Our collection of Baseball Hitting Instructional Videos offers a range of drills and techniques designed to improve your hitting skills and take your game to the next level. These videos cover all aspects of hitting, including swing mechanics, timing, pitch recognition, and more. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights and guidance to help you master the fundamentals of hitting and improve your overall performance at the plate. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, our instructional videos offer a range of drills that can help you improve your power, accuracy, and consistency. With our easy-to-follow videos, you can practice these drills on your own and take your hitting skills to new heights.
Coach, you CAN`T make your athlete focus!  This will.  Learn more.
CoachTube Coach, you CAN`T make your athlete focus! This will. Learn more. $10.00
Coach, you CAN'T make your athlete focus! �This will. �Learn more.� As a coach these are the things you DO have control over: speed & strength training, mechanics, strategy and game planning.� What you DON'T have control over is how your athletes' brains work.� How fast do they process stimuli?� What is the quality of the stimuli they capture?� What stimuli to they ignore?� You will learn how you can speed up their brain which makes the game slow down.� You will learn how to MAKE your athlete capture great info and more importantly learn to ignore irrelevant info.� How can you have your athlete learn to ignore what is in their 'rear mirror'?� How can they achieve calmness in critical situations and avoid performance anxiety?� You will learn how the brain works and how it can be trained through resistance to work at a higher level more efficiently.� If you have any questions I can be reached at mike@strobesport.com.� We can discuss sport specific or position specific training.� Thank you very much for your interest in my video.� I just want to share how we can create better, more consistent, performing athletes.1 Coach, you CAN'T make your athlete focus! This will. Learn more. 6:2735+ years in sports as a collegiate and professional athete, NIKE Baseball Sports Marketing Exec. and Stroboscopic Training and Decision Making expert.� I look at performance demands from the� little league level through high school, college and professional sports, including my work with All Stars, MVP's and Hall of Famers.� I observe forward and backward.� What does make an athlete perform well or poorly?� What keeps them from being consistent?� Why do they succeed or fail in critical situations?� What causes a slump and how to you get out of it?� You will look at your athletes differently and approach them differently in their training. Let's unlock the ability to perform at a high level more consistently.
ProSwing`s Fundamentals to America`s Past Time
CoachTube ProSwing`s Fundamentals to America`s Past Time $0.00
Join us as the best baseball facility in the northeast talks about how to get players from the youth level through high school to the next stage. �Coach Matty Maher goes in depth about hitting, running, pitching and more with special guest stars to further drive the points home. Get ready to play ball.1 The No Stride Drill Free 3:05 2 The Motion Drill 2:58 3 The One-Legged Drill 2:48 4 The Separation Drill 3:22 5 The Rotational Drill 3:39 6 Top Hand-Bottom Hand Drills 4:48 7 The Single to Left Field Free 3:39 8 The Single to Right Field 2:20 9 The Single to Center Field 2:02 10 Turning a Double Play - Flips from 2B 5:21 11 Turning a Double Play - Flips from SS 5:08 12 Turning a Double Play - Receiving as a 2nd Baseman 5:44 13 Turning a Double Play - Recieving as a Short Stop 5:56 14 The Secret to Fielding Bunts 3:52 15 Catching Tips - The Set Up 5:39 16 How to Throw Out a Stealing Base Runner 3:48 17 How to Block The Plate 4:10 18 How to Crow Hop - Increasing Speed and Accuracy 3:51 19 Outfield Tips - Fielding the Baseball - Knowing the Situation 4:21 20 Hitting in Different Counts (ADVANCED) 4:32 21 The 7 Steps to the Perfect Baseball Swing 2:59 22 Routine and Rhythm 3:19 23 How to Hit Off of a Tee 6:10 24 Batting Cage Tips - The Art of the Coin-Op 3:00 25 How to Hit a Baseball - ProSwing's Hitting Checklist 2:43 26 Yankees Hitting Coach Gives 3 Tips to Perfect Your Swing 2:59 27 3 Tips to Become a Better Pitcher with Former Red Sox Frank Rodriguez 3:15 28 Mariano Rivera Teaches 3 Important Pitching Tips 2:08 29 The 6 Steps to the Perfect Pitching Motion 3:48 30 How to Throw Harder - Pitching Tips from a Former Boston Red Sox 5:07 31 How to Slide 3:59 32 Base Running Tips - The 3 Ways to Become a THREAT on the Base Paths 4:30 33 How to Take a Lead from 1st Base 4:09Our facility's trainers are all ex players with decades of experience at our back.�Coach Matty Maher was named to ESPN the Magazine's 1st Academic All-American Team in 2009. He is the All-Time hit and steal leader at Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Division I campus. There are also MLB special guests sprinkled throughout.
