Our collection of Baseball Pitching Instructional Videos offers a range of drills and techniques designed to improve your pitching skills and take your game to the next level. These videos cover all aspects of pitching, including mechanics, grips, strategy, and more. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights and guidance to help you master the fundamentals of pitching and improve your overall performance on the mound. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, our instructional videos offer a range of drills that can help you improve your velocity, accuracy, and consistency. With our easy-to-follow videos, you can practice these drills on your own and take your pitching skills to new heights.
Role of Pitching Data & Analytics on Player Evaluation
CoachTube Role of Pitching Data & Analytics on Player Evaluation $5.00
Discover the Secrets of Effective Pitching Do you ever see pitching data and wonder, "What does that even mean?" We hear you. The world of baseball statistics is vast and often overwhelming. Velocity, movement, spin rate, spin efficiency, spin direction – it's a lot to decipher. But fear not, Nate Walker is here to demystify these metrics for you. With years of experience in sabermetrics and a deep understanding of baseball analytics, Nate has crafted a comprehensive guide to help coaches at all levels leverage pitching data for player development and evaluation. Why Choose Nate Walker's Guide? Expert Insights: Nate Walker is a respected figure in the world of baseball analytics, bringing years of professional experience to the table. Comprehensive Coverage: From velocity to spin direction, every key aspect of pitching data is explored and explained. Practical Application: Learn how to apply these insights directly to your coaching strategy, improving player performance and team success. Accessible: Nate's guide is designed for coaches and enthusiasts at all levels, making complex data understandable and actionable. Focused on Development: Emphasize player development and evaluation, ensuring your pitchers reach their full potential. FAQs Who is this guide for? This guide is perfect for baseball coaches at any level seeking to enhance their understanding and application of pitching data and analytics in player development and evaluation. Do I need a background in data analysis to understand this guide? No, Nate Walker's guide is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of their prior experience with data analysis. The concepts are explained clearly with a focus on practical application. How will this guide change my approach to coaching? By integrating data and analytics into your coaching strategy, you'll be able to make more informed decisions about player development, tailor training programs to individual needs, and ultimately enhance your team's performance on the field. Is there support available if I have questions while going through the guide? Yes, purchasing the guide grants you access to a dedicated support team ready to answer any queries you might have, ensuring you can successfully implement what you've learned. Don't let the complexity of pitching data hold you back any longer. Embrace the future of baseball coaching with Nate Walker's guide to the Role of Pitching Data & Analytics on Player Evaluation. Elevate your coaching, develop your players, and lead your team to success. Get your copy today!
3X Pitching Quick Tips
CoachTube 3X Pitching Quick Tips $0.00
Learn how to go from injury to award winning pitcher with Top Velocity performance training system's 7 Quick Tips. �Get ready to wake up, hustle, crush.1 Quick Tip #1 Free 5:01 2 Quick Tip #2 2:51 3 Quick Tip #3 4:22 4 Quick Tip #4 3:51 5 Quick Tip #5 6:45 6 Quick Tip #6 3:15 7 Quick Tip #7 6:053 year Ace Pitcher � Saint Paul�s High School 5A � 1993-1995 � Semi-Finals in State � 1st Team All District 1 year Starting Pitcher � Delgado Community College � 1996 � Miss-Lou Conference Champions * Rotator cuff surgery 1 year Relief Pitcher � Centenary College NCAA D1 � 1998 3 year Starting Pitcher � Spring Hill College NAIA � 1999-2001 � GCAC Champions/NAIA Regional Playoffs � All Conference Pitcher 1 year Ace Pitcher � Mortsel Stars Antwerp, Belgium � 2001 � European Cup Qualifiers 1 year Starting Pitcher � San Diego, Surf Dawgs � 2006 � 1st round draft pick Golden Baseball League - Certified Weightlifting Coach-�See more at: http://www.topvelocity.net
Pitching from the Stretch with Mike Scott
CoachTube Pitching from the Stretch with Mike Scott $0.00
This free course discusses the basic mechanics of pitching from the stretch position. This four part series has valuable instruction covering working from the stretch with runners on base, pick off moves to first bas for both righty and lefty pitchers, and balks commonly found when working from the stretch position. All pitchers�should take advantage of this course, each video lesson is a must know part of any pitchers education.1 Basic Pitching Mechanics 7:56 2 Basic Throwing Mechanics 5:44 3 2 Seam & 4 Seam Fastballs 3:42 4 Splitfinger and Forkball 4:15 5 Pitching from the Stretch Basics 7:51 6 Balk Rules 6:33 7 Pick Off Move to First Base 8:43 8 Lefty Pitcher Pickoff Move 10:09Coach Mike Scott has been giving private instruction to players of all ages since 1993. He is a journeyman of baseball. He has coached teams of all ages learning the most common struggles of each age group and how to effectively teach the proper drills and techniques to help solve their mechanical issues. Mike Scott currently coaches high school and summer college level teams in Connecticut.�In 2008 he�started his own baseball school where he gives lessons, runs clinics and now�is producing instructional videos available online.
