Our collection of Baseball Fundamentals Instructional Videos offers a comprehensive range of drills and techniques designed to improve your overall performance on the diamond. These videos cover all aspects of the game, including hitting, pitching, fielding, base running, and more. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights and guidance to help you master the fundamentals of the game and improve your skills and techniques. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, our instructional videos offer a range of drills that can help you take your game to the next level. With our easy-to-follow videos, you can practice these drills on your own and enhance your overall understanding of the game.
High Level Throwing� - Arm Pathway Training
CoachTube High Level Throwing� - Arm Pathway Training $0.00
Revolutionize Your Throwing Mechanics Transform your athletic performance with the groundbreaking High Level Throwing® course, meticulously crafted by Austin Wasserman. This innovative program is specifically designed to enhance your throwing mechanics through the development of efficient arm pathways, making it a must-have for athletes in overhand throwing sports. Why High Level Throwing® Stands Out Exclusive Water Bottle Drill: A unique approach to mastering arm pathway development with reduced resistance to foster a natural enhancement in your throwing motion. Minimize Injury Risks: By encouraging an efficient arm path, significantly lower the chances of experiencing shoulder and elbow stress. Harmonize Body Mechanics: Attain perfect synchronization between your arm and lower body to maximize force, resulting in more powerful and controlled throws. Dynamic Learning Approach: Break free from static, robotic training methods with our strategy that emphasizes the sensation of moving through positions during a throw, enhancing fluidity and effectiveness. Comprehensive Content: Gain access to an extensive range of training materials from beginner drills to advanced pitching techniques, ensuring a thorough understanding through multiple angles and clarifications. Why Choose High Level Throwing®? Whether your goal is to refine your pitching in baseball or softball, prevent injuries, or simply boost your performance, High Level Throwing® - Arm Pathway Training is your gateway to achieving remarkable improvements. With expert guidance from Austin Wasserman and a keen focus on kinetic efficiency, witness a transformation in your throwing technique that will elevate your game to new heights. FAQ Who is this course for? Athletes of all levels in baseball and softball looking to enhance their overhand throwing techniques. What makes this course different? Its unparalleled focus on reducing resistance in training, emphasis on injury prevention, and the dynamic learning experience it provides sets it apart from the rest. How can I access the course? Visit www.highlevelthrowing.com to discover more about our Baseball & Softball Throwing Programs and embark on your journey to excellence today.
OC Xtreme Fundamentals
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Transform Your Game with Expert Guidance Step up your baseball game with OC Xtreme Fundamentals, a comprehensive training program designed to hone your skills in every aspect of the game. From fielding to hitting, and pitching to catching, our experienced staff will guide you through the essential basics you need to elevate your gameplay to the next level. Key Features and Benefits Comprehensive Training Modules: Covering all necessary fundamentals - Setup and Ready Position, Catching a Pop Fly, Fielding a Ground Ball, Infield Tips, Basic Hitting Mechanics, and much more. Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals including General Manager Ruben Corral, Director of Player Development Clemente Bonilla, and Professional Player/Clinic Instructor Brian Rauh. Proven Techniques: Benefit from the vast playing and coaching experience of our staff, with methods refined through years of professional play and coaching. Personalized Approach: With detailed modules and insightful guidance, our program is tailored to help players at all levels improve their game. Immediate Access to Training Videos: Get started right away with our extensive library of training videos, covering everything from the basics to advanced tactics. Meet the Coaches Under the guidance of Ruben Corral, with 20 years of baseball excellence, Clemente Bonilla, a former professional player with the Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles, and Brian Rauh, a professional player with the Washington Nationals, you're in expert hands. Their combined expertise and passion for the game make OC Xtreme Fundamentals your ultimate training partner. Why Choose OC Xtreme Fundamentals? OC Xtreme Fundamentals is not just another training program. It's a gateway to mastering the art of baseball, crafted by professionals who've lived the game. Whether you're looking to refine your skills or lay down a solid foundation, this program is your ticket to success on the field. FAQ Who is this program for? Anyone passionate about improving their baseball skills - from beginners to advanced players. How do I access the training videos? Upon registration, you'll have immediate access to all our training materials through our online platform. Can I benefit from this program if I've never played baseball before? Absolutely! Our program is designed to cater to all levels, ensuring foundational skills are covered for newcomers and advanced techniques are available for more experienced players.