Developing Explosive Bat Speed
CoachTube Developing Explosive Bat Speed $0.00
Train yourself to perform at optimum capacity with these instructional videos on increasing your bat speed. In this baseball coaching course Miles Noland shows you what the top hitters in the world are doing to develop jaw-dropping power at the plate.Developing Explosive Bat Speed features drills that reinforce the movements needed to create maximum bat speed.1 Intro to Hitting Free 2:49 2 Baseball Hitting Techniques: Bat Speed Training 2:49 3 Baseball Hitting Techniques: Bat Wrap Cure 2:46 4 Perfect Baseball Swing - Back Knee Drill 2:34 5 How to Increase Batting Average & Hit Line Drives - Barrel Awareness 3:07 6 Baseball Hitting Drills for Power 3:06 7 Baseball Hitting Drills - Stay Through the Ball 2:14 8 Hitting Tip to Increase Bat Speed and Power 3:24 9 Hitting Tips: How to Hit a Baseball Better 3:50 10 Hitting Drills for Kids: Increase Bat Speed and Power 2:28 11 Hitting Drills for Contact 3:41 12 How to Hit for More Power 3:25 13 How to Hit the Outside Pitch Free 2:07 14 Swing Tips 2:22 15 Squash the Bug to Fail 2:43 16 Bat Wrap Cure 17 Proper Hitting Stance And Increase Batting Average 18 How to increase batting speed 19 Youth Baseball Coaching: Hitting Tips and Hitting Drills for Youth Baseball 20 Baseball Hitting Approach: Adjustments to Always Produce Lasers 21 Baseball Batting Practice: How to Hit a Baseball HARD in the Game 22 How to Coach Baseball: Baseball Hitting Tips 23 Baseball Swing Tips: Arm Bar Cure, Stop "Getting Long" 24 Youth Hitting Mechanics and Drills: Hitting Myths Solved: Back Elbow Up? 25 Hitting Drills For Baseball: How to Hit a Baseball with Power 26 Baseball Swing Drills: Create More Power and Hit the Baseball Farther Everytime 27 Baseball Swing Drills: Fix Your Slump 28 Bat Speed Training: How to Increase Bat Speed With the Stride Foot?My name is Miles Noland, and working with baseball players is my passion. Growing up I loved the game, and worked very hard at it, which allowed me to play 4 years of college baseball, despite being undersized. When I went to college I expected to learn a lot and progress as a baseball player. However, after the first couple weeks of practice, I realized my mother knew more about teaching baseball than my head coach did.Being at a small school, we didn�t have much help from assistant coaches either. Not only did I learn nothing from my college coach, he could easily be described as verbally abusive to many players, and this made baseball not very fun. I loved baseball so much, yet, this was a time when I did not enjoy the game. I stuck it out, and even though I was starting, things were still very unenjoyable. At the conclusion of my career I vowed to learn about the game as much as possible, and to give baseball players a better experience than the one I had. In that moment I knew I had learned about how not to coach, and I was going to be the best coach possible. I was never going to let any athlete under my care go through what I had to.I�ve been blessed to coach all different types of kids, and this challenges me every day to come up with good answers to the questions they have. And I love sharing this knowledge with others who want the best for their baseball players. I have been fortunate to speak at the University of Kentucky camps, The International Youth Baseball Coaches Association Conference, along with many others. I have had help developed 33 players who have been drafted or signed professional contracts.My goal now is to pass this knowledge on to those players, parents, and coaches who are interested in being the best they can be, without taking shortcuts. I�ve been at a lot of different levels, and coached many different types of players, and this has allowed me to develop a system that is very effective for players at all different levels. I love winning, but that�s not why I coach. There will always be another championship, another season, and the winners are quickly forgotten.I coach because I love developing character. Instilling confidence, work ethic, and�perseverance�in athletes is what I value, because I know these traits will carry over to every�day life.