Pitching to Win With Your Fastball
CoachTube Pitching to Win With Your Fastball $39.00
Learn the secretes to becoming a more successful pitcher by mastering your fastball! Pitching to Win With Your Fastball�provides a comprehensive overview of the factors involved in each variant of the fastball. This comprehensive coaching course points out that every type of pitch is thrown with fastball arm speed and fastball mechanics. In other words, ideally, almost every pitch should come out of a pitcher�s grip (depth, firmness, softness) the same. In reality, the part of the ball thrown changes the pitch and/or the speed of the pitch. In addition, the course reviews several key aspects involved in throwing a fastball, including location, strategy, pitching combinations, and situational usage. Among the topics covered: Types of fastballs�location/ speed/movement� EV zone� Location hierarchy for developing the fastball� Fastball strategy� Top five fastball hitters in baseball� Fastball strategy� Top five fastball hitters in baseball by slugging % on fastballs� Pitching combinations� Situational fastball usage� Developing fastball command� Work on pitching in� Basic pitching plan1 Intro to Pitching to Win with your Fastball 1:10 2 Significant Big League Fastball Stats 1:28 3 About the Fastball Free 1:24 4 Examples of Fastballs in the Big League Free 1:20 5 Four Seam Backspin 0:22 6 Two Seam Sinking Fastball 0:36 7 Running Fastball - Two or Four Seam 0:28 8 Cutting Fastball - Elevated, In and Away from Arm Side 0:36 9 Split Finger Fastball 0:36 10 Minus and Plus Fastball 3:15 11 The Effect of Location on Velocity 3:36 12 How to Hold the Ball 3:10 13 90% Fastball - 80% Fastball Change 0:32 14 Running 4 Seam - Put Away 98% Fastball 0:31 15 Sinking 90% Fastball 0:21 16 Two Plane 80% Change Ups 0:46 17 Location Hierarchy for Developing the Fastball 4:39 18 Boxed Fastballs 2:23 19 Uncomfortable at Bats 0:44 20 Pitch In to Win 1:01 21 Fastball In-Out Blend 0:50 22 Pitch to Contact 2:43 23 Get FB Hitters Out with FB's Inside Swing Zone & Outside Solid Contact Zone 0:37 24 Lead Hitters Away from their Strengths 0:42 25 Get Two Strikes in a Hurry 1:13 26 Conserving Pitches After High Pitch Count Innings 0:55 27 Going In, Miss In. Going Away, Miss Down. 0:53 28 Pitch In for Strikes with Hand High or Above or with Sinking Fastballs 0:38 29 Getting Jammed is the Ultimate Insult 0:58 30 Pitch In off the Plate 1:22 31 Expand the Zone Vertically 0:55 32 Pitch Fast 1:32 33 Pitching is a Two Step 0:50 34 Fastball and a Minimum of One Other Pitch 1:45 35 Pitching is Not a Game of Perfect 0:28 36 Pujol's FB Hot Zones 0:51 37 Major League Average on Fastballs 0:52 38 Top 5 Fastball Hitters in Baseball 0:58 39 Pujols at Bat 1:27 40 Cutter LHP vs RHH 0:23 41 Cutter (Gyroball) RHP vs LHH 0:23 42 Mariano Rivera's Cutter 0:47 43 Fastball Change Overlay 0:32 44 Deception - Fastball Middle & Change In 0:56 45 Lincecum F-CH & F-C Ball Flight 1:14 46 Downer Breaking Ball - Two Seam Fastball Separation 0:55 47 Pitching Combinations 0:28 48 Tilt Reverse 1:02 49 Double 1:45 50 Eye Switch Double 0:34 51 Wrap Double 0:33 52 Tilt Example 0:28 53 Reverse Example 0:26 54 LHP vs RHH Double In 0:18 55 RHP vs LHH Double Away 0:27 56 RHP vs LHH Double In 0:20 57 RHP vs RHH Double In 0:22 58 High Low - Eye Switch Double 0:21 59 Situational Fastball Usage 2:25 60 Pitch Around Situations 0:54 61 Sacrifice Bunt 1:05 62 Hard In or Expand Away & Play Away 0:32 63 Highest % Strike Pitch to Highest % Location on 1-1, 2-0, 2-1 1:20 64 Developing Fastball Commands 2:27 65 Quality Pitch Percent Chart 0:34 66 Working on Pitching In 2:33 67 Basic Pitching Plan 0:44 68 Treat the 0-0 Pitch Like a 3-2 Pitch 0:42 69 Throw the 1st or 2nd Pitch for a Strike 0:55 70 Two of 1st 3 Pitches for Strikes 0:21 71 Pay Close Attention to the 1-1, 2-0, 2-1 Pitch 0:31 72 Treat the 2-2 Pitch Like a 3-2 Pitch 0:44 73 Create Uncomfortable At Bats 0:18 74 More on 0-0 Strikes 2:21 75 Inside Edge Database 1:03 76 Thanks for Watching 1:49Jerry Weinstein�is an American�professional baseball�coach. He works for the�Colorado Rockies�of�Major League Baseball. Weinstein began his coaching career at�Sacramento City College. He led the school to 831�wins�across 23 seasons, and led the team to theNational Junior College Athletic Association�championship in 1998. Weinstein managed the�Gulf Coast Expos�in 1993. He managed the�Geneva Cubs�in 1993 and�Williamsport Cubs�in 1994. After returning to Sacramento City College, he served as director of player development for the�Los Angeles Dodgers�in 2000 and 2001 and then coached forCalifornia State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo�(Cal Poly) from 2001 through 2005.�He left Cal Poly to become the manager of theModesto Nuts�in 2007 and managed them through 2011.�The Rockies added Weinstein to their major league staff before the 2012 season. After the 2013 season, the Rockies reassigned Weinstein, putting him in charge of player development in the minor leagues.
How To Throw More Strikes With Sport Psychology & Self-Hypnosis
CoachTube How To Throw More Strikes With Sport Psychology & Self-Hypnosis $79.95
If you�re a pitcher, a pitching coach or a parent of baseball pitcher or softball pitcher, you know what it is like to be in a pitching slump. You have no confidence. You have no focus. You can�t find the plate. You are worried about letting your teammates down. You can�t find the plate. And the ball just does not feel comfortable in your hand. And the game is just no fun.Now there is a simple program that will help you to feel better and perform better when the game is on the line. This program will give you some simple tools to become a mentally tough competitor when you step on the mound.1 About Dr. Jay P. Granat Free 2:49 2 About This Course Free 1:57 3 What Percentage of Pitching is Mental? 3:44 4 What is the Zone? 3:43 5 Choking 3:44 6 Does Your Mind Control Your Body? 3:11 7 Mind Body Strength Test 7:44 8 Post Test 2:58 9 Accuracy and Focus 0:52 10 Surgeon Trance Technique 5:17 11 Find It, Feel It, Finish It 3:30 12 Questions and Answers 7:05 13 Conclusion 1:30Dr. Jay P. Granat is a psychotherapist with 24 years of clinical experience. He has coached thousands of golfers, tennis players, baseball players, basketball players, martial artists, bowlers, fencers, football players, boxers and figure skaters. His clients have included professional athletes, student-athletes, doctors, lawyers, salespeople, traders and some America�s largest corporations. The founder of�www.StayInTheZone.com, Granat has written several books and has lectured extensively on performance enhancement. He is Past Vice-President of the New York Society for Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis and a university professor. He has been featured in many major media outlets including Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The BBC And Sports Illustrated. Golf Digest name him one of America�s Top Mental Gurus.