Pinkman Academy's Path to Success
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Transform Your Game with Proven Techniques Develop your baseball skills with the Pinkman Academy's Path to Success, a comprehensive program combining 20 years of expertise in medicine, science, and a passion for baseball. Elevate your game with our unique approach to hitting and pitching, designed to keep you playing longer and loving the game more. Why Pinkman Academy's Path to Success? Hitting Drills: Utilize your body more than your hands to increase swing speed, hit the ball harder, and achieve better swing control. Throwing Drills: Learn the correct form and posture to minimize body wear and tear, ensuring a longer playing career. Specialized Series for Left-Handed Pitchers: Master the art of getting the runner out at first with tailored guidance. Science and Medicine Backed: Developed with insights from leading sports medicine experts, ensuring safe and effective training methods. Experience-Driven: Benefit from the Pinkman family's decades of experience in coaching and playing, bringing you unparalleled expertise. 4 Way Video Analysis System: Unique video system that captures your throw from four angles simultaneously for detailed analysis. Benefits of Joining Pinkman Academy Improve your hitting and pitching with drills designed for tangible results. Reduce the risk of injury with techniques grounded in sports science. Gain a competitive edge with personalized feedback from multi-angle video analysis. Learn from a reputable academy with a legacy of success in developing top-tier talent. Access to a community of passionate coaches and players dedicated to your growth. FAQ Q: Is Pinkman Academy suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely! Our program is designed to cater to players at all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes looking to refine their skills. Q: Can I see improvements in my game with Pinkman Academy? A: Yes, with our science-backed, experience-driven approach, players see significant improvements in their performance and understanding of the game. Q: How are the programs delivered? A: Our programs include in-person coaching at our facility in Virginia, complemented by online resources for those who cannot attend in person. Q: Are the instructors experienced? A: Our instructors are not only experienced but also have a profound love for the game, with professional and academic backgrounds in sports science and coaching.
An MLB Coaching Clinic
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Designed for aspiring young baseball players aged 8 to 14, our MLB Coaching Clinic is the ultimate resource to elevate their game. By integrating cutting-edge 3-D animations with actual MLB game footage, we provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Our clinic goes beyond basic skills, offering advanced techniques and strategies to master the art of baseball. Key Features and Benefits Expert Instruction: Lessons crafted by seasoned professionals, ensuring your child learns from the best. 3-D Animations and Real MLB Footage: Unique blend of technology and real game examples to illustrate techniques vividly. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers all fundamental and advanced aspects of baseball, from catching and throwing to hitting and base running. Inclusive Learning Materials: Includes playbooks, practice plans, and parental guidance to support your child’s journey. Flexible Learning: Accessible anytime, anywhere, to fit into your busy schedule. Why Choose Our MLB Coaching Clinic? Our clinic is designed not just to teach but to inspire. With content drawn from the pinnacle of professional baseball, we provide young players with the tools, knowledge, and passion to pursue their baseball dreams. Whether your child is just starting out or looking to refine their skills, our clinic offers a structured path to improvement and success on the field. FAQ Who is this clinic for? The clinic is ideal for young players aged 8 to 14 who are looking to improve their baseball skills, whether they are beginners or have some experience. How do I access the clinic materials? Upon registering, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the clinic materials through our website. Can parents get involved? Absolutely! We encourage parental involvement and provide specific advice and resources to help you support your child’s development. Is there a specific start date? Our MLB Coaching Clinic is designed for you to start and progress at your own pace. There is no specific start date, giving you the flexibility to begin when it suits you best.
