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Mike Anderson is all about fast paced basketball and playing the game with high spirit and tempo. He was a part of the Arkansas basketball program back in the 90s era. He was there to help the legendary coach Nolan Richardson during the National Title run. He made use of the high speed, pressure defense and used to play 40 minutes of hard nose basketball. He is currently using his years’ experience and hard learned rules to help his teams practice in the best way possible. All the live practices videos will be taken live in action in the first two weeks as the season kicks off. The practice sessions will go on for more than two weeks and will end just before the first game of the team. The coach focuses highly on decreasing the turnovers, individual defensive intensity and getting out on the fast break. The full court is used for most of the practices which includes team’s overall skill development. During all these drill workout sessions, the coach gives full attention to the pressure defense and getting up and down the floor quickly. Practice 1 The very first Practice sessions works on your skill development. There will be time-saving practice workouts that will work on your passing, footwork, ball handling and shooting all at the same time. There is a two-ball shooting drills practiced which will increase the efficiency of your shooting accuracy while taking spot-up shots and while shooting off the dribble. The players attack the rim while practicing the guard/post breakdown. The players will also work on their footwork and past moves. Similar to 1-on-1 drill, there will be some defensive breakdown drills displayed as well. These drills will help you deny the passes to the wing and forcing he ball baseline. On the other hand, there are 2-on-drills practiced as well for the development of defensive awareness while stressing wing and post denial. Your offensive sets vs. man defense will be reviewed closely by the Arkansas coaching staff. The squad will also run plays 5-on-5 and practices running each option of the player while simultaneously developing spacing and timing. Your secondary break options will also be reviewed by the Coach Anderson’s team. The PRACTICE 1 will come to an end with the live 5-on-5 action when the coach is focusing highly on the team’s half-court, trapping, attacking and defensive zone system. Practice 2 There are different sessions related to the 5-on-5 competitive scrimmages. Players will be forced to utilized their skills and fundamentals at the game speed. There is a warm-up session for the players in which the players will perform number of defensive and offensive drills like the 1-on-1 Zig Zag. In which the players will guard the ball the full length of the court and the Medicine Ball Weave that will help develop your strength while running on the floor. From curl shooting to rebounding to finishing to the v-cut attack moves to 3-on-3 in the half court the skill development segment will work on all these skills. Guards work on shooting back screens and pin down screens. Furthermore, the Coach Anderson will also work on some 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 controlled scrimmage drills into the segment. The 5-on-5 scrimmages, the players will work on the multiple aspects of the Arkansas up-tempo philosophy which includes their fast break offense, half court man-to-man defense, match-up zone defense and 41 full court press. Practice 3 In the practice 3 the skip passing, wing catch attacks and passing, screening and re-posting will be practiced by the players. Guards work on catch and shoot, one dribble pull ups and dribble hand offs. Furthermore, you will see a complete explanation of the defensive skills beginning with the proper trapping then moving to post defense and 2-on-2 rebound outlet.
Attack Drills For Up-tempo Basketball by Mike Anderson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Mike Anderson: Attack Drills for Uptempo Basketball Drills Uptempo basketbal Drills and Arkansas go together and have even prior to head coach Mike Anderson’s tenure. In this video, Anderson offers an inside look into how to identify trapping opportunities in the half court in an attempt to speed up the game. Coach Anderson also shares a number of great uptempo basketball drills that will help your team excel in playing half-court defense. Anderson played and coached for Nolan Richardson of “40 Minutes of Hell” fame and has become a savant himself in up-tempo basketball. Coach Anderson’s video presents some fantastic breakdown uptempo basketball drills with teaching points to assist players in becoming better defenders in the half court. 74 Minutes of Uptempo Basketball Drills In this 74-minute video, Coach Anderson takes you through a full practice from beginning to end. The session begins with a warm up, which Anderson believes is crucial. The first 40 minutes goes by as Anderson’s players are put through five different grueling conditioning drills. The drills are not just for conditioning as they help players build the foundation for playing solid defense. You are also introduced to two unique drills where Anderson uses a medicine ball in one and a water ball in another. The purpose of each drill is to improve mental focus as players work on passing and catching the basketball. Coach Anderson takes the time to outline how he teaches denial defense as well as the transition to help defense. The practice session ends with a half court 4-on-4 shell drill. You will see how Anderson continually pushes players to apply constant pressure on opponents throughout the drill. Anderson’s half court drills teach players to communicate and to remain in good position to maximize the stress on the opponent. Whether you play full-court, up-tempo basketball for an entire game or you are just looking for a way to create more pressure on defense, Anderson’s video is for you. You will learn several ways to create pressure while simply playing half-court defense from one of the masters. Rent this uptempo basketball drills DVD today.
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