Cross Specific Skills and Drills for Pitchers
CoachTube Cross Specific Skills and Drills for Pitchers $29.00
Cross-Specific Skills and Drills for Pitchers�provides a detailed overview of how (and why) pitchers can work on the efficiency of their pitching skills. Appropriate for players and coaches at all competitive levels, this course�presents a series of innovative drills that are designed to reinforce exactly what the best pitchers in baseball do to perfect their basic pitches, including fastballs, breaking balls, split fingers, and change-ups. Among the topics covered: The five factors Flat-ground work Knee drill Preset your pitch Puck drill Towel drill On the mound Full bullpen workout Bottom line Wrap-up1 Introduction Free 2:43 2 The Five Factors 1:05 3 Dynamic Balance 0:31 4 Postural Stabilization 2:33 5 Opposite Elbows and Angle of Forearm 2:15 6 Late Torso Rotation 1:11 7 Front Blocking at Release 3:47 8 Flat Ground Work 5:13 9 Knee Drill Free 4:58 10 Press Your Pitch 4:18 11 Puck Drill 3:04 12 Towel Drill 0:00 13 On The Mound 0:00 14 Full Bullpen Work Out 0:00 15 Bottom Line 0:00 16 Wrap Up 0:00House pitched at USC, and he began his professional career with the��Atlanta Braves�selecting �him 48th overall pick of the 1967 draft. �House became a pitching coach, after his�retirement�as a player.�House holds a�PHD�in sports psychology from U.S. International University.�House became the pitching coach for the�Texas Rangers��in 1985, during which time he was notable for his work with�Nolan Ryan. During Ryan's induction into the�Baseball Hall of Fame�on July 25, 1999, he credited House as a positive influence on his career.�Recently, House has worked with several NFL quarterbacks, including��Tim Tebow,�Drew Brees,��Tom Brady�,�Alex Smith,�Carson Palmer�,�Matt Cassel�and�Andy Dalton.
Pitching Drills & Technique
CoachTube Pitching Drills & Technique $19.00
Want to see improved performance from your pitchers? Significant results can be achieved by simply introducing the right warm-ups, stretches, and throwing drills into your practice. In Pitching Drills & Technique, Coach Nick Giaquinto demonstrates the techniques that have given him and his players success on the field.1 Active Warm-up For Pitchers Free 5:03 2 Pitcher Shoulder Stretch Free 2:20 3 Shoulder Warm-Up Exercises 3:59 4 Pitcher Throwing Program 3:02 5 Balanced Delivery Drill 2:39 6 Square Up Delivery Drill 1:58 7 Two-Point Delivery Drill 2:07 8 The Glide Step 0:00 9 The Towel Drill 2:41 10 Controlling Runners on First Base 0:00 11 Controlling Runners on Second Base 0:00In 2009, Nick Giaquinto entered his 21st season as head coach of the Sacred Heart University baseball program, including every one since the Pioneers entered the Division I level in 2000.During Giaquinto's tenure, Sacred Heart went to the NCAA Division II Tournament three times and reached the Division II World Series in 1992. He has coached two All-Americas, had three players sign professional contracts and been honored as the Northeast Region and New England Collegiate Conference "Coach of the Year" by the New Haven Diamond Club.As much as Giaquinto knows about baseball, he also owns a Super Bowl ring. He played football at the University of Connecticut before graduating in 1979. His 277 yards rushing against Holy Cross in 1976 is still the school's single-game record. He then went on to a four-year NFL career, beginning with the Miami Dolphins in 1980. He was a member of the Washington Redskins� 1982 squad that defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII.