David Jauss - Coaching Coaches
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Step into the world of elite baseball coaching with David Jauss's groundbreaking presentation, "Coaching Coaches". With a storied 30+ year career in professional baseball, spanning roles from coach to pro scout, and now a part of the prestigious New York Yankees scouting team, David Jauss distills decades of wisdom into one comprehensive guide. This course is your ticket to elevating your coaching game, whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills with advanced strategies. Why Choose David Jauss - Coaching Coaches? Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from core principles of coaching to in-depth personality mechanics and self-development, this course is designed to build your skills from the ground up. In-Game Excellence: Learn the art of decision-making and strategic planning within the heat of the game, enhancing your team's performance when it matters most. Real-World Experience: Benefit from David’s vast experience across multiple high-profile positions in baseball, including his current role as a Pro Scout for the New York Yankees and his tenure with teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox. Engaging Stories: David's presentation is peppered with personal anecdotes and stories from his extensive career, offering unique insights and lessons learned on and off the field. Accessible Format: With a mix of video lectures, including a Q/A session, the course is designed for easy consumption and immediate application of strategies and principles. What Will You Learn? Foundational Coaching Principles: Grasp the core values and philosophies that underpin successful coaching. Personality Mechanics: Understand how to leverage your personality to inspire and motivate your players effectively. Self-Development Techniques: Equip yourself with the tools for continual improvement and adaptation as a coach. In-Game Strategies: Master the critical skills needed to make real-time decisions that can change the course of a game. Who Is This Course For? Whether you’re a seasoned coach looking for new perspectives, a new coach seeking foundational knowledge, or a baseball enthusiast aiming to understand the game at a deeper level, "David Jauss - Coaching Coaches" offers invaluable insights into the art and science of coaching. FAQ How long is the course? The course spans several modules, totaling over an hour of direct coaching insights and additional resources for further learning. Is this course suitable for coaches outside of baseball? While the course is rooted in baseball, the principles and strategies David discusses are applicable across various sports and coaching scenarios. Can I access the course at any time? Yes, once purchased, you will have unlimited access to the course materials, allowing you to learn at your own pace and revisit content whenever needed.
Mike Dickson - Successful Team Defensive Strategies
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Transform Your Team's Defense With "Successful Team Defensive Strategies" by Mike Dickson, tap into the mind of a seasoned coach with a proven track record of success. This comprehensive course is designed for coaches at all levels who are eager to elevate their team's defensive prowess, regardless of their budget or resources. Course Highlights Exclusive Strategies and Tactics: Learn the essentials of building a formidable defensive team from Coach Mike Dickson, with a career head coaching record of 511-162 and a NJAC title under his belt. Practical Drills and Practice Plans: Gain access to effective indoor defensive drills, practice plans, and unique exercises like the Triangle Pop Up and 3 Line Catching Bunt Drill to enhance your team's performance. Chart & Track Defensive Efforts: Discover how to meticulously chart and track your team's defensive efforts for continuous improvement. Engaging Q&A Session: Benefit from an open Q&A session at the course's conclusion, providing the opportunity to have your specific questions addressed. Proven Success: Learn from a coach who has led teams to the NCAA DIII Championship Tournament three times and has helped five former players sign professional contracts. Why Choose This Course? Unmatched Expertise: Leverage Coach Dickson's extensive experience and successful strategies developed over 15 years of head coaching. Immediate Impact: Implement practical and effective strategies and drills that will instantly strengthen your team's defensive capabilities. Comprehensive Learning: From daily work charts to team defense mini-field exercises, this course covers every aspect needed to build a top-tier defensive team. FAQ Who is this course for? This course is designed for coaches at all levels who aim to significantly improve their team's defensive performance. What will I learn? You will learn effective strategies and drills for enhancing team defense, tracking and charting efforts, and much more. How can I apply these strategies? The course provides practical drills and exercises that can be incorporated into your practice plans to see immediate improvements.
