Offensive Basketball Drills DVDs for Rent

No matter what type of offense you run we have offensive basketball drills DVDs for rent by mail where you can learn from the top college basketball coaches.  You'll look like a Pro Coach no matter if you are a youth coach or a high school coach.  When you view these DVDs and learn the Tips, Tricks, & Secrets the best coaches know you'll be head and shoulders above your competition.  You'll know how to attack any defense and any adjustment they might make.  What is comes down to is that you will always be onen step ahead.  As coaches, we always want our players to work and get better and so should you as a coach.

Offensive Basketball Drills for Man to Man Offense

Use the offensive drills on the DVDs to build your offense during practice.  Practice shooting drills that replicate actions in your offense.  For example, if you pass and screen away in your offense, make that a shooting drill where a player passes and screens away.  The player getting screened for would get a shot and the player that screened would get a shot.  Both players would get shots that would come to them in the offense based on their action.  This way players learn the offense and what reads to make and then what actions to take.

1 on 1 offensive basketball drills are important for players to develop good offensive skills that will give them confidence to attack in real games.  The more 1 on 1 reps you can give your players the more they will feel comfortable trying to score in games.

3 on 3 are good offensive drills to do as well because players will get more touches of the ball and your weaker offensive players will be forced to get into the action and not defer to the stronger players. Rent our Offensive Basketball Drills DVDs and coach offense like a Pro.


Handling Defensive Pressure by Will Rey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Will Rey (Rental)-Handling Defensive Pressure $15.99
Handling Pressure - Defensive Drills Northridge Prep (IL) head boys basketball coach Will Rey has turned his program into a champion with 265 wins and 12 championships in just 14 seasons. His player development skills are a big reason why. He shares his philosophy and drills in this video presentation. Coach Rey discusses player development in three distinct categories: Physical and athletic performance Basketball-specific skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, footwork, etc.) Mental attitude and fortitude Controlling the Neutral Zone The neutral zone is the area between the offensive and defensive player that belongs to neither individual. Whether on offense or defense, players must learn to control that neutral space. When they do, players instantly become more effective one-on-one offensive players. To teach this, Coach Rey emphasizes: Being in a low, athletic stance Moving the ball from side to side using the “U” concept Moving your feet faster than your opponent by pivoting Passing “through” the defense by attacking one of five passing zones Staying “close to the floor” when being trapped in the neutral zone Building on these, Coach Rey introduces the Lions in the Cage drill. Four players work the ball around the key versus two defenders. The goal of the drill is to control the neutral zone. You’ll see how to dribble into a pass and be aggressive on offense. There are also a series of trapping drills illustrated here to help players deal with pressure. Progression Defensive Drills Coach Rey uses a series of full-court drills that combine a variety of skills. This maximizes time and increases the intensity of each drill. To start, one offensive player goes against two defenders. Then is it 2-on-1, placing the defense at a disadvantage. The drill progresses from 1-on-2 to 2-on-1 to 3-on-2 and so on up to 5-on-4. The keys in the Progression drills are positioning and spacing. Players learn how to defend at a disadvantage and offensive players learn how to attack weak spots of a disadvantaged defense. You’ll see how to make cuts to get ahead of a trap situation and how to move the ball forward instead of backward against pressure. If your team loses its space and gets overwhelmed by pressure, Coach Rey’s presentation is for you. After using these drills and techniques, you will find your team beating pressure and wreaking havoc on opponents. Rent this defensive drills DVD today.