Daily Drills for Dynamic Pitchers
CoachTube Daily Drills for Dynamic Pitchers $7.00
This course includes 12 pitching drills to develop dynamic, athletic pitchers. �You will learn how to break the mold of the position oriented pitcher and will start developing pitchers who are athletic, and whose velocity on the mound closely matches their velocity from the outfield.One of the biggest hinderances of pitchers is that they are taught mechanics such as balance positions, and power position that literally rob them of velocity and the athleticism that lets them repeat their delivery.1 Hip Lead Wall Drill Free 1:14 2 Two Knee Drill 1:09 3 Ten Toes Drill 1:22 4 Arm Circle Drill 1:08 5 Figure 8 Drill 1:47 6 Step Behind Momentum Drill 2:26 7 Crossover Drill 2:19 8 Bucket/Wall Hip Lead Drill 2:40 9 Reverse Separation Drill 1:56 10 1 Shuffle Explosive Drill 0:56 11 Rhythm Drill for Developing Tempo 1:43 12 Picks to First Base 3:50 13 Picks to 2nd Base 1:59Coach Kyle Nelson is the owner and founder of the Cornerstone Coaching Academy, a company dedicated to serving and educating amateur baseball coaches all over the globe. �He is also the head baseball coach at Burlington Central High School, in Burlington, IL where he has put his teachings to use to the tune of 8 conference titles, and 5 regional titles in the past 10 years while mentoring over 40 players on to the college and professional ranks.
Power Yoga for Sports - Pitchers Edition
CoachTube Power Yoga for Sports - Pitchers Edition $5.00
Want to Train your Baseball skills like the Professional athletes do? Now is the time to workout with Gwen Lawrence, Celebrity Yoga Coach to professional athletes and teams for over 20 years. Free your shoulders like Eli Manning. Open your hips like Odell Beckham Jr. Sharpen your skill like LPGA Pro�s. Increase your vertical like NBA champs and Gwen�s NY Knicks. Improve your torque like Alex Rodriguez did with Gwen. And much much more... Engage in Gwen�s proven Power Yoga for Sports - Pitchers Edition principles at home for a fraction of the cost of a private session with her. Balance Strength Flexibility Mental toughness Focus Breathing Gwen was named, �Best Innovation in Sports Medicine� by ESPN Magazine, so what are you waiting for? Want to be the best? Start here! Course includes: Goal setting workbook:� without clear goal, nobody can reach their full potential Comprehensive article on top poses for the sport Exclusive regeneration restorative video, the same work Gwen does with the Knicks and the NY Giants for nearly 20 seasons. The full length Power Yoga for Sports - Pitchers Edition workout.� Bonus article and videos1 Power Yoga for Sports Pitchers edition Session 53:06 2 Top Yoga Poses for Pitchers 3 Top Yoga Stretches for Pitchers 4 Goal Setting WorkbookDo not let the thought of a Mother of three adult boys trick you, Gwen Lawrence�s resume will inspire any fitness professional and Yoga Teacher to follow their dreams. Gwen has Been in the fitness industry for well over 20 years, but most notably for being a Celebrity Yoga Coach. She is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Massage Therapist, Yoga School Owner, Curriculum Writer, Speaker, Yoga Coach, Author, Video Producer and if that is not enough Mother and Happily Married. Gwen a New Yorker has always been a lover of fitness and healthy lifestyle, DNA driven vegetarian, and Dancer since the age of 3, Gwen has changed the air in the world of professional sports and its acceptance of Yoga as an integral part of their training. She developed Power Yoga for Sports Program over a decade ago. She was named �Best Innovation in Sports Medicine� by ESPN Magazine and has worked with the NY Giants for over 15 years. Some other notables are: NY Yankee team members, NY Redbulls, NY Rangers, and NY Knicks. Her professional athletes are spread all around the world now. Gwen still focuses her life in bettering athletes of all ages, but in addition she now teachers her trade secrets to people in more than 13 countries. Another project close to her heart is her commitment to working with Veterans, and helping them cope with PTSD and re enter civilian life smoother. She is