Ball Screen Defense Within The Pack  Line by Sean Miller Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Sean Miller (Rental)-Ball Screen Defense Within The Pack Line $18.99
Pack Line Ball Screen Defense Ball screen offense has become the go-to system for basketball programs at almost every level. As a result, teams must be able to defend ball screens and all the associated actions. Arizona head coach Sean Miller, a three-time Pac-12 Coach of the Year, shows you how to establish an easy system that can effectively shut down any ball screen you will face. Coach Miller starts from the ground up and uses on-court demonstration to show you exactly how it is done. Starting with closeouts, Miller progresses to a help defense that defends ball screens in any defensive scheme that is run. Vegas Closeouts Good man-to-man defense starts with being tough on the ball. Coach Miller demonstrates for you three variations of the Vegas Closeouts Drill. You will see how players increase pressure on the ball and handle fakes without giving up an advantage. Two variations of the drill teach players how to stunt and recover against dribble penetration. Side Ball Screens On side ball screens, Coach Miller uses a “jump” technique to stop the ball. It’s similar to a hard hedge as it prevents the ball handler from turning the corner. It also allows the on-ball defender to get over top of the screen and prevent the other defender from fouling. The “jump” technique also helps defenders disrupt the pick and roll as Miller demonstrates. You will also see how to communicate ball screen coverages even in loud-game scenarios. Middle Ball Screens To defend ball screens in the middle of the floor, Coach Miller shows you several defensive concepts. One is the “plug” technique which allows the defender guarding the screener to help and take away a ball handler’s ability to shoot a 3-pointer while still recovering to the screener. You will also see how you can use the “jump” tactic to these types of screens. Miller also employs the “weak” strategy where defenders force a dribbler toward help against flat ball screens. Pack Line Defense Ball Screen Breakdown Drills The success of any defense comes down to the quality of the drills used to reinforce the concepts. Coach Miller shows you three drills he uses to defend multiple ball screens. 2-on-2 Ball Screen Defense Drill: Teaches the on-ball and screener’s defenders to defend sideline, middle, and step-up ball screens. 3-on-3 Ball Screen Defense Drill: Teaches defenders how to help on middle ball screens with a roll and replace and a sideline pick and pop using an “X” technique Van Gundy Ball Screen Drill: Teaches teams to defend multiple ball screens in one possession in a 5-on-5 situation. Coach Miller’s success speaks for itself and part of it is because of the defense Arizona plays. Use Miller’s principles and concepts to develop a consistent approach to defending and conquering ball screens. Rent this ball screen pack line defense DVD today.
Defending The Pick & Roll by Dwane Casey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dwane Casey (Rental)-Defending The Pick & Roll $18.99
Defending the Pick and Roll With so many offenses relying on the pick and roll, it is imperative that teams understand how to defend it. In this defending the pick and roll video, Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey shows you how his defenses shut down both side and middle pick and rolls at the NBA level. Casey was formerly the head coach in Toronto where he took the Raptors to the 2016 Eastern Conference finals and won the 2018 NBCA Coach of the Year award. He teaches you the same effective, NBA-style defense built to stop the pick and roll. Side Pick and Roll You will see two ways that Casey teaches to shut down the side pick and roll. They are both based on the player who is covering the ball. Casey teaches you to matchup with the ball in the middle to thwart any advantages created off a high pick and roll. Casey also shares his ideas on defending actions such as Laker cuts, split screens, and ball screens out of the Horns set. Middle Pick and Roll Coach Casey uses a strategy called “Weak” to defend pick and rolls in the middle of the floor. Post players are taught to keep the ball in front of them and communication between the two defenders is important. Casey teaches the post how to communicate with the on-ball defender and teaches help defenders to “tag” the roller. You will also see how it is possible to defend more unorthodox situations such as when dribblers continue their drive under a basket or use a “cross-grain” to change direction after a ball screen. The final segment covers the most popular option in the NBA for shutting down side ball screens. Casey calls it “Blue.” Casey will also teach you how to trap out of Blue and defend the screen when they roll or pop out to the elbow. This video gives any coach at any level the tools needed to effectively guard the pick and roll, whether you are a man-to-man or zone defense. Rent this defending the pick and roll DVD today.
Pick & Roll Defense by Josh Gamblin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Josh Gamblin (Rental)-Pick & Roll Defense $18.99
Josh Gamblin: Pick & Roll Defense In his short tenure at Mid-America Christian University, head coach Josh Gamblin has built a championship program by emphasizing non-negotiables and defense. The results have translated into a team that pressures the ball, minimizes touches in the paint, and wins titles. Gamblin led MACU to the 2016 NAIA Div. 1 national championship. In this video, Coach Gamblin shows you his ball screen defense. He breaks down player responsibilities and the teaching points for two defensive strategies that are based upon where the ball is on the floor. Gamblin makes it easy enough for you to implement these with your team. Ice Ice is common in the NBA and college ranks. It is used against ball screens that happen in the outer third of the court. You will get an in-depth breakdown of the essential teaching points for Ice. Train the on-ball defender to attack the ball and dictate where the dribbler goes Teach the screen defender to build a wall that stops dribble penetration to the middle. Learn the roles of help defenders and how to “tag” the roller to keep the ball out of his hands while still being able to recover to shooting threats on the outside. Coach Gamblin also discusses the most common strategies such as slips and flipping the screen and how to counter them. All of this is demonstrated in walk-throughs and live 5-on-5 action so you can see how the strategy works. Weak Middle ball screens can present a problem for defenses, especially against a very talented player. Coach Gamblin shows you how to combat this strategy by forcing the dribbler to his weak hand. The dribbler has to make players outside his/her strengths and the defense dictates the direction of the ball screen. Included is discussion of how weak side defenders should respond. Adjustments Against the common Horns alignment, Coach Gamblin covers the roles and responsibilities of all players involved in the ball screen. See how the screen defender can attack the ball and force a retreat dribble. Neutralize pick-and-pop shooters with help by off-ball defenders. You will also learn how to increase the challenge for your player to properly defend a screen by creating movement in your drills prior to setting the ball screen. Coach Gamblin’s video is helpful in defending the more common strategies – ball screens – used by offenses today. Use his knowledge to help force your opponents into their least effective scoring options.