Geno Auriemma's Complete Offensive System by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Geno Auriemma (Rental)-Geno Auriemma's Complete Offensive System $18.99
offensive Progress Is Hard To Earn And The Result At The Defensive Side Of The Ball Comes At A Slower Pace. With Coach Geno Auriemma Hard Work And Experience You Can Achieve That Feat In A Short Period Of Time. the Video Focuses On How Aureimma And His Team Work To Improve Your Team Up Game And Offensive Attack. The Coach Teach Players The Importance Of Reading The Offensive Attacks And The Importance Of Question Every Single Defensive And How They Can Improve Their Offensive Skills. when You Use The Different Transition Drills That Flow Into Offensive Sets, Your Game An Pace Of Will Improve And Your Overall Team Execution Will Get Better As Well. You Can Streamline Your Offense By Using Different Transition And Secondary Break Sets. The Coach Will Also Keep The Players Work For The Good Looks At The Basket Late In The Shot Clock. here Is What The Coach Aureimma Does To Make Your Offensive Game Lethal And Perfect. how To Simplify And Execute An Unstoppable Basic Offense. when And Why Coaches Need To Make Adjustments To Their Game Plan. why And How Team Success Is Related To Shot Selection. drills You Can Use To Improve Your Transition Game. strong, Curl, Pinch there Are Different Actions And Offensive Sets Which Are Being Used By The Coach And His Staff To Improve Your Game. These Drills And Sets Also Include The Strong, Curl And Pinch As Well. There Are Many Options Are Discussed And Practice To Improve Your Overall Defensive Game. making Adjustments And Set Plays Philosphy you Will Also Learn The Art Of Using The Most Successful Program In Women’s College Basketball Which Uses The Set Plays To Augment Its Offensive Execution. The Coach Also Lays Much Importance On The Right Time Of Using The Sets And Also The Value Of The “less Is More” Approach. Well, The Dribble Drive Attack Breakdown Which The Coach Uses To Free Up Shooters Is Very Useful For Those Teams Which Don’t Know How To Free Up Space For Their Shooters. It Will Help You Create Space For Your Shooters Ultimately Resulting In More Scores. team Practice Drills And Breakdown Drills there Are Number Of Drills That Players Have To Perform Under The Coach Auriemma. The Championship Level Practice Speed And With The Plenty Of Teaching And Corrections Along With The Use Of Kansas Drill, A Full Court Drip Which Has Overall Four Trips Are Very Useful For Players. So, How All These Drills Are Performed? Well, The Players Complete Different Shots And Actions. The First Step Is The Lay Up And The Second One Is The Jumper Then The Third One Which Is Skip Pass And A Drive And Last But Not The Least The Drag Screen Action. there Are Two Other Amazing Drills Which Will Give You An Attacking Mentality Are Full-court Drill And Full Court Offense Which Is A 5-man Weave To 3-on-2 Drill. So, What Happens Exactly In These Drills? Well, The Players Go Down The Drill And Explains How The Best Defend A 3 On 2 Situation. the Coach Also Lays Much Importance On The Right Time Of Using The Sets And Also The Value Of The “less Is More” Approach. special Situations And Baseline Out Of Bounds the Coach Helps The Players Practice Special Situations And After The Coming Back To The Court And See How They Practice Their Out Of Bounds Play Execution.
Finishing At The Rim by Danielle Viglione Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Danielle Viglione (Rental)-Finishing At The Rim $18.99
Finishing at the Rim Danielle Viglione made a name for herself at the University of Texas where she set the school record for 3-pointers made in a career. Her career scoring average still ranks fifth all-time in Longhorns women’s basketball history. Viglione also played 10 seasons for the Sacramento Monarchs of the WNBA and now runs the Sacramento Skills Academy. Coach Viglione is committed to helping players increase their effectiveness around the rim. Using a series of drills, Viglione shows you how you can give your players a number of options to score at the rim. You will seed examples of the drills complete with coaching points so you can work on improving your players’ finishing ability. Basic Finishes Coach Viglione demonstrates a number of drills, including two-ball drills, to increase effectiveness at the rim. Two-ball drills force players to focus and maintain balance. You will also see drills like Mikan moves and drills with chairs. These drills help get players accustomed to operating at different angles. The chair drills also allow Coach Viglione the opportunity to address young players who do not take long enough steps to the basket. Two-Foot Finishes Viglione then moves on to two-foot finishes. The phrase “one step, one dribble” helps players understand how to gather themselves as they attack the rim. Two-foot finishes are important because they help players play with more balance and power, which is key when around the basket. Position Finishes Players then put all the finishes together and work on them in a team setting. Players work around the perimeter practicing moves from a variety of positions. One of the best drills is one where players must beat a defender with their foot and shoulder causing separation. The drill progresses to have the offensive player read the next defender. Turning Into Your Power Finish One of the more valuable skills a player can have is the ability to score in traffic when taking contact. In this segment, Coach Viglione teaches players to square up and finish after a rebound. The drills are done individually with a defender so attackers can get used to contact and counter moves. Team Finishing Drills Coach Viglione’s 67-minute video wraps up with a series of competitive team drills allowing players to work on all the moves they have practiced throughout the practice. Doing so helps players improve on their finishing skills, a valuable tool in today’s game.
