Personnnel Pack Line Defense by Matt Lewis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Lewis (Rental)-Personnnel Pack Line Defense $18.99
Personnel Pack Line Matt Lewis guided the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh to the NCAA Division III national title utilizing a modified version of the Pack Line defense. It is a system that can help you lead your league in defensive field goal percentage, defensive 3-point percentage, and rebounding margin. When you control these statistical categories, the results are usually wins. Learn the strategies and drills that Coach Lewis uses to take the Pack Line defense to the next level. Transition Defense Your defense will not stand a chance against any opponent if you can’t stop teams in transition. Coach Lewis breaks down the ins and outs of his transition defense. See how he assigns players to certain roles suited to their strengths. Training players in Lewis’s system helps the defense build a wall around the pain and force tough shots early in possessions. Closeouts Great defensive teams understand how to change their approach depending upon their opponents. Coach Lewis goes through three drills to help perfect the closeout and on-ball defensive technique while learning how to vary a defender’s aggressiveness depending on the player he is guarding. The “2-Man Ball Screen” drill is a great way to teach defenders closeouts in game situations. Protecting the Paint Modern offenses really test defenses in getting to the rim. Coach Lewis has found new ways to help his defense protect the paint. You will see how players stunt to help on dribble penetration and defend baseline drives. The “3-on-3 Gauntlet” drill shows how you implement these ideas and prevent teams from getting touches in the paint. Defending Screens The final part of the package is defending screens. You’ll see how Coach Lewis emphasizes switching on screens. His strategy helps neutralize slips and smothers great perimeter shooters. This video is an outstanding take on the modern Pack Line defense.
Motion Offense Concepts for Any Offensive System by Matt Lewis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Matt Lewis (Rental)-Motion Offense Concepts for Any Offensive System $18.99
Motion Offense Concepts That Can Be Applied to Any Offensive System Matt Lewis won the 2019 NCAA Division III national championship as the head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. His team won the 2019 WIAC regular season and, as a result, Lewis was awarded the NABC Division III Coach of the Year, 2019 Coach of the Year, and the 2019 DIII News Coach of the Year awards. Coach Lewis’s career winning percentage of .906 heading into the 2019-20 season was the best among all active NCAA coaches. One of the things that make Lewis’s teams so good is their ability to run the motion offense. In this video, Coach Lewis covers footwork, passing, movement, and finishing in a coaching clinic setting. The drills and motion concepts he presents can help your team score more efficiently. Stride Stop The presentation starts with a drill that practices the stride stop, which puts players in position to either finish or quickly kick the ball out to the perimeter. Using a traditional jump stop requires an extra step which means more time. The stride stop puts a player in position to score or pass immediately which doesn’t give the defense much time to react and rotate. Attacking Players need to learn how to attack the basket and read the defense in a motion offense. Coach Lewis introduces a number of drills that incorporate attacking the basket, cutting to the basket, moving without the ball, and getting deep dribble penetration. When players attack, it forces defenses into help position which opens up a number of scoring opportunities. Roles/Menus Another important part of the motion offense is how to handle transition. Coach Lewis designates players as a “crash” or a “get back” player. Crash players, of course, have a responsibility to hunt for offensive rebounds. Get back players prevent a run-out in transition. Coach Lewis offers a ton of information for coaches looking to install a motion offense from scratch. Footwork, understanding cuts, and moving without the basketball – all basic skills – are covered in this outstanding presentation.