Unguardable Blocker Mover Offense by Kim English Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kim English (Rental)-Unguardable Blocker Mover Offense $18.99
In this on-the-court instructional presentation, Coach English demonstrates how to effectively incorporate multiple post players into the Blocker-Mover offense. He also teaches strategies for highlighting guards who may struggle with creating their own shot. The presentation covers essential actions and principles of the offense, as well as set plays to showcase a post player who can stretch the floor. Coach English focuses on individual actions such as baseline screens, flare screens, and the ‘back down,’ and demonstrates how to train players in the reads and execution of these actions through 1-on-0 and 1-on-1 drills. He also covers post feeds, split-screens, cutting actions and ball screens, and how to take advantage of a post player who can shoot. The presentation includes the use of the ‘Saluki Drill’ to build decision-making into ball handling under pressure and 3-on-3 drills with a time constraint to focus on specific scoring options within the offense. Additionally, set plays such as ‘Chin’ and ‘Floppy Curl’ are shown as ways to highlight a stretch 4 on the team. Throughout the presentation, Coach English emphasizes the importance of ‘shared cognition’ among players in the offense, and provides examples of how to space off dribble penetration, play off post feeds, base decisions on the skill sets of nearby teammates, and more. The presentation also covers strategies for countering defenses that employ ‘downside’ ball screens and playing to new actions when the ball is passed to the ‘sandwich’ off an empty ball screen. In total, the video is 65 minutes long and was produced in 2023.