Wootten Basketball Camp: Moving Without The Ball & Using Screens by Joe Wootten Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Joe Wootten (Rental)-Wootten Basketball Camp: Moving Without The Ball & Using Screens $18.99
Coach Wooten’s Basketball Camp: Moving Without the Ball – Getting Open and Utilizing Ball Screens to Score One of the hardest things to teach basketball players is how to move without the ball. Joe Wooten, legendary Bishop O’Connell (VA) HS head coach, shows you athletes can get themselves and their teammates open in this on-court video. Wooten, who has over 400 career wins and five Virginia state independent championships, covers all areas of movement without the ball and will help your players raise their basketball IQ by teaching them to read and react to defenses. Whiteboard Session Coach Wooten uses the whiteboard to teach the reads that players will make. Wooten reviews cuts and screens and how players can get open. That includes curling off of screens, slipping screens, using back cuts, and getting open on the wing. Getting Open without the Ball While this seems simple enough, players need to be taught how to create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates. Coach Wooten goes over a number of movements players can use to get open including the L-cut, inside pivot, and the fake inside pivot. Coach Wooten also teaches how to get your teammates open. The Individual Movement Sequence teaches players to set screens and use cuts in 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 situations. Players are taught to read defenses in hopes of raising their basketball IQ. To help get teammates open, Coach Wooten goes through a series of screens. He teaches each screen, the screener’s job, and the receiver’s job. The screens and movements off the screens taught include: Drift Screen Down Screen Curling off the screen Reverse curls Fade cuts Pop outs Slips Ball Screen Drills The ball screen may be the most useful offensive strategy in basketball. Coach Wooten teaches players to read the defense as well as the goals of the ball screen offense. He breaks down all the reads for both bigs and guards and he teaches counters for defenses that hedge, flat hedge, soft hedge, and trap. For each defensive strategy, Coach Wooten teaches guards and posts what they need to successfully attack every situation. You will see a number of fun and competitive drills from Wooten that put all of his teaching into action. Regardless of the type of offense you run, Coach Wooten’s video has something for you. It will teach your players how to read defenses and is a must for your offensive library.
Wooten Basketball Camp: Breaking Down Your Defender by Joe Wootten Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Joe Wootten (Rental)-Wooten Basketball Camp: Breaking Down Your Defender $18.99
Coach Wooten’s Basketball Camp: Breaking Down Your Defender – Ball Handling and Passing Drills Hone your team’s ball handling and passing skills with this skill development video from Bishop O’Connell (VA) HS boys head coach Joe Wooten. The son of legendary high school coach Morgan Wooten, the younger Wooten has collected over 400 career wins, five Virginia state independent championships, and three Virginia Coach of the Year awards. In this video, Coach Wooten shares a number of great drills to help players improve their ball handling and their passing skills, including his “Moves on the Move” series. Passing Drills Passing drills might be boring for players, but they are absolutely essential to developing a well-rounded game. Coach Wooten teaches a set of two-man passing drills that begin with fundamental passes and progress to more challenging ones. He also shows you a pressure release passing drill that can help cut down on turnovers. Players work on catching bullet-like passes in “Sick, Dying, or Dead,” another two-player drill. In the Rope Drill, players try and keep a pass “on a rope” as they progressively increase the distance of the pass. Wooten adds some competition in the drills to make them more challenging. Moves on the Move Coach Wooten’s Moves on the Move series addresses what players can do with the ball when attacking defenders. Some of the dribble moves that Coach Wooten reviews include: Slasher move: a hard, downhill attack Stop and Go move: a change of speed attack that can prove deadly Between the Legs: same as a crossover that can take advantage of a defender In and Out move: dribbler sets up a player then uses the move to put defender on his heels Combo moves: multiple moves that keep defenders guessing Each move is explained in detail and Wooten provides extra commentary to make each one deadly on the court. He also gets into when and where to use the different moves which helps players develop their basketball IQ. Ball Handling Series Coach Wooten shares nearly 50 different ball handling drills – some stationary, some dynamic. The idea is to build a player’s confidence in his ability to dribble. A player becomes more comfortable and confident with improved ball handling. Coach Wooten offers up a complete library of attack moves and passing and ball handling drills in this player development video. Your players will benefit from Wooten’s years of experience and have a full suite of moves to utilize on the court.