Hitting Tips by Mike Scott
CoachTube Hitting Tips by Mike Scott $5.00
This nine part hitting series covers hitting mechanics designed by Mike Scott Baseball. Each short video instruction is designed to correct common faults such as rolling the hands, poor bat angle, and correcting muscle memory. Also discussed are drills for better body rotation and hands through impact. These videos are designed for little league age through college players.1 Core Hands Shoulder Free 4:36 2 Flat Hand Hip Rotation 2:53 3 Inside Seam Drill 3:23 4 Bat Angle 2:37 5 Muscle Memory 5:00 6 Hit and Run Swing 5:14 7 Hitting with a Wooden Bat 0:00 8 How to Find the Sweet Spot 4:07 9 Pepper Practice 2:52Coach Mike Scott has been giving private instruction to players of all ages since 1993. He is a journeyman of baseball. He has coached teams of all ages learning the most common struggles of each age group and how to effectively teach the proper drills and techniques to help solve their mechanical issues. Mike Scott currently coaches high school and summer college level teams in Connecticut.�In 2008 he�started his own baseball school where he gives lessons, runs clinics and now�is producing instructional videos available online.
Coaching Baseball - Power Hitting
CoachTube Coaching Baseball - Power Hitting $29.00
Players need strength, agility, and the savviness�to know what pitch to take in order�to become true�power hitters. In Power Hitting, Coaches Paul Reddick, Jeff Cavaliere and Tom Clark demonstrate�how to warm up safely and swing with the correct stance, positioning and technique. As a bonus, this program also includes strength and conditioning exercises to maximize your young hitters� potential. Let the experts show you how to start knocking it out the park.1 Introduction to Warm-Ups Free 2 Dynamic Warm-Up (Upper Body) Free 3:48 3 Dynamic Warm-Up (Lower Body) 7:13 4 Introduction to The Swing Free 5 Swing Overview 0:55 6 Stance 3:32 7 Stance with Demo 1:35 8 Load Stride 3:40 9 Load Stride with Demo 1:35 10 Hips Separate Free 3:09 11 Hips Separate with Demo Free 1:03 12 Bat Lag 3:32 13 Bat Lag with Demo 1:31 14 Contact 1:35 15 Contact with Demo 0:00 16 Finish 0:00 17 Finish with Team 0:00 18 Pitch Selection 0:00 19 Introduction to Strength and Conditioning Free 20 Paul Reddick Strength Intro 0:00 21 Jeff Cavaliere Strength Overview 0:00 22 Deceleration 0:00 23 Brake Deceleration Exercise 0:00 24 Bat Stance Squat 0:00 25 Ball Toss 0:00 26 Hip Rotation Resistance 0:00 27 Hurdle Under Explosions 0:00 28 Load, Stay Back, Resistance 0:00 29 Single Leg Rotating Squat 0:00 30 Standing Rotary Twist 0:00 31 Reverse Overload 0:00 32 Step Over with a Squat 0:00 33 Half Burpee 0:00 34 Elbow Ups 0:00 35 Thrusters 0:00 36 Structure Your Circuit 0:00 37 Circuit One 0:00 38 Circuit Two 0:00Paul Reddick is the director of The Yogi Berra Baseball School and has served as a coach, scout or consultant to over a dozen Major League Baseball organizations, most recently with the Pittsburgh Pirates. An accomplished baseball writer, he has served as a state delegate for USA Baseball. His training work brings power and speed to baseball players. Jeff Cavaliere MSPT, CSCS worked for the New York Mets from 2006-08 as both their head physical therapist and assistant strength coach. Named in 2008 by Men�s Fitness as one of America�s Top 50 Greatest Trainers, he is known for his unique and cutting edge approaches to functional conditioning for baseball. He strives to make both professional and amateur athletes reach their peak performance. Tom Clark has been coaching youth sports for more than 20 years. Tom has worked with Paul and Jeff for several years, developing strength and conditioning techniques and structuring high quality training to help young baseball players reach their full potential.