also the official spokesperson for Gaiam TV, a two time ambassador for Lululemon, ambassador for Kulae, Prismsport, Torq King, and Gaiam, her writing appears in Men's Health, Women's Health, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Yoga Journal, Details magazine and shape.com, espn.com, espnw.com. She makes regular appearances on NBC TODAY show, Good Day NY and many TV news and national radio shows. Gwen has also been seen in Gaiam Ads, and YogaVibes in Yoga Journal. Her first book Body Sculpting with Yoga, was just released worldwide, and Power Yoga for Sports APP. "I transform lives from good to great, helping my clients reach their highest potential, using my 6 power yoga for sports philosophy's to Attain fitness, find Balance, Create goals, and Define personal happiness in work, school, family and life the way only an intuitive Yogi and seasoned MOM can"
Developing the Perfect Pitch
CoachTube Developing the Perfect Pitch $5.00
Developing the Perfect Pitch is a PDF download that you can take to the practice mound on your mobile device or download and printout.This e-book provides you with baseball pitching tips to help you with velocity and control. In addition, these tips will help you learn to pitch correctly and reduce your risk of injury. �Click now to see an example of the Sitting Wrist Drill. The complete package of drills is available for $4.95.1 Teach Your Kid to Pitch Baseball--Intro 2 Developing the Perfect Pitch EbookSteve Carp has over 30+ years of coaching experience! �He played college baseball at University of Georgia, professional baseball with the New York Mets, Kansas City Royals and the New York Yankee organization. He coaches high school baseball and also coached at the college and professional level. Over 30 of Coach Carp�s students have signed professional baseball contracts. An example of Major League Payers that Steve has coached: Anthony Rizzo-Chicago CubsLuke Jackson-Texas RangersScott Drucker-Detroit TigersRichard Bieler-Baltimore OriolesJosh Pressley-Tampa Bay RaysTouki Toussaint-Arizona DiamondbacksDanny Core-Toronto Blue JaysPreston Gainey-Milwaukee BrewersDane Artman-Milwaukee BrewersTony Davis-Minnesota Twins
Command Enhancement Program with Ron Wolforth
CoachTube Command Enhancement Program with Ron Wolforth $197.00
You�ll throw more strikes, with more confidence, in only 21 days. Here�s why command is important. A normal strike can be a fastball up in the zone that the hitter barely misses; you got lucky. But a good strike can be a ball tailing inside that jams him; he had no chance. See the difference? When you�ve got command, you throw good strikes. Discover how to execute your pitches when you want, every time. Because when you can locate your pitches, all kinds of good things happen. You can hit your spots � go deeper into games � and get more wins. The drills and techniques in this online video course and manual make it happen for you. Having this program like having Coach Wolforth sitting next to you on the bench between innings, giving more confidence and better execution. It�s a �must have� for your video success library.1 The Issue Free 12:51 2 Defining the Issue 7:44 3 Early Launch vs. Late Launch 2:24 4 What Contributes to Late Launch? 4:41 5 Common Contributors 7:15 6 Important Note 1:00 7 Not So Fast! 1:21 8 Learning About Command from Golf 3:16 9 Other Myths About Command 2:03 10 How Do We Proceed? - Overview 7:50 11 The Bernstein Principle 1:34 12 Frans Bosch - Differential Learning 1:16 13 W. Timothy Gallwey - Inner Game Concepts 0:40 14 John Eliot - Trusting Mindset 0:54 15 Foundations of Command 101 0:25 16 Option #1 2:08 17 Option #2 1:30 18 Option #3 1:43 19 Option #4 1:06 20 Option #5 1:18 21 Option #6 0:42 22 Option #7 1:20 23 Option #8 0:52 24 Option #9 1:48 25 Important Variations 1:21 26 Final Thoughts 5:18 27 Chapter 1 Reading 28 Chapter 2 Reading 29 Chapter 3 Reading 30 Chapter 4 Reading 31 Chapter 5 Reading 32 About the Author Free 33 Chapter 5 Worksheet (Download) 34 Developing Elite Level Command Manual (Download)Ron R. Wolforth is the founder and CEO of Pitching Central and Ron Wolforth�s Texas Baseball Ranch in Montgomery, Texas. Coach