Next Level Finishing Moves by Jim Huber Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jim Huber (Rental)-Next Level Finishing Moves $27.99
Next Level Finishing Moves Take your players to the next level with this unique training program designed by Jim Huber, Director of Coach Development at Breakthrough Basketball. This two-DVD set comes with a 54-page manual that helps you teach 20 different elite level moves. The program is a simple step-by-step system of 20 easy and fun drills that help your players improve their point production and ultimately win more games. Coach Huber developed this system based on thousands of hours of work with dozens of NBA and elite level NCAA players. These moves are used by the best players in the game at the college and professional levels and now your players can put them to work using Coach Huber’s training program. Introduction You will learn more about Coach Huber, one of the nation’s top developers of youth basketball curricula. Coach Huber founded the Mokan basketball program, one that has won 45 championships since 2004 and has sent 22 players to NCAA Division I basketball programs. Huber’s training programs have been used by thousands of elite players across the country. The Moves In the second chapter, you will learn how to teach all 20 of the elite level finishing moves. Each move is broken down to its simplest form so that you can easily convey it to your players. Moves such as Rip to the Ear, Scoring Off Two, and Same Foot – Same Hand are simple moves that can result in more easy baskets. Many of the moves help players take advantage of a defender’s strengths. For players going to the hoop against a taller defender, High off the Glass teaches how to go high on the backboard but soft off the glass. It’s very difficult to defend no matter how big a defender. The Football move is perfect against defenders with quick hands or against multiple defenders in the lane. The Drills Chapters 3, 4, and 5 give you a number of drills where players can take what they have learned and put it to work. The 1-on-0 Finishing Drills give players plenty of reps and allow them to perfect the finishing moves that best suit their skill sets. Chapter 4 adds in Flex Cuts. Players will simulate the most common game situations they experience and then use the finishing drills they have learned. Finally in Chapter 5, players up the competition by going 1-on-1. This is the best way for young players to focus on developing elite finishing moves. Next Level Finishing Moves will help your players get more playing time, score more points, and ultimately win more games. For coaches, more wins means a much more enjoyable and likely longer career.
Creating An Efficient Perimeter Player by Mike Hopkins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Mike Hopkins (Rental)-Creating An Efficient Perimeter Player $17.99
Creating an Efficient Perimeter Player Syracuse basketball has produced a number of outstanding perimeter players. University of Washington head coach Mike Hopkins is one of the reasons why. Hopkins, a 20-year-plus assistant to Jim Boeheim at Syracuse, is a master of perimeter basketball play. In this video, Coach Hopkins shares all aspects of perimeter development including increasing speed, improving shooting, and becoming mentally tougher. Hopkins became the head coach at Washington in 2017 and went 21-13 in his first season. His Huskies won the Pac-12 regular season title in 2018 and Hopkins was named the Pac-12 Coach of the Year. He has had a long and successful career in developing perimeter players and he shares his views and insights in this presentation. Winning the Baseline Drive Coach Hopkins uses a series of drills to work on the line and angle to the basket when driving to the key. Here, Coach Hopkins teaches players not to fight the defender but to use balance and quickness. The placement of the feet is crucial in beating the defender to the basket. Players also learn to expect and absorb contact while maintaining a strong base. Hopkins prefers the offensive player initiate the contact which helps to improve angles and increase shot percentages. Coach Hopkins also teaches players how to deal with second defenders who will no doubt come into play as the first defender is beaten. Change of Direction Moves To teach players to dribble low enough (something they rarely do), Coach Hopkins shows you the Dribble Touch drill series where players must stay low after making a change of direction move. Hopkins also shows you how to deal with defenders that crowd the basketball. He teaches a head-shoulder-leg technique that initiates contact with a defender without drawing a foul. The Walk Up Drill is another in which players learn to separate from defenders and get open on the perimeter. Dribbling posture is important to Coach Hopkins and he talks about how players are to react when facing defensive pressure on the ball. Hopkins emphasizes drills that work on creating space for the ball handler. Shooting Endurance Players must be in great shape to be able to shoot when they are tired. Spurs 100 is an outstanding shooting drill that Coach Hopkins uses at the end of his practices. The drill is a conditioner but also can be modified so that players are taking the same shots they would in a game situation. Coach Hopkins video will give you a greater appreciation of the skills and fundamentals needed to be a successful perimeter player. With years of experience in developing some of the best in college basketball, Coach Hopkins gives you all of the tools you will need to do the same in your program.