The Complete Guide to Hitting for Beginners
CoachTube The Complete Guide to Hitting for Beginners $10.00
Coaches love hits, teammates love home runs, and fans adore the big slugger. Learn coaching techniques that will turn your young hitters into fan favorites with the Complete Guide to Hitting for Beginners!Zoned Sports Academy brings you the best training guide to get your team hitting home runs in no time. You�will get the low down on everything you need to know, from picking the right gloves and bats for your players to the best stance for optimum power. What you'll learn:- How to select your equipment- Bunting- Hitting basics- Hitting drills- Hitting positions & stance1 Baseball Equipment: Selecting The Right Bat Free 1:43 2 Baseball Equipment: Selecting the Right Glove 1:37 3 Baseball Hitting: How To Bunt Free 2:24 4 Baseball Hitting: The Sacrifice Bunt 1:35 5 Baseball Hitting: Bunting For A Base Hit Free 2:15 6 Baseball Hitting: The Suicide Squeeze 1:47 7 Bottom-Top Hand Drill Free 1:21 8 Hand-Eye Coordination 0:57 9 Eye on the Ball 3:39 10 Golf Ball Hitting Drill 0:59 11 Squish the Bug 1:05 12 Total Balance Drill 0:00 13 Baseball Hitting: Using A Batting Tee 0:00 14 Baseball Hitting: Swing Stance 0:00 15 Baseball Hitting: Positioning the Batting Tee 0:00 16 Baseball Hitting: Get Comfortable with the Batting Tee 0:00 17 Baseball Hitting: Sweet Spot on the Batting Tee 0:00 18 Baseball Hitting: Hitting Line Drives Off A Tee 0:00 19 Baseball Hitting: Side-Toss Hitting Drill 0:00About Billy Hall:Billy Hall was elusive on the base paths, but gets right to the point as one of the instructors at Zoned Sports Academy in Bridgewater, N.J. He set a professional record of 66 consecutive stolen bases, and holds Atlantic League career records for stolen bases and the longest hitting streak.An infielder, Hall was drafted out of Wichita State University by the San Diego Padres in 1991 and played for four other major league organizations - the Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins - as well as the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League. He won four championship rings during his career.About Emiliano:Emiliano Escandon was drafted out of Pomona College (Claremont, Calif.) by the Kansas City Royals in 1995 and played in their organization for six seasons. He then joined the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League, whom he played with for five seasons.He was the first team captain in Atlantic League history, and during his 11-year pro career Escandon played on five championship teams.He is now one of the lead instructors at Zoned Sports Academy, Inc., in Bridgewater, N.J.
