7 Seconds Or Less Early Offense Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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7 Seconds or Less Early Offense Score quickly with the 7 Seconds or Less Offense. If you are looking to up the tempo and improve your options in transition, East Carolina head coach Joe Dooley can show you how. Coach Dooley was the back-to-back Atlantic Sun Coach of the Year (2017 & 2018) while leading Florida Gulf Coast to two NCAA tournament berths. His success led him back to East Carolina where he served as head coach in the late 1990s. Dooley employs a system that will help you play faster. You will see loads of quality plays and concepts that can be easily implemented into your existing transition offense. Coach Dooley will take you even deeper into his system with 14 quick-hitters and seven drills that he used while at FGCU. 7-Second or Less Offense: Transition Coach Dooley’s 7 Seconds or Less Offense system promotes scoring early in the offense using motion action. He also will show you how to best take advantage of a defensive stop, a steal, and a turnover and turn them into easy baskets at the other end. Coach Dooley will go through a number of offensive tools like the pick & roll, pick & pop, pitch ahead, high-low actions, and much more. You will also see detailed individual plays like Stagger, a play designed to get a great shooter open by using multiple screens quickly in transition. Coach Dooley also presents counters for attacking defenses, especially those that switch. You will see how Dooley creates scoring opportunities for his best players with drag and double drag ball screens in transition. Coaches will learn the finer points of how to flow right into multiple pick and roll situations and how to space the floor to avoid traps. Coach Dooley also shares his Spurs Action where you can create looks for talented post players using high-low action. The segment continues with a number of other actions and plays including screen the screener actions and how to free up your best shooter for quick shots. There is so much of the 7 Seconds or Less offense here you will surely find something you can incorporate into your system. 7 Seconds or Less Offense: Drills In order to implement the fast break, Coach Dooley will show you six practice drills that have served him well over the years. Drive and Kick is an easy and competitive way to get all of your players repetitions as they work on creating shots through dribble penetration from a number of angles on the floor. The 3-on-4 Contest Drill is great way for players to learn how to make good reads on offense and find open shooters. The drill is also beneficial for defensive purposes as players work on closeouts and defensive rotations. Coach Dooley provides you with a multitude of offense in this 68-minute video that is a must-have for those coaches that love to move and score early in transition. Rent the 7 Seconds or Less Offense DVD today.
Drills To Teach Transition Drive & Screen Offense Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Drills to Teach Transition Drive and Screen Offense With more teams using up-tempo offenses to exploit opposing defenses, coaches need to develop the skills necessary to play this type of screen offense. Joe Dooley, head coach at East Carolina University, takes you through a series of breakdown drills and skills that will help your team develop within an up-tempo offense. Dooley won back-to-back (2017 & 2018) Atlantic Sun Conference Coach of the Year awards while at Florida Gulf Coast. His drills are uniquely designed to develop players. The drills focus on basic fundamentals like butting, passing, and shooting. Passing Drills Turnovers are something that coaches can prevent and Coach Dooley shows you a number of passing drills designed to eliminate those turnovers. Nash Drill: a simple warmup drill that uses both hands and works on making good one-handed air and bounce passes Gap Passing Drill: a three-man drill that uses quick movements to take advantage of bad closeouts and attack gaps in defenses Pocket Passing Drill: this works on early offense entries, focusing on drag screens in transition and hitting the roll man off the ball screen Drive and Kick Series To help your team penetrate to the basket, Coach Dooley takes you through a Drive and Kick series. The series works on a number of situations using L-cuts, drift passes, and passes back to players filling behind drivers. Coach Dooley’s drills work on post play, executing the “Okafor” move, kicking the ball back to the perimeter, and chasing passes to the perimeter with ball screens. Offensive Build-Up Drills Each day in practice, Coach Dooley’s players play 1-on-1 or 3-on-3. In the 1-on-1 drills, there is a three-dribble limit and players must find a way to create a scoring opportunity against on-ball pressure. The 1-on-1 drills are unique because of ball screen defense. Dooley takes his players through the ways his players guard ball screens before the 1-on-1 situation. The 1-on-1 drills then progress to 3-on-3. Closeouts The ability to play up-tempo offense comes from playing good defense. That means the closeout is of utmost importance. Coach Dooley demonstrates a 3-on-3 closeout drill that works on closing out and going live on the catch. In essence, the drill turns into live 3-on-3 and the breakdown drills presented earlier are put to use. Coach Dooley gives some great insight into creating an up-tempo style of play that can help coaches at any level generate offense and produce more points. Rent this Screen Offense DVD today.