25 Practice Drills For Offense by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Geno Auriemma (Rental)-25 Practice Drills For Offense $17.99
25 Basketball Offense Drills If you’re looking to improve your team’s offensive game, this video featuring 12 iconic coaches can help with skill development, breakdowns, transition drills, and overall scoring ability. Build a team that can pass, cut, and shoot in any situation. Learn how to teach players to use screens, play off penetration, attack off dribble handoffs, and more. You will find a number of half-court and full-court drills to develop your offense’s execution. Half-Court Offensive Drills Fourteen different half-court basketball offense drills are presented from some of the most recognizable names in the sport. You will see everything from dribble handoffs to wing screen and rolls as these coaches strive to help you and your players develop an understanding of the game of basketball. Geno Auriemma (3-on-3 DHO to Shake Option): Players learn proper spacing for best results and learn different actions based on how a defense plays. Sean Miller (3 Around 1): Posts work continuously to get open while guards work on drives to the rim, catching and shooting, or making the extra pass to an open shooter. Mark Few (Ball Swings 3-on-0, 3-on-0 Post Entry, & Ball Screen Breakdowns): Teach perimeter players to pass, maintain spacing, and play off dribble penetration. You also work on scoring options off of side ball screens. Steve Prohm (Kansas Shots & Hammer Pass to Rover Screen): These drills work on getting shots in a ball screen offense. Guards work on attacking the basket and posts work on duck-ins. Ben Jacobson (Feeding the Post): Works on using the off-ball elbow screen to feed the post and work off the post to create offensive spacing. Jay Wright (Catch & Shoot, Ball Screen, & 2-Ball Shooting with Low Cross Screen): These drills emphasize footwork and reading defenses. Guards work to catch and shoot and attack the basket using different finishes. Gary Waters (Guard Shooting & Contest Shooting): Both are shooting drills that give players numerous reps in a short amount of time. Don Showalter (Partner Passing Drills): This passing series develops players’ weak hand passing skills. Full-Court Transition Offense Drills Here, you will find 11 full-court transition drills to install an up-tempo attack in your offense. Concepts like hitting the outlet player, communication, and more are all on display. Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski provides three drills – 3-Man Passing, 415, and 3-on-0 Catch and Face – that have helped his teams to numerous ACC and national championships. This basketball offense drills video is loaded with drills that will help any program improve its ability to score in the half-court or in transition. 
Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kermit Davis (Rental)-Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure $17.99
Offensive Skill Development Against Pressure Players must be able to handle pressure in order for teams to have success. Kermit Davis, head coach at Ole Miss, understands this and demonstrates what it takes to develop highly skilled perimeter and post players in this video. Davis, the 2019 SEC Coach of the Year, teaches players how to handle pressure, read defenders, and utilize screening actions using both hands. You will also see how to give your players more reps at practice using more than one ball in your drills. Coach Davis shares a number of drills designed to improve fundamentals, dribble penetration, ball screens, and concepts related to the motion offense. Individual Skills Coach Davis illustrates on a whiteboard, uses on-court demonstration, and practice footage to share with you drills that will develop basic fundamentals. Davis shows you the emphasis in each drill. For example, the Full-Court Pullback Dribble drill teaches a valuable move to help players create space against a pressure defense. The Post Work drill teaches multiple moves in the paint to help big guys score. Penetration & Kick Coach Davis shows you three drills to teach how to improve dribble penetration. Shot Fake is a drill to teach players to set up defenders for the drive and then either score or pass to an open teammate. Perimeter Dribble Moves helps players work on their lob passes. Swing Shooting emphasizes making the next pass to an open teammate on the perimeter. Ball Screens Dealing with screens can be a chore for some players. Coach Davis trains players on using ball screens based on the look of the defense. The 2-on-0 Ball Screening drill improves players’ abilities to refuse screens, hit the pocket pass, slip against overplays, and use the pick and pop. Motion Offense Coach Davis shares four drills to improve your team’s skills at using off-ball screens in the motion offense. Dribble Follows is his favorite motion breakdown drill and works on a multitude of skills. Dribbling, footwork, passing, and more as well as playing off different screens is part of this multipurpose drill. Everything you need to develop your players’ offensive skills against pressure is presented to you here by one of the top college coaches in the nation. Let Coach Davis help your program today!
Skill Development Drills by Tom Izzo Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Izzo (Rental)-Skill Development Drills $19.99
Open Practice: Skill Development Drills Michigan State basketball and NCAA tournament runs almost go hand-in-hand. Spartans head coach Tom Izzo is well-known for getting his teams to perform their best near the end of each season. It is a testament to Coach Izzo’s player development throughout the season. In this video, you have the opportunity to get an up-close look at how Izzo develops the skills needed for his program to make deep postseason runs. You will see players perform a variety of individual position-specific and team drills to improve their basketball skills Ball Handling and Attacking the Basket In this open practice environment, you will see eight different practice drills used by Coach Izzo to improve a variety of basic basketball skills. You will see drills like the following: Daily Dozen Drill: Works on several ways to finish at the rim so that players get used to beating shot blockers. Garland Ball Handling Drill: The entire team works on dribble moves with an emphasis on getting as many reps as possible in a short amount of time. Three-Man Shooting: This is Coach Izzo’s favorite drill. Perimeter and post players work to maintain proper spacing off of dribble penetration and ball screens to get open shots. Position-Specific Shooting Drills Players need to practice the shots they will take in games. Coach Izzo has guards work on taking jump shots while running the floor in transition. They work on their footwork in order to pull up under control off the dribble or when on the move. Guards also work on shots off of dribble handoffs and spacing off of dribble penetration. Post players work on developing a number of moves from the high and low post. You will see post players demonstrate scoring from the block and rip moves from the high post. Posts also work on their mid-range jump shots in transition or off of flashes into the paint. Coach Izzo has run one of the nation’s elite programs for many years. The keys to its success come down to consistent player development. Izzo shows you exactly how you can develop players by learning the magic behind Michigan State’s success.