50 Things a Hitter Needs to Do to Be Successful at the Plate
CoachTube 50 Things a Hitter Needs to Do to Be Successful at the Plate $29.00
50 Things a Hitter Needs to Do to Be Successful at the Plate presents a detailed list of techniques that you can use to become a more successful hitter. Based upon his personal experiences and observations from when he played professional baseball, Luis Ortiz explains and demonstrates each factor in a way that is simple and direct. This course�is designed to be appropriate for baseball coaches and players at all competitive levels.Among the topics covered:-Expecting to succeed-Knowing yourself as a hitter-Reading the pitcher-Knowing the hitting situation-Being consistent-Adhering to sound mechanics-Making adjustments1 Intro 0:43 2 Expect to Succeed 0:39 3 Know Yourself as a Hitter Free 0:35 4 Visualize Free 0:39 5 Figure Out How the Pitcher is Trying to Get You Out Free 0:40 6 Learn How to Approach Every Pitch Free 3:05 7 Always Look for the Pitcher's Fastest Pitch 0:00 8 Know Your Hitting Situations 0:00 9 Think About Hitting the Ball Hard, Not Far 0:00 10 Think About Swinging Fast, Not Hard 0:00 11 Blow Your Hands Away From You 0:00 12 Be Consistent 0:00 13 Make Adjustments 0:00 14 Be Smooth 0:00 15 Use a Bat You Can Stop and Accelerate at Will 0:00 16 Have a Stance that Works for You 0:00 17 Be Soft 0:00 18 Land and Stride on Time 0:00 19 Have Proper Timing 0:00 20 Separate Your Hands from the Stride 0:00 21 Separate the Stride from the Swing 0:00 22 Stay Tall and Away from the Ball 0:00 23 See the Ball Properly 0:00 24 Let the Ball Get Deep 0:00 25 Get to a Strong Position to Hit 0:00 26 Swing at a Good Pace 0:00 27 Avoid Wasted Movements at the Beginning of the Swing 0:00 28 Start Your Swing with Maximum Power 0:00 29 Swing as Fast as You Can 0:00 30 Create Torque 0:00 31 Coordinate the Hands with the Back Feet 0:00 32 Use the Power Line Within Your Swing 0:00 33 Swing Within Your Axis of Rotation 0:00 34 Use Your Hands Properly 0:00 35 Keep Your Body Back and Throw the Hands in Front 0:00 36 Stay Inside the Ball 0:00 37 Bat Awareness 0:00 38 Hit the Ball as You Are Turning 0:00 39 Have a Strong Grip on Contact 0:00 40 Palm Up / Palm Down Positions 0:00 41 Hit the Ball at an Angle 0:00 42 Hit Through the Ball 0:00 43 The 3 Sounds of the Swing 0:00 44 Keep Your Feet Apart at Least Until Contact 0:00 45 Turn First Then Push Through the Ball 0:00 46 You Have to Have a Complete Pivot of the Back Feet 0:00 47 Drive Your Knee Down 0:00 48 Your Front Leg Must Be Firm 0:00 49 Your Back Leg Turns One Unit 0:00 50 Accelerate Through the Ball 0:00 51 Finish Your Swing 0:00Luis Ortiz�grew up playing baseball in the Dominican Republic. He earned a baseball scholarship from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, where he set many of Union's batting average and home-run records, and established the NAIA career record for slugging percentage. In 1991, Luis was drafted in the eighth round by the Boston Red Sox. Subsequently, he played 14 years of professional baseball, part of which he spent in the majors with the Red Sox and the Texas Rangers. For most of his minor-league career, he consistently hit over .300. Upon retiring from professional baseball, Luis went back to college and earned a bachelor�s degree in physical education. Currently, Luis is working on developing a state-of-the-art baseball school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
Pro Hitting & Generating Power
CoachTube Pro Hitting & Generating Power $10.00
Want to improve your swing? In this free course, Coach Nick Giaquinto shares some helpful tips and techniques that will help you reach your full potential.1 Proper Position and Tracking Free 4:17 2 How to Track a Pitch 3:36 3 Hitting To All Fields 3:44 4 How To Generate Power 2:37In 2009, Nick Giaquinto entered his 21st season as head coach of the Sacred Heart University baseball program, including every one since the Pioneers entered the Division I level in 2000.During Giaquinto's tenure, Sacred Heart went to the NCAA Division II Tournament three times and reached the Division II World Series in 1992. He has coached two All-Americas, had three players sign professional contracts and been honored as the Northeast Region and New England Collegiate Conference "Coach of the Year" by the New Haven Diamond Club.As much as Giaquinto knows about baseball, he also owns a Super Bowl ring. He played football at the University of Connecticut before graduating in 1979. His 277 yards rushing against Holy Cross in 1976 is still the school's single-game record. He then went on to a four-year NFL career, beginning with the Miami Dolphins in 1980. He was a member of the Washington Redskins� 1982 squad that defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII.
