect way to get kids (and adults!) moving and grooving.

This vibrant set of bouncy, durable balls is designed to fuel imaginative play and friendly competition. From classic games of dodgeball and kickball to inventing new activities, the possibilities are endless!

Why Choose the Poly Playground Ball Set?

  • Built to Last: Made with a special rotational molding process, these balls are virtually indestructible. Say goodbye to worries about deflated balls or burst seams – these can handle even the most enthusiastic play.
  • Safety First: The seamless and bladder-less design eliminates the risk of air leaks or sudden bursts, keeping playtime safe for everyone involved.
  • A Ball for Everyone: With a variety of sizes available (from 4" to 13" in diameter), you can find the perfect fit for all ages and skill levels. The smaller balls are ideal for younger children or indoor play, while the larger sizes are perfect for classic outdoor games.
  • Rainbow of Fun: Each set comes in a rainbow of six vibrant colors, adding a touch of cheer to any playground adventure.

Here's a quick recap of the Poly Playground Ball Set's key features:

  • Virtually indestructible rotational molded construction
  • Seamless and bladder-less design for safety
  • Available in a variety of sizes for all ages and play styles
  • Six bright, cheerful colors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What games can we play with the Poly Playground Ball Set?

These balls are perfect for a variety of classic playground games like dodgeball, kickball, four square, and more! They can also be used for imaginative play, juggling, or even creating your own games.

  • How do I inflate the balls?

The Poly Playground Balls come deflated to save space. Inflation is simple and can be done with a standard ball pump (not included).

  • What size ball is right for me?

For younger children or indoor play, a smaller size (4"-7") is ideal. As children grow and games become more complex, a larger size (8.5"-13") might be preferable.

With the Poly Playground Ball Set, hours of active fun and imaginative play await! Get yours today and watch the laughter erupt!

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