How To Inspire, Empower, & Lead In Sports by Jerry Lynch Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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How to Coach, Inspire, Empower, and Lead in Sports: Perspectives from Athletes and Coaches Coaching is much more than Xs and Os and getting players to execute at a high level. A new breed of coaching leaders in the world of sports are coaches that cultivate healthy relationships where caring, trust, respect, integrity, and loyalty are forged. Coaches who can simultaneously teach the physical skills, tools, and strategies and inspire and empower athletes are those that have great success. In this presentation, Dr. Jerry Lynch, an internationally known expert in the field of applied sports psychology, instructs you on the deeper virtues of respect, trust, compassion, belief, and integrity and how these attributes are apparent in every successful coach and leader. Dr. Lynch does so through a roundtable discussion focused on how athletes are best inspired and empowered to get the most from themselves. Dr. Lynch’s presentation is a game-changer in the shifting landscape of coaching athletics at any level. You will learn about the power of caring, the magic of how soft is strong, the value of failure, and the need for risk. You will also hear about a culture of oneness where followers are encouraged to be dedicated and loyal to a coach’s system. How to Coach Roundtable Dr. Lynch serves as the moderator of the roundtable discussion and draws upon his 35-plus years of working with athletes and coaches like Dean Smith, Bill Walsh, Phil Jackson, Pat Summit, and more. Much of what Dr. Lynch has learned through the years comes from what he gathered from the likes of these coaches. One of the key points is the development of deep bonds and relationships with the athletes they coach. If you are looking to be an extraordinary coach, you will find that you must have love in your heart. The love you have for your players, coaching staff, and your program can help determine your success. Dr. Lynch’s presentation will help you unlock the doors to becoming a more caring, relationship-minded coach. Filled with practical, timeless wisdom you can use immediately, this presentation will help you coach with your heart so your athletes buy in to your system and learn to compete with the heart of a champion. Rent this How to  Coach DVD today.