Snow Valley Basketball Camp: Offensive Skills by Snow Valley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Snow Valley (Rental)-Snow Valley Basketball Camp: Offensive Skills $19.99
Offensive Skills in Basketball - Snow Valley Develop your entire offensive game with the help of the Snow Valley Basketball Camp. The camp is one of the best in the nation and features former NCAA and NBA coach Tates Locke and NBA/Elite College Skills coach Drew Hanlen, among others. In this video, coaches work on a number of offensive fundamentals. Moving Without the Ball Players must be able to move without the ball. Coach Hanlen describes five different cuts a player can make to create space after coming off of a screen. The 4-on-4 cutthroat drill is introduced to force players to use one of the cuts to get open. Post Player Fundamentals Coaches use drills to teach post players the proper footwork and hand and body position involved in post play. You will see instruction on posting up and entry passes. Individual Offense Coach Hanlen shows you 1-on-0 and 1-on-1 drills designed to improve a player’s individual offense. Players use fakes and quick body movements to get their defender off balance. Transition Offense Coach Paul Saevre, a Beloit College assistant, insists on players making quick decisions in game-like situations. In this segment, he puts players in various scenarios – 2-on-1 and eventually 5-on-5 – to help develop this skill. He also puts players through a secondary break drill to further enhance teaching quick decision making. Offensive Skill Work: Pick and Roll The pick and roll must be mastered as it is a big part of today’s game. Coach Hanlen teaches the art of the action. He teaches guards how to read when coming off of a screen and how to attack a defense. Coach Hanlen uses a series of drills to teach foot position, shoulder placement, and how to maintain your vision when coming off a screen. Zone Offense In the final segment, players learn a simple but effective zone offense. Players learn that passing and fake passes really disrupt the zone. Coach Locke uses a 4-on-4 shell drill to teach players how to attack the seams in a zone defense. He also shows players how to use dribble penetration to forces two players to guard one offensive player. This 194-minute video is another outstanding presentation from Snow Valley Basketball Camp, which gives players all of the fundamentals and technical skills they need to become top players at any level. Rent this offensive skills in basketball DVD today.
Ganon Baker's Ball Skill For Creating by Ganon Baker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ganon Baker (Rental)-Ganon Baker's Ball Skill For Creating $15.99
Get better at basketball coaching Learn from Ganon Baker Your team can reach new heights! To be the best, learn from the best. Great offensive players are able to create separation from their defenders. Ganon Baker, a world-renowned skills trainer, devotes this DVD to helping you gain an advantage over defense by using footwork, explosive moves, and separation. Baker teaches the importance of turnover-free play by using ball-handling drills to push players out of their comfort zones. Find out how average athletes can use screens, angles and misdirection cutting in order to score open shots and scoring opportunities. Baker's instruction consists of twenty drills and twelve moves, with or without the ball. Your players will be more successful using screens and cutting into paint to score by learning the secrets behind each move. Baker believes in building strength and potential. He shares cutting-edge core exercises such as the Rocky drill and the basketball push up. The dangerous Euro move has made its way into the international basketball arena. Your players will not only get more open shots but they will also be able to create separation with each move. Your players can score more points by improving their ability to separate the ball. 77 minutes. 2009.