Optimal Training Environments and Planning
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Transform your coaching strategy and enhance your team's performance with insights from Coach Tom Marker. This comprehensive course is designed for coaches looking to elevate their practice sessions, driving their teams towards excellence. Why This Course is a Must-Have: Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by Coach Tom Marker, leveraging his extensive experience for your team's advantage. Efficient Practice Planning: Discover the art of planning effective practices that maximize team growth and individual player development. Proven Systems: Implement tried and tested systems that make your practices more productive and outcome-focused. Dynamic Content: Engage with a variety of topics including the psychological aspects of training, strategic groupings, scientific approaches, and data-driven instruction. Innovative Strategies: Learn how to continually evolve your training strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Practical Tools: Gain access to valuable resources, recommendations, and tools for creating an optimal training environment. Key Benefits: Enhanced Team Performance: Elevate your team's performance through strategic planning and effective practice environments. Individual Player Development: Focus on the development of each player with tailored training goals and environments. Competitive Edge: Gain an advantage over your competitors with techniques and strategies that are ahead of the curve. Comprehensive Understanding: Achieve a deeper understanding of the nuances between training and practice, and how to leverage each for maximum benefit. Access to Exclusive Content: Enjoy free segments within the course offering insight into strategic grouping, competition in training, and additional resources. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Who is this course for?This course is ideal for coaches at any level who are looking to improve their practice planning and create more efficient, effective training sessions for their teams. What will I learn from this course?You will learn comprehensive strategies for practice planning, creating optimal training environments, leveraging data for instruction, and much more. How can I access this course?Details for course access are provided upon enrollment. You can enroll online through the course platform. Is there support available during the course?Yes, support is available for course participants. You can access forums and direct support options for any questions or assistance you might need.
Line-Ups & In-Game Strategy
CoachTube Line-Ups & In-Game Strategy $0.00
Unlock the Secrets to a Winning Line-Up Whether you're a novice coach or looking to refine your game strategy, Coach Joe Schuermann's comprehensive course on lineup optimization and in-game strategy is your ticket to becoming a more effective and strategic coach. Dive into the depths of baseball strategy with insights from one of Louisiana's most respected coaches. Key Features and Benefits Expert Guidance: Learn from Coach Joe Schuermann, with over 30 years of experience and a milestone of 1000 career victories. Comprehensive Content: Extensive coverage on each hole hitter, including exclusive sessions on 1-Hole to 9-Hole hitters and specialized strategies for different game phases. Free Resource Access: Gain free access to selected chapters to preview the wealth of knowledge awaiting you. Strategic Depth: Detailed exploration of S.I.O, 3 Thirds, small ball strategy, and more to enhance your game management. Personal Development: Focus on developing players, identifying roles, simplifying communication, and teaching pitchers to foster a well-rounded team. Data-Driven Decisions: Learn to leverage analytics and adapt to new rules for a contemporary approach to baseball coaching. Why Choose This Course? With Coach Schuermann’s illustrious career and his induction into the NJCAA baseball coaches’ Hall of Fame, this course encapsulates the wisdom and insights from a celebrated coaching career. It’s not just about deciding who plays where; it’s about crafting a winning strategy that considers each player's strengths and the team's overall dynamics. This course is a must-have resource for coaches who aspire to inspire and lead their teams to greatness. FAQ Who is this course for? This course is ideal for baseball coaches at all levels seeking to enhance their strategic approach to game management and player development. What will I gain from this course? You will gain in-depth knowledge on lineup optimization, strategic game management, player development, and the use of analytics in baseball. How can I access the course? Details on how to access the course will be provided upon enrollment. Is there support available? Yes, course participants will have access to support for any queries related to the course content.
