1--2--2 Match Up Zone & 1--2--1--1 Full Court Press by Joanne McCallie Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Joanne McCallie (Rental)-1--2--2 Match Up Zone & 1--2--1--1 Full Court Press $15.99
Set up an attack mindset Your defense should match your team's personality You must make your opponent work hard to prepare you All areas of the court are open to attack! Joanne P. McCallie, Duke Women's Basketball Coach, will guide you through the principles and responsibilities for the 1-2-2 Matchup Zone Defense. On-court demonstration by Coach McCallie includes rules vs. cutters and rules vs. two-guard fronts. Rules vs. Pick and Pop and rules against both high posts for these attacking defenses. Coach McCallie begins by explaining four principles your defensive strategy must adhere to if you are going to be successful. McCallie breaks down the 1-2-2 Matchup by emphasizing that you must disrupt play, eliminate passing lanes, and put pressure on the offense. McCallie not only explains these principles but also shows on the court how defenses should be placed in each situation. McCallie concludes by demonstrating two drills you can use to increase pressure on your opponent and force turnovers. This video will show you how to make a strong defense that will keep your opponents guessing and change up the pace of the game. This was previously Joanne McCallie. 1-2-2 Match-Up Zone and 1-2-1-1 Full Court Press 66 minutes. 2009.
Complimenting Zone Defense With Man To Man Principles by Dan Monson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dan Monson (Rental)-Complimenting Zone Defense With Man To Man Principles $15.99
Jud Heathcote's 1979 Michigan State championship team is where Coach Monson learned how to incorporate man-to-man tactics into zone defense. Monson shows seven unaffected man-to-man defense techniques that can be used to create a winning team. Monson adds a creative twist to his defense teaching by having players connect by ropes and forcing them all to work together as one unit. Monson, a strong believer in defensive transformation, explains the importance of setting your defense and getting back to it within the first five seconds of each defensive possession. Monson shares several drills that can be used to teach your team the skill of stopping easy baskets. Monson also shares some drills that can be used on the floor to teach your team how to stop easy baskets. This DVD is perfect for those who like both zone and man-to-man defenses. It will help you save time, reduce your drill list, and make your team more consistent at the defensive end. 70 minutes, 2008.
Stifling Your Opponent With Multiple Defenses by Tom Herrion Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Tom Herrion (Rental)-Stifling Your Opponent With Multiple Defenses $15.99
Stifling Your Opponent with Multiple Changing Basketball Defenses Current South Florida assistant and former Marshall head coach Tom Herrion believes in a philosophy of disrupting offenses by playing different defenses. The idea is to keep an offense uncomfortable with the ability to switch defenses between man and zone. Herrion used the philosophy with great success at Marshall where he took the Thundering Herd to two postseason tournaments in four years. Pressure Basketball Defenses Coach Herrion goes onto the court to walk you through four different pressure defenses designed to get the ball away from the opposing team’s best all handler. Two concepts – Lock and Squeeze – are taught as methods of getting the ball into the hands of a post player to bring the ball up the floor in transition. The segment finishes with the Greyhound Drill, a full-court drill that emphasizes transition offense and getting immediately into full-court pressure on a made basket. Zone Basketball Defenses Continuing in his presentation, Coach Herrion explains two zone defenses that keep opponents off balance. Both defenses for opponents into trapping areas at half court. Herrion goes into further detail on the 1-2-2 containing press showing you how to get two different traps. He also explains how to use the 2-1-2 press. Coach Herrion shows you how most teams try to beat the 2-1-2 press and then explains how to shut opponents down with the 2-1-2 by putting heavy pressure on the ball. Ball Screen Basketball Defenses When opponents are lucky enough to break the pressure, Coach Herrion shows you three different ball screen defenses you can use against an opponent’s best ball handler and shooter. You also get an in-depth look at downing or icing a screen, which effectively forces opponents away from the basket. This is great presentation on how to use defense to control games. Use Coach Herrion’s multiple changing defenses to stifle your opponents and prevent any offensive flow. Rent this Basketball Defenses video today.
Building A Multiple Defensive System by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bob Hurley (Rental)-Building A Multiple Defensive System $15.99
Bob Hurley: Building a Multiple Defensive System Build your program into a defensive powerhouse using the same system implemented by legendary high school coach Bob Hurley. Coach Hurley won 27 New Jersey Parochial championships as the head coach at St. Anthony’s. His teams won three USA Today national titles (1989, 1996, 2008) and Hurley ended his career in 2017 with over 1,000 victories. In this video, you will learn the concepts and philosophy behind the defense that helped win Hurley all those games. System Philosophy Hurley believes in the man-to-man defense but stresses the importance of changing things periodically and adapting the system to the strength of your players. In the video, Coach Hurley shares the three things that he does every day to build his man-to-man defense. Coach Hurley also gives you some ideas to use against teams that like to push the ball in transition. You will learn three essential rules for defending those types of teams. Other teams prefer to run a patterned offense. Coach Hurley shows you how to attack those offenses and make them uncomfortable. Building the Press Coach Hurley likes to use the press and trapping defenses to take teams out of their comfort zone. He will show you four different styles of presses and traps that he has used to defeat opponents. Hurley also gives you some ideas about how to handle late-game and end-of-game situations. He explains his philosophy for these situations and why he was so successful. Gimmick Defenses In line with changing things up, Coach Hurley shows you how he prepared an “element of surprise” for at least one possession in every game. It was some form of defense that would really take an offense out of its rhythm. He also tells a few stories about how to prepare to take away a team’s leading scorer. Coach Hurley’s system helped him win numerous championships. It could help you do the same. Add it to your collection today!
Changing Defenses by Bobby Lutz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Bobby Lutz (Rental)-Changing Defenses $15.99
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