Bob Hurley's Drills for Offensive Mastery by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Hurley (Rental)-Bob Hurley's Drills for Offensive Mastery $18.99
Bob Hurley Sr Basketball Drills for Offensive Mastery Learn Bob Hurley Sr Basketball Drills that will make you a better coach and your team better players. Scoring points is a must if you want to win basketball games at any level. Understanding the nuances of spacing, the mechanics of shooting, and making good decisions is a must for any player. Long-time high school basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr. spent 45 years at St. Anthony’s HS in New Jersey teaching hundreds of players to excel and win. His teams produced 28 state championships and 1,184 wins. Hurley’s teams won four national championships including two straight in 2010 and 2011 amidst an 83-game winning streak. Simply put, Coach Hurley knows basketball and he uses this video to share some his knowledge about offense with you. He dives deep into his bag of tricks to offer you a complete guide to developing offense. He includes many of his favorite drills as well as some insight into how to improve players’ individual skills. Warm Up Basketball Drills Consistency as an offensive player starts with how they warm up. Many of the game’s greatest players will begin preparing for a game one to two hours before their teams begin preparing for a game. You will see Coach demonstrate some easy drills like the Majerus Ball Handling Drill and the Phil Martelli Shooting Drill which has players go through game reps/shots to help develop their ball handling in the open court. This type of preparation pulls players out of their comfort zones and allows them to perform better at game time. Full Court Basketball Drills Coach Hurley sets up and demonstrates the Cardinal Full Court Drill which is a wonderful way to work on a variety of skills. The drill maximizes your practice time by incorporating the full team. Players work on their ability to get shots off, perfect their footwork on both ends of the floor, improve their rebounding, and work in transition. Players run in transition and read the defense looking to attack the rim, kick the ball to the wing, or hit a pull up jumper. It’s a great drill that incorporates a number of offensive individual skills. Passing, Pivoting, and Cutting Basketball Drills It is the attention to detail that separates the best players and coaches from the rest. Hurley leaves nothing out of this video as he shares drills to help players become better passers and cutters. The Full Court V-Cut drill forces players to take their man away and then come back to receive the basketball. The ability to get open, catch a pass, and make the next pass is a skill every player should have. Hurley also gets into how to protect the ball and pivot in executing a pass to the post, an open wing, or across the court. All of these skills will help your players be better on the offensive end. As players learn to master these skills, they will develop into successful players and make your program soar. It is what led Hurley to so many victories over the course of his career. Now, you can do the same with this 82-minute video. Rent the Bob Hurley Sr Basketball Drills DVD today.
Basketball Offensive Skill Development by Todd Franklin Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Todd Franklin (Rental)-Basketball Offensive Skill Development $18.99
Offensive Skill Development In today’s game of the dribble attack, it is still imperative that coaches teach the fundamentals. Vincennes University head coach Todd Franklin does just that in this video where he demonstrates how he works to improve ball handling, passing skills, and general basketball IQ. Coach Franklin led Vincennes to seven straight NJCAA national tournament berths and captured the 2019 Division I national title. Franklin now has over 600 career victories. Watch as he details how to help players improve their fundamentals and how to make the proper reads on the floor. Ball Handling Skills Coach Franklin breaks down a skill session in which he helps players “convert” themselves into a point guard. Ball handlers are taught to keep the ball outside the hip line which allows players to create more as well as keep the ball secure. Franklin explains how players can attack downhill using the body to protect the ball as well as how to make plays in a dribble-drive situation. Coach Franklin really gets into the details of change of direction, passing, and hand positioning on the ball. Great offensive skill development in basketball. Passing Skills Coach Franklin's offensive skill developemnt places emphasis on making passes at a fast pace in transition. He also talks about catching the pass. In a series of drills, you will see how to build effective passers who can get the ball into the corner and into the post in transition. Players must know when to pass against a collapsing defense. Understanding one’s options and how to deliver the ball to a teammate can take your perimeter players to a new level. Franklin demonstrates drills that help players make reads on the ball-side corner and in the post. The video concludes with Coach Franklin teaching the Twist Action Drill which helps players navigate the pick and roll more effectively. Franklin has mastered the development of the JUCO player, a tough task since he only has players for a maximum of two years. This video is packed with information on how to improve your players’ fundamentals so they can compete in today’s style of play. Rent this basketball offensive skill development DVD today.
