Building a Motion Offense & Quick Hitters by Ken French Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ken French (Rental)-Building a Motion Offense & Quick Hitters $18.99
Ken French: Building a Motion Offense & Quick Hitters The Motion offense has been around for years and utilizes player movement, spacing, passing, cutting, and setting screens in an effort to create easy scoring opportunities. In this informative video, University of Rio Grande head coach Ken French teaches you how to build a successful Motion offense from the ground up. In today’s more position-less game, it is important for players to understand all the elements of sound man-to-man offense. Those elements include floor spacing, communication with teammates, how to screen, penetration, and more. Coach French shares a number of drills designed to help you and your players understand the nuances of the Motion offense. Motion Offense Drills One of the biggest challenges in running the Motion offense is helping players understand how to make decisions as the offense begins to take shape. Coach French uses breakdown drills to simplify and reinforce the decision-making process. Repeated practice using these drills will help players become more confident in the offense and lead to greater success. Coach French also introduces drills that help players learn to penetrate and kick effectively. Players learn to read all defenders including help defenders. Players learn the specific move to make – cut, fade, or curl – when a defense reacts to the offense. Coach French explains all the motion actions and reads so that you can build an offense that can unload from 3-point range or attack the basket with penetrating drives. French expands the drills by adding a post player and teaching players how to use screens, including ball screens by the post. Also included is specific instruction on working a two-man game on the strong side. French does a wonderful job of teaching perimeter players to work with post players in what he calls “split the post.” Motion Offense Quick Hitters This 72-minute video also includes a series of quick-hitting half-court offensive plays that can be used in special situations. Need a late-game 3-pointer or quick shot at the end of the half? French has you covered in this segment. You also get a few motion quick hitters in transition that will show you how to take advantage of defenses that don’t get back quick enough. Coach French shares with you a multitude of ways to take advantage of a defense using the motion offense.