Wolforth has written 5 books on pitching, the latest being his national best-seller The New Athletic Pitcher�. Since 2003, 64 of Coach Wolforth�s clients have been drafted, including the 2011 Golden Spikes Award winner and #3 overall pick, Trevor Bauer of the Arizona Diamondbacks. In that same time period, 114 of Coach Wolforth�s pitchers have broken the 90mph barrier. He is considered the world�s leading expert on the objective measurement of pitcher�s performance and movement patterns. No one in the world today has developed more 90 mph arms in a single location since 2003. Coach Wolforth has consulted for 3 MLB organizations and dozens of NCAA programs. He is a regular featured author in Collegiate Baseball and has been a featured speaker at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) National Convention five times since 1999 as well as a presenter at the American Sports Medicine Institute�s Injuries in Baseball Annual Conference. Coach Wolforth has also been utilized by Corporate Organizations such as AXA Equitable Life as a motivational coach for their branch managers, mentoring them on how to improve performance and contributions from their team members. His 20 year passion for uncovering possible constraints and limitations to baseball performance as well as identifying the keys to accelerated growth and development stems from the fact that he was very dissatisfied with the level of his own performance as a college player and vowed to help other athletes avoid his mistakes and instead maximize their God-given potential. Hundreds of elite athletes from all over the world come to Montgomery, TX to work with Coach Wolforth. Some of his clients include Trevor Bauer, Scott Kazmir, Raul Ibanez and CJ Wilson. While Coach Wolforth�s playing career offered few superlatives, his academic career was quite a different matter. He was named both the Physical Education and the Secondary Education student of the year at Sam Houston State University in 1983. Coach Wolforth is considered a master teacher by many in the baseball community and he has been referred to as �America�s Pitching Coach� because of his practical, self-effacing and innovative approach to common performance issues.
Pitching Skills, Drills and Practice Routines featuring Coach Justin Blood
CoachTube Pitching Skills, Drills and Practice Routines featuring Coach Justin Blood $20.00
Coach Justin Blood has used his years of pitching experience to fine tune a program that can help pitchers reach their full potential. In this comprehensive program, Coach Blood will demonstrate the implementation of a daily routine that will help to build a successful pitching staff and reduce the chance of injuries. Among the topics covered are: fastball command, the throwing program, drills, flat ground work, pitcher's fielding practice, thera-band and small weights, conditioning, bullpen routine and additional pitching tips. This video is a must-have for every pitching coach and pitcher. 99 minutes.1 Introduction 1:37 2 Fastball Command 3:14 3 The Throwing Program 11:09 4 Drills 10:07 5 Flat Ground Work 13:33 6 Pitchers Fielding Practice 5:56 7 TheraBand and Small Weights 12:32 8 Conditioning 6:23 9 Bullpen Routine 16:50 10 Additional Pitching Tips 11:15 11 Closing Comments and Credits 0:36Justin Blood is the head baseball coach of the University of Hartford Hawks. He comes to Hartford by way of the University of Connecticut, where he served as the Huskies pitching coach and recruiting coordinator. Entering his eighth season at the helm in 2019, Blood owns 170 career victories, the most by any Hartford coach in program history. 2018 was a historical season for the Hawks, as the team finished the year with the programs first ever America East Regular Season and Tournament Championship and made its first ever NCAA Tournament appearance. Blood earned America East Coach of the Year honors. Coach Blood has had 14 different pitchers drafted in the Major League Baseball draft. A pitcher himself, Justin Blood was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 2001 and excelled in the minor leagues before retiring to pursue coaching on the collegiate level.