Chris Oliver's Basketball Decision Training by Chris Oliver Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Oliver (Rental)-Chris Oliver's Basketball Decision Training $44.99
Decision Training: Unleashing Basketball IQ and Game-Changing Skills Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Decision Training, a cutting-edge approach to basketball skill development that will take your team's performance to new heights. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Decision Training, providing you with expert insights, advanced techniques, and detailed breakdowns to help you outperform your opponents on the basketball court. Whether you're a coach, player, or basketball enthusiast, this guide is your key to unlocking the full potential of Decision Training. Understanding Decision Training Decision Training is a revolutionary method that focuses on enhancing basketball IQ, decision-making skills, and situational awareness. This innovative approach goes beyond technical drills and places players in realistic game scenarios, challenging them to make split-second decisions and execute the most effective actions. By implementing Decision Training, your team can gain a significant advantage by developing a deeper understanding of the game and making smarter decisions on the court. Key Principles of Decision Training 1. Realistic Game Scenarios Decision Training places players in realistic game scenarios to replicate the pressures and challenges faced during actual games. This includes simulating various offensive and defensive situations, such as fast breaks, pick-and-rolls, and defensive rotations. By experiencing these scenarios in practice, players develop the ability to make quick and accurate decisions under pressure. 2. Read and React The Read and React principle is a central component of Decision Training. Players learn to read the defense, anticipate actions, and react accordingly. This involves recognizing defensive rotations, identifying passing lanes, and making intelligent choices based on the given situation. The focus is on teaching players to think critically and make effective decisions in real-time. 3. Skill Integration Decision Training integrates technical skills seamlessly with decision-making abilities. Players are encouraged to apply their shooting, passing, dribbling, and defensive skills in the context of game situations. This integration ensures that decision-making and execution go hand in hand, allowing players to make the most effective plays based on their skill sets. Implementing Decision Training To successfully implement Decision Training, teams must focus on key strategies and techniques. Let's explore some of the essential elements that will enhance your team's performance: 1. Game-Realistic Drills Design game-realistic drills that challenge players to make decisions in high-pressure situations. Create scenarios that replicate game dynamics, incorporating offensive and defensive actions. For example, set up drills where players must make quick decisions on whether to shoot, pass, drive, or defend based on the movements of defenders and teammates. 2. Film Study and Analysis Incorporate film study and analysis as a vital part of Decision Training. Review game footage to identify decision-making opportunities, discuss different options players could have chosen, and analyze the outcomes. This process helps players develop a deeper understanding of the game, learn from their mistakes, and make more informed decisions in future situations. 3. Simulated Game Play Engage in simulated game play to provide players with realistic decision-making experiences. Organize scrimmages or controlled game situations where players can apply the decision-making skills they have learned. This allows them to practice making split-second choices, communicating with teammates, and adapting to different game scenarios. 4. Mental Preparation and Visualization Emphasize mental preparation and visualization techniques as part of Decision Training. Encourage players to visualize game situations, imagine themselves making the right decisions, and executing the desired actions. This mental rehearsal enhances their ability to make quick, accurate decisions on the court and reinforces positive decision-making patterns. The Benefits of Decision Training Implementing Decision Training offers numerous benefits that can elevate your team's performance and enhance their basketball skills. Let's explore some key advantages: 1. Improved Basketball IQ Decision Training enhances players' basketball IQ by challenging them to think critically and make quick decisions in realistic game situations. Through repetitive exposure to these scenarios, players develop a deeper understanding of the game, anticipate actions, and make smarter choices on the court. This heightened basketball IQ translates into more efficient gameplay and a competitive edge over opponents. 2. Enhanced Decision-Making Skills By incorporating Decision Training into your team's practice regimen, players develop enhanced decision-making skills. They learn to assess options, analyze the defense, and choose the most effective actions in real-time. This ability to make split-second decisions under pressure leads to improved game management, better shot selection, and heightened situational awareness. 3. Increased Game Awareness Decision Training cultivates a heightened sense of game awareness among players. They learn to read the defense, identify open teammates, and exploit defensive vulnerabilities. This increased game awareness allows players to make timely passes, find scoring opportunities, and make defensive plays that disrupt opponents' strategies. The result is a team that is more in sync, anticipates plays, and maximizes scoring chances. 4. Enhanced Communication and Team Chemistry Decision Training fosters effective communication and strengthens team chemistry. Players learn to communicate their decisions, provide feedback to teammates, and coordinate their actions on the court. This open line of communication enhances teamwork, builds trust, and creates a cohesive unit that operates with synchronicity. As a result, the team becomes more cohesive, making faster and more efficient decisions collectively. 5. Transferrable Skills The skills developed through Decision Training are highly transferrable to game situations. The ability to make quick decisions, read the defense, and execute plays under pressure can be applied across various basketball scenarios. These skills not only benefit players during games but also in practice sessions and future basketball endeavors. Conclusion Decision Training is a game-changing approach that enhances basketball IQ, decision-making skills, and game awareness. By implementing the key principles, strategies, and techniques outlined in this guide, you will equip your team with the tools necessary to outperform opponents and maximize their basketball potential. Remember, mastering Decision Training requires practice, repetition, and a commitment to continuous improvement. So, embrace this revolutionary approach, unleash your team's decision-making prowess, and witness their transformation into intelligent, strategic players. The path to basketball excellence starts here!