Perimeter Player Development by Marquis Hines Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Marquis Hines (Rental)-Perimeter Player Development $15.99
Perimeter Player Development Today’s game of basketball is much more dependent upon the perimeter game. Players love to shoot the 3-pointer as well as drive to the rim, but what is often neglected is the pick and roll defense, handling the ball with both hands, footwork, and maximizing the dribble. Marquis Hines, former three-time Wisconsin Division I state championship head girls coach at Vincent HS, discusses what it takes to be a complete, all-around perimeter player. He shows you a series of drills that focus on the skills needed to become a polished offensive threat. The presentation begins with several drills to train the mid-range jump shot. It progresses to the fade-counter move for mid- and long-range shots. Coach Hines demonstrates drills using chairs for closer pull-up jumpers and how to get to the rim. Finally, players learn to shoot off of a down screen. Coach Hines explains the specific footwork that perimeter players must have to improve their shooting form. Coach Hines is a big believer in training ball handling. He puts players through a series of dribbling drills that utilize chairs as stationary defenders. Hines teaches the correct form for a crossover dribble, between the legs, and around-the-back moves. He also explains the importance of the first two dribbles which helps to eliminate unnecessary dribbling, create space, and gain an advantage. The Definitive Pick and Roll drill is a 2-on-2 situation where Coach Hines discusses how to hedge, show, and be in help mode in order to take away any advantage created by an on-ball screen. The presentation ends with individual shooting drills that work on stepping into the shot all while maintaining balance when using an off-the-ball cut. Coach Hines’ presentation brings guard play back to its heyday while preparing perimeter players for the nuances of modern basketball offense.
Scoring Out Of 1-4 Sets by Marquis Hines Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Marquis Hines (Rental)-Scoring Out Of 1-4 Sets $15.99
Scoring Out of 1-4 Sets Basketball Former Vincent HS girls head coach Marquis Hines led his team to three Wisconsin Division I state championships in four years using an offensive system that was hard to stop. In this video, he details his entire 1-4 Offensive System, the same one that made his teams some of the most dangerous ever in the state of Wisconsin. With the 1-4 set as the foundation, Coach Hines has developed key plays with multiple variations that consistently produce scoring opportunities. In his presentation, he provides on-court demonstrations of five very simple but effective entries into the 1-4 set that are perfect for the high school and middle school levels. Sets & InBounds All of the 1-4 offensive play sets and the three inbounds plays look the same to a defense. Defenses think they know the play when they see the same set. This allows the offense to play off of the defense’s over-confidence. In addition to the 1-4 sets basketball, Coach Hines demonstrates: Three 1-4 baseline out-of-bounds plays A 1-4 press break designed to get ahead of the pressure and create an advantage for the offense How to use a “big” post player in the 1-4 set Pick and roll options from the 1-4 Special Situations Coach Hines also covers special situations and how to take advantage of players’ specific skill sets. Throughout the DVD, Coach Hines highlights key coaching points to reinforce basic skills like setting picks, floor spacing, and maintaining a triple threat position. Coach Hines has had great success in his coaching career using 1-4 offensive sets and adhering to a philosophy of teaching basic basketball skills and fundamentals. Learn how he did it and enjoy success in your program. Rent this 1-4 sets basketball DVD today.