Man to Man Defense: Preventing Dribble Penetration & Popular Actions by Justin Hutson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Man-to-Man Defense: Preventing Dribble Penetration & Defending Popular Actions From his time as an assistant at San Diego State to now being the head coach at Fresno State, Justin Hutson has had a knack for building solid defenses. For Hutson, great defenses are built on a few principles and have the flexibility to adjust to different opponents based on scouting. In this video, Coach Hutson will show you how he locks down offenses with drills that teach how to stop dribble penetration, deny the post, defend ball screens, and stop elite shooters. Preventing Dribble Penetration With the increased use of ball screens and dribble penetration on offense, it is absolutely imperative that defenses protect the paint. Coach Hutson uses the Shell Drill to show you how he stops drives in the lane. Two variations of the drill teach how to defend gaps in the defense. One key belief in Hutson’s defense is that “only suckers drive the baseline.” You’ll see how the defense takes away the baseline with sharp rotations and traps. Defending Popular Actions The best defenses can adapt to the common actions that offenses run. Hutson shows you a drill that helps train defenders to play against an elite shooter. He breaks down how to fight through different screens and emphasizes how help defenders can assist and hold the shooter in check. Coach Hutson also demonstrates how to force side ball screens toward the baseline. Another drill teaches the details of defending the post in various situations. Hutson likes his team to vary their post defense from all-out denial in some situations to playing behind with a great shot blocker. Another drill teaches defenders playing off the ball to deny cutters, shrink the floor, and dig at the ball in the low post. Full-Court Defense For defenses to be really good, they must excel in transition. Coach Hutson first shows you his offensive rebounding and then the defensive responsibilities on missed baskets. He will show you a unique method for transition defense that allows teams to maintain matchups. Hutson also shows you how to pressure on made baskets with the 55 defense. Coach Hutson offers a number of great ideas and provides insight into a high-level defense that can be used with your team.