Mental Side Approach to Hitting
CoachTube Mental Side Approach to Hitting $39.00
Spring's mental side impacts hitters. The mental side of hitting is more important than acquiring the perfect swing. Trying to improve bat speed and getting the proper baseball swing each pitch requires proper hitting mechanics. The same goes for your mental approach. If the mental side of baseball is 90 percent of the game, then why do we not spend more time training mentally? The best baseball hitting videos address this. After watching Spring's new CoachTube course�- The Mental Side of Hitting�, your approach will never be the same. One of the best baseball hitting tips you can receive is right here.�Baseball hitters, coaching professionals and parents - take advantage of this opportunity to get you or your player�s mental side of hitting right. Steve�s mental side covers a wide range of topics from setting realistic ATTAINABLE goals to the proper mental approach to hitting. This hitting course�also contains powerful training tips including Steve teaching, explaining, and demonstrating hitting the inside part of the ball. Let Steve teach you how to recognize the ideal type of power backspin that can be achieved when properly hitting the inside part of the ball. After watching this unique course, your approach will never be the same. We guarantee it!1 Intro Free 2:56 2 Working with David Nick & Hank 1:17 3 Ollie Linton 0:45 4 Working with Mark Trumbo 2:19 5 Working with Keven Pillar 1:52 6 Working with AJ Pollock 0:40 7 Working with Paul Goldschmidt 1:06 8 Working with Jose Bautista 1:30 9 The #1 Rule! Not Being a Perfectionist 2:26 10 Should You Be Hitting With Wood Bats 2:59 11 The Power of Not Collapsing 1:35 12 Achieving the Power Position on the Inside Pitch 1:48 13 The Truth About Mechanics 4:05 14 Hot to Hit Off-Speed Pitches 1:58 15 Sitting On Pitches 1:58 16 The Power of Breathing 1:19 17 Looking Hitterish & Avoiding the Pre-Overturn 2:11 18 Steve Springer Hitting Lesson 9:38 19 Attacking the Inner Half & Extension 0:50 20 Spring's Approach Works for All Ages 4:51 21 BONUS AUDIO: Quality at Bats "The Mental Side" 40:41For 8 years, Steve Springer was the performance coach & major league scout for the Toronto Blue - Jays. Spring played over 14 years as a professional and compiled over 1600 professional hits. Over 30 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout. He resides in Huntington Beach CA, and is the author of Quality At-Bats and the founder of Quality At-Bats Academy.
Increase Hitting Power in 5 Days
CoachTube Increase Hitting Power in 5 Days $0.00
Quick and easy hitting drills by Coach Rick, founder of Think Outside the Diamond.1 Day 1 Baseball Hitting Exit Speed Youth Batting Mistakes Free 0:52 2 Day 2 Baseball Hitting Exit Speed Hit With More Power 0:49 3 Day 3 Baseball Hitting Exit Speed Increase Power 0:54 4 Day 4 Baseball Hitting Exit Speed Increase Hitting Power 1:00 5 Day 5 Baseball Hitting Exit Speed How To Increase Power 1:01I have been training adults and athletes for over 20 years helping each client to achieve their personal and athletic goals. I was an athlete all my life and can relate to today�s athlete with the pressures and demands put on them. I don�t just train my adults and athletes but connect with them on a personal level so I can help them live a healthier and happier life. To have long lasting success I build and establish a belief system with each client, if it�s an adult strength training or an athlete trying to improve sports performance. We set goals, develop visual acuity, increase range of motion, increase overall strength, and instill an �I WILL� mindset with each athlete. Many times it�s not what I teach physically that has the greatest impact but what I say to my clients that makes all the difference. If you are looking to get healthier in a positive environment, improve your sports performance and or fine tune your baseball or softball skill set, Think Outside The Diamond is the place for YOU.
