Offensive Explosion--transition And by John Brady Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
John Brady (Rental)-Offensive Explosion--transition And $15.99
Coach Brady starts with a warm up drill that incorporates a variety ball handling skills. Brady feels that his team must be strong in their press conference, as the SEC is very pressing. Brady expects to have the passer a sideline and middle line, reverse, deep, and reverse pass available once the ball has been thrown in. Cutters learn to catch and score. This will draw defenders and make space for other players. Brady walks through the press break and demonstrates each option from different spots on the floor. Multiplied options allow teams to be flexible when under pressure. Brady teaches that all passers must have hands available. He also stresses the importance of ball fakes and two hard dribbles. This will allow for defense to stretch and provide passing opportunities. One Down, which is a special option for the press, is demonstrated by Brady. It's designed for both a deep pass or a layup. Brady's thoughts on scoring offensively in transition offense are shared. Brady shows how he can take advantage of a free throw situation to allow for quick basket breaks. There are many options for scoring great opportunities at the end of this break. This transition system includes stagger screening, on-ball screens, and spacing. 71 minutes. 2007.