Guard Attacks Using Dribble Penetration & Shell Drills by Patrick Baldwin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Patrick Baldwin (Rental)-Guard Attacks Using Dribble Penetration & Shell Drills $18.99
Patrick Baldwin is a wild and informative Open practice . He offers better ways to run productive practices while building a team that will be long-lastingly successful. A look inside the dribble penetration techniques that are used to make successful guard attacks. To set the tone for a productive, hard-nosed day, incorporate a "Daily Vit Period" into the first 15 minutes. Shell drills can be used to provide high-quality repetitions for offensive players Individual defense fundamentals that contribute to a cohesive and tenacious team defense. You will learn how to create a program that is successful by focusing on your players' skill development. This insider's view of Pat Baldwin's practice will show you drills to train shooting, finishing, drive, kick, team defense, and many other skills. Position-Specific Drills How can you help your team prepare for the scenarios they will encounter in games? Reinforcing skills that are relevant to the situations they will encounter in games is one of the best ways to help your players. Learn how to teach your guards footwork and finishes using Baldwin's "daily vitamin" routine. Your guards will learn how to defend their dribble against pressure using the "Attack & RetreatÓ drill. They can also use different combinations of moves to re-attack. Three great post drills will help your players improve their skills in catching post feeds and duck-ins at rim. Team Drills Baldwin's team drills use the same approach - get your team ready in practice and they will perform well in games. Four drills can be run with the entire team to improve fundamental skills such as passing, catching in open court, pressure handling, and spacing on dribble penetration. The drill "One Minute Passing" teaches players how to pass and defend against aggressive denial defenses. This is a crucial skill that you should practice over and over again. Your team will need to be able to 'in the flowÕ in game situations late in the season and in games that are important at the end. The Speed drill is great for adding energy to your practices and working on your passing and finishing skills in your transition offense. The "Shock TherapyÓ drill is great for conditioning your players to play with power through contact on drives to basket. Whether you get them or not, it is important to prepare your players for those late game calls. Shooting Drills Baldwin encourages his players to practice game-like shots, repeating the same actions they will use in games. Perimeter players practice shooting motions in their offense, such as moving on drives, shaking off the corner on ball screens and running the floor during transition. Post players practice dribble handoffs. Baldwin will demonstrate a unique approach to dribble handoffs from the low posts towards the perimeter. Your team will reap the benefits of practice simulations that simulate a game before the game. Defensive Staples Your players must have the fundamentals right. Here's a look at how Baldwin's coaches develop great defense skills using a series of breakdown drills. The 2-on-2 drill teaches players how to properly position themselves as they move from their gap to the ball. Another drill teaches players to wall up in the paint and contest shots without fouling. Multiple progressions of the "Shell" drill allow you to defend multiple actions, such as flares, ball screens (dribble handoffs), pin screens, and exchanges. These actions can all be combined in one possession, which will make it difficult for your defenders and you to manage multiple actions. The practice ends when players must guard set plays in 5-on-5 half-court scrimmaging. John Wooden was the one who coined the phrase "Failure of preparation is preparing for failure." This 'Open Practice" with Pat Baldwin will show you how a team and staff will demonstrate how a focus on practice and game simulation will lead to greater chances that each player will play at their best when they take to the court later in season. 52 minutes. 2022.