Baseball Hitting Drills featuring Coach Ray Birmingham
CoachTube Baseball Hitting Drills featuring Coach Ray Birmingham $20.00
Coach Ray Birmingham has used his years of coaching experience to fine tune a program that can help hitters reach their full potential. In this informative program, Coach Birmingham will demonstrate several keys drills designed to create better hitters. Among the topics covered are: basics of opposite field hitting, mechanics of the swing, pull hitting, teaching bat lag, the pitching machine, self toss drill, using the tee, the swing stick and tips for batting practice. This video is a must-have for every baseball coach and player.1 Introduction 1:33 2 Basics of Opposite Field Hitting Free 2:49 3 Mechanics of the Swing 3:37 4 Pull Hitting 5:30 5 Teaching Bat Lag 3:27 6 The Machine 4:20 7 Self Toss Drills 3:39 8 Using the Tee 4:10 9 The Swing Stick 2:24 10 Tips for Batting Practice 2:37Ray Birmingham has been a head baseball coach at the collegiate level for over 32 years. He currently is the head baseball coach of the University of New Mexico Lobos. His teams consistently rank in the NCAA top 10 in the hitting category. Prior to coming to UNM in 2008, Ray was the head baseball coach at New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs, NM for 18 years and at the College of the Southwest in Hobbs, NM for 2 years. For his overall career, Birmingham is in exclusive company having won over 1,000 games. In 2011, Ray Birmingham was named a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association Hall of Fame. Birmingham also served as the hitting coach for USA Baseball's Collegiate National Team. Several players that were coached by Ray Birmingham have gone on to play Major League Baseball.
Hitterish | The Complete Swing Hacking Video Guide
CoachTube Hitterish | The Complete Swing Hacking Video Guide $100.00
"Sean knows what he is talking about" - Manny Ramirez | 12x MLB All Star � � "Sean has helped me improve my performance on the field" - Evan Gattis | Houston Astros � This guide provides an in depth explaination of the key similarities of the best hitters in the world. � You will learn that 99% of traditional coaching cues can not produce a high level swing. � Hitting Coach Sean T. Plouffe cuts through the common coaching jargon and explain HOW to actually develop a swing that consistantly squares baseballs. Everything taught is backed up with video proof of the best hitters in the world. � � The swing correlations within have been proven over the past 100 years as the optimal way to swing a baseball bat. �This type of movement pattern is critical for maximizing your ability as a hitter. � � Whether you want to hit 50 home runs at the Major League level or�just hit consistent line drives in high school, this guide�will put you ahead of the competition. � You will learn � 1. The Swing Movements of the Greatest Hitters in the World. � 2. The Difference between Amatuer hitters vs. Great hitters � 3. The keys to maximizing your bat speed, adjustability and timing � 4. The critical information necessary to maximize your abilities1 The Complete Swing Hacking Video Guide 21:25I have worked with 5 Major League Players including 12x All Start Manny Rameiez & Evan Gattis
2 Strike Hitting: Approach, Philosophy, & Strategy
CoachTube 2 Strike Hitting: Approach, Philosophy, & Strategy $20.00
As a hitter, it's pretty much impossible to go a game without getting into a 2 strike count. The pressure mounts and players start to lose the focus and intensity they had earlier in the at-bat. They also lose their intent and aggressiveness that allowed them to be successful. Well, during this presentation from the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit, coach Matthews will teach you some unique strategies and game plans for handling 2 strike situations. You'll learn: Controlling The AB Before 2 K's How To Hunt With Two Strikes Inside The Data Of Pitch Counts and more. Be sure to tune into the end for an open Q/A session, maybe one of your questions will get answered.1 Introduction 4:11 2 Control The AB Before 2 Strikes 5:07 3 Hunt In The Zone 3:22 4 Control What You Can Control 6:14 5 External vs Internal 1:54 6 Inside The Data - Swing Decision Free 4:24 7 Alternative Approach - Summary 3:22 8 Closing Q/A 17:01As a teacher, coach, and instructor I have a passion for serving others through the game of baseball. I have become well-known in the northeastern North Carolina area as it relates to quality baseball instruction, particularly in the areas of hitting and infield play. Through my own playing experiences and continued research, I have developed unique training methods aimed at helping athletes compete physically and mentally at the highest levels of the game