Corbin Hedt - Injuries & Rehab For The Baseball Athlete
CoachTube Corbin Hedt - Injuries & Rehab For The Baseball Athlete $0.00
During this presentation by Corbin Hedt from the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit, he dives deep into the most common injuries in baseball, how they happen, and what we can do to help prevent them. He also covers some of the best ways to overcome these injuries and get back to playing again. Corbin discusses different injuries like: Tommy John� SLAP Tears Torn Labrums and more... At the end, he will discuss some of his assessment protocols for his baseball players as well as what he does to make sure they're returning to the field successfully.1 Introduction 4:34 2 Why Talk About This? 2:28 3 Injury Prevalence - Who's Most At Risk? 2:07 4 SLAP Tears Free 2:26 5 Scapular Dyskinesis 5:04 6 Loads on The UCL 4:21 7 Tommy John Surgeries 6:04 8 Can We Avoid Surgery? 4:18 9 Assessment of Mechanics 3:05 10 Etiology of Injuries & Strength 3:39 11 Improving Performance 3:09 12 Suggested Exercises & Tools 5:13 13 Changing Levels 3:45 14 Closing Q/A 4:55Corbin is a physical therapist in Houston, TX and the founder of 5 Tool Sport, a leading provider in sport-specific rehabilitation content. Corbin received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Texas Woman's University. He currently serves as residency faculty plus he mentors current residents as well as leading research efforts as the Physical Therapy Research Coordinator. Corbin has extensive experience in sports rehabilitation. Corbin has worked alongside athletes from the Houston Astros, Houston Texans, Houston Dynamo/Dash, Rice University, Houston Rodeo, Houston Ballet/Orchestra, as well as the Houston Fireballs Power Soccer club. Corbin is active in research and evidence-based education, as well as authoring several publications within sports rehabilitation.
How To Manage Your Pitchers & Your Bullpen
CoachTube How To Manage Your Pitchers & Your Bullpen $0.00
Pitcher's are the lifeblood of any baseball team, so making sure they're used appropriately is important. Taking care of them and making sure they're healthy is a priority for every coach. Whether you're a youth or high school coach who is dealing with pitchers who play the field and you need to keep them healthy during the season. Or maybe you're a college coach dealing with double headers and you need to be strategic with how you handle your bullpen. Whatever level of play you're working with, this course is for you. In this presentation from Coach McCormack, you'll learn different strategies and tips like: Effective Warm Ups Managing Summer Baseball Demands Throwing Plans & Velo Development and more...1 Introduction Free 2:51 2 Get To Know Your Players 3:29 3 Trust Between Player & Coach 3:53 4 Warming Up 6:59 5 Plans For 2nd Tier Pitchers Free 3:57 6 Summer Baseball Management Free 3:43 7 Youth Travel Baseball Management 3:15 8 Getting Bullpen Pitchers Hot Twice 3:08 9 Managing Starting Pitchers 4:45 10 Weighted Balls & Velocity Training Free 3:00 11 More on Velo Training 3:45 12 Closing Comments 3:58John McCormack has been the head coach at Florida Atlantic University for the past 12 years. He's been a coach at FAU for the past 30 years, spending time as the assistant head coach for many years as well. Befor the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown the 2020 NCAA Baseball season, his team started 7-0 and managing one of the toughest stretches in program history, having to play 5 games in 6 days, all against top 10 nationally ranked teams. Coach John serves as a NCAA Division I chair member for the American Baseball Coaches Association as well coaching USA Baseball teams.
Reagan Pitching, September to June
CoachTube Reagan Pitching, September to June $19.95
In this course, the talented Chans Chapman takes us through his goals and routine to ensure that his pitchers are the best in the high school level of baseball. From weights to offseason to drills this course has it all to ensure that your pitcher will become better. He even goes through the schedule and tells you when and how you should do things. If you are a coach who wants to build better pitchers, then this is the course for you!1 Resume 1:17 2 Introduction 1:24 3 Goals Free 3:03 4 Layout 3:26 5 Lifting Program 1:58 6 Week 1 of Christmas Break 1:58 7 Week 2 of Christmas Break 3:47 8 No Pitching After Christmas 1:14 9 Jan 19 - Jan 30 2:42 10 Feb 4 - Feb 9 1:29 11 Bullpen Routine 1:01 12 Pitching Drills Free 3:54 13 Game Day Part 1 Free 2:30 14 Game Day Part 2 2:20 15 Post Game 1:23 16 Weekly Plan 2:37 17 S.T.R.I.K.E 0:49Chans Chapman San Antonio Regan High School