Rubber Tetherball


Rubber Tetherball

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Liven Up Your Backyard with a Classic Game: The Rubber Tetherball

Remember the thrill of chasing a tetherball around the pole, whacking it with all your might? Bring back those nostalgic summer memories and energize your backyard with the all-time favorite – the rubber tetherball!

This isn't your average tetherball. Here's what makes it the perfect addition to your outdoor fun:

<h3>Built to Last – Fun That Never Quits</h3>

  • Heavy-duty Rubber Construction: Made with a resilient rubber cover, this tetherball can withstand even the most intense matches. No more worrying about punctures or tears – just pure, uninterrupted play.
  • Reinforced Butyl Bladder: Ensures the ball maintains its shape and bounce for countless games. Say goodbye to replacing a deflated tetherball every other week.
  • Durable Nylon Tether: The strong nylon tether won't fray or snap easily, keeping the game flowing smoothly. No timeouts for equipment failure here!

<h3>Safety and Fun for All Ages</h3>

  • Bright Yellow Color: The vibrant yellow color makes the ball highly visible, allowing for quick reflexes and strategic hits. Perfect for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Soft Rubber Cover: Compared to traditional tetherballs, the rubber cover offers a gentler impact on hands and arms. Perfect for younger players or those who prefer a softer feel.

With this top-quality rubber tetherball, you're getting more than just a game – you're investing in countless hours of laughter, friendly competition, and outdoor exercise for the whole family.

Ready to take your backyard to the next level of fun? Get your rubber tetherball today!


  • What size is the tetherball?

The rubber tetherball is a standard size of 8.5 inches, perfect for competitive or casual play.

  • Does the tetherball come inflated?

No, the tetherball does not come inflated. A pump and needle are not included, but you can use any standard ball pump to inflate it.

  • Can I use this tetherball with an existing tetherball pole?

Absolutely! The included nylon tether is designed to work with most standard tetherball poles.

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