Biokinematic Hitting
CoachTube Biokinematic Hitting $0.00
The technology that is being used in baseball today is changing the game forever. Baseball has always been a sport that relies on the numbers and stats but this new technology is seeing things that the natural human eye would miss live. Whether or not you have this technology, Justin will show you the most common components that need attention for hitters & positions players. During this presentation that Justin gave at the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit, you'll learn: Objective Hitting Development Screening & Profiling Players Specific Drills & Exercises� plus more topics Stay tuned at the end for an open question & answer session, maybe one of your questions will be answered.1 What is Efficient? Free 4:48 2 Movement Profiles 5:55 3 Movement Screening 2:38 4 Different Speed Vectors 2:11 5 What We've Learned 5:05 6 3D Sensors 6:55 7 PVC Series 2:28 8 Bat Sensor Metrics 7:37 9 Staying Connected 4:27 10 Closing Q/A 9:29Justin Stone is one of the most in-demand baseball coaches in the country.� Justin trains over 3,000 players across the United States each year. Justin was a two-sport Division 1 athlete in college at Eastern Illinois University in both baseball and football.� When he finished his playing career, Justin made the shift to coaching where he was an Assistant Coach at Indiana State University. � During his time at Indiana State, Justin built recruiting classes that were recognized nationally by the Collegiate Baseball Magazine. Thirteen players were eventually drafted and four players making it to the Big Leagues. Justin became the head instructor for the Chicago White Sox Training Academy in 2004. An expert in video analysis, Justin uses tech to teach baseball mechanics more effectively. His reach began to extend to professional players.
Old or New School, It`s Still Hitting School
CoachTube Old or New School, It`s Still Hitting School $0.00
During this presentation from the 2020 Virtual Baseball Coaches Summit, it's time for hitting school. Coach Aoki is giving us a blast from the past and a look into the future, all at the same time. When it comes to hitting and all the technology that is out there in the name of player development, it can be overwhelming. It can be confusing. Many coaches in the new school-age are teaching different hitting concepts and mechanics to players. Mik is going to show film with side by side comparisons of some of the best hitters in baseball, both old school and new school. You'll get breakdowns of hitters like: Mike Trout Tedd Williams Hank Aaron Bryce Harper You'll also learn some foundational concepts on hitting and things that players can take advantage of easily.1 Key Points of Successful Hitters 2:24 2 Old School vs New School 3:57 3 Combining Both 4:17 4 The Swing 2:50 5 Mookie Betts Free 2:50 6 Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Mike Trout 3:20 7 Swing Clips 5:09 8 More Swing Clips 2:55 9 Byrce Harper vs Hank Aaron 6:17 10 Swing Recommendations 3:19 11 Individual Cues 3:48 12 Closing Q/A 3:40Mik Aoki is the head baseball coach at Morehead State University. Coach Aoki played college baseball at Davidson College under head coach Jim Stoeckel. Between 2011 & 2019, Coach Aoki was with 3 different schools as the head coach: Columbia, Boston College, and Notre Dame. Aoki started his coaching career at Manchester Community College in Connecticut. The next year he became the assistant at Ohio for 2 years while also earning a master's degree. After that, Mik coached at Dartmouth for four seasons before landing his first Division I head coaching gig with Ivy League Columbia.