Pat Baldwin's Favorite Basketball Drills by Pat Baldwin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Make the most of your practice with skill-building drills that maximize court time. Drills that target multiple areas of the game will help you maintain efficiency and productivity in your practice sessions You can build on your defensive drills by adding cutters and posts to your drills You will be given transition drills in which players must recognize shooters or trailing defenders. This video features Pat Baldwin and provides drills for building transition offense as well as defensive and offensive principles. To be a successful coach, you must have a high level of efficiency and good time management. Coach Baldwin is a coach who builds his players and works on multiple areas simultaneously, maximizing the opportunities to improve. Closeouts & 3-on-3 Recognition A defensive strategy should include closing out shooters. Baldwin offers progressions that allow you to combine post digs and closeouts. Scouting reports will show how far a wing member digs to avoid open shots. Coach Baldwin offers options for high-low or cutter situations. You can be more efficient with your court time by adding post players or cutters. It is important that players can read and make decisions based on what they see. This drill creates a 3-on-2 game-like situation with a trailing player. Players will not only look to attack the basket from an advantage but also seek out shooters who are running to the corners. No Walk Drill The No Walk drill improves communication between players moving to different areas on the floor. Your athletes will be able to improve their motion offense skills, such as cuts to the basket and corner spot ups, pick-and-pops, pick & rolls, and pick & pops. The players are placed in a position to practice communication and two-man games. It is important to develop basketball players who can take advantage of mismatches and make quick decisions. These drills, which Coach Baldwin demonstrates in this video, are basic in nature but have a thinking component that helps athletes recognize and adapt. 67 minutes. 2021.