Competitive Team Practice Ideas - Barry Rose, Rockwall HS
CoachTube Competitive Team Practice Ideas - Barry Rose, Rockwall HS $10.00
Unlock the Winning Strategy Discover the secrets to success from Barry Rose, a seasoned head baseball coach with a distinguished 24-year career. With a robust record of 371-217, Rose has a history of leading teams to victory, including multiple state final fours, regional finals, semifinals, and quarterfinals. His competitive team practice ideas are designed to elevate your team's performance to playoff-level excellence consistently. Key Features and Benefits Proven Record of Success: Benefit from the insights of a coach who has led teams to the playoffs for 11 consecutive years. Extensive Experience: With 24 years of coaching experience, including 18 as a head coach, Barry Rose brings a wealth of knowledge and effective strategies to your team. Highly Effective Practice Ideas: Implement strategies that have yielded 2 state final fours, 4 regional finals, 6 regional semifinals, and 7 regional quarterfinals. Expertise from Multiple Levels of Play: Gain insights from a coach who has not only succeeded at the high school level but has also coached in the Texas Collegiate League and for DBAT in summer leagues. Personal Journey of Excellence: Be inspired by Barry Rose's journey from a high school player under Coach Dave Curliss to a collegiate athlete and finally a distinguished coach. Accessible for All Coaches: Whether you're a novice or an experienced coach, these practice ideas are designed to be easily integrated into your team's routine. Why Choose Competitive Team Practice Ideas by Barry Rose? Choosing Barry Rose's Competitive Team Practice Ideas means selecting a path of continuous improvement and achievement for your team. His methodology is not just about winning games; it's about building a winning culture that fosters growth, resilience, and excellence. With Barry Rose's guidance, unlock your team's potential and set them on a course to undeniable success. FAQ Who can benefit from these practice ideas? Coaches at any level looking to improve their team's performance and competitive edge will find immense value in these ideas. Are these practices applicable to other sports? While designed for baseball teams, the core principles and strategies can be adapted for use in other team sports. How can I incorporate these ideas into our current practice routine? The ideas are flexible and can be tailored to fit into existing practice schedules, with adjustments made based on your team's specific needs and goals.
Creating an Offensive Identity for Hitters - Lanny Williams, Cedar Park HS
CoachTube Creating an Offensive Identity for Hitters - Lanny Williams, Cedar Park HS $10.00
Transform Your Hitting Game Discover the secrets to developing a powerful offensive identity with "Creating an Offensive Identity for Hitters" by renowned coach Lanny Williams of Cedar Park HS. With a distinguished career both on and off the field, Coach Williams brings invaluable insights and strategies that have propelled hitters to new heights. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or a seasoned player, this in-depth 55-minute session is your ticket to elevating your game. Why Choose Coach Lanny Williams? Vast Experience: A multi-sport athlete, collegiate baseball player, Texas Rangers draftee, and a minor league professional with over 25 years of coaching success. Proven Track Record: With a 196-96-4 coaching record, including five State Tournament appearances and a State Championship win, Coach Williams knows how to create winners. Expertise Recognized: Awarded multiple coaching honors, including THSBCA Assistant Coach of the Year and American Baseball Coaches Association Assistant Coach of the Year. Personalized Coaching Approach: Benefit from Coach Williams' personalized strategies and philosophies that have been refined over decades of high-level competition and coaching. Features & Benefits Empower Your Offensive Game: Learn to develop and refine your hitting approach to consistently deliver powerful performances. Insights from a Pro: Gain access to the strategies of a professional athlete and seasoned coach to enhance your understanding and execution of the game. Step-by-Step Guidance: Follow Coach Williams' expert advice through a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format designed to help you succeed. Competitive Edge: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to stand out from the competition and excel at higher levels of play. FAQ Is this coaching session suitable for all levels? Yes, players of all levels can benefit from Coach Williams' teachings, from beginners to advanced athletes looking to hone their skills. How do I access the session? Upon purchase, you will receive a link to stream the 55-minute coaching session at your convenience, accessible on various devices. Can I benefit from this if I'm not a hitter? While the focus is on developing hitters, coaches and players in other positions may find valuable insights into offensive strategy and athlete development.
2017 Coaching School Baseball Lectures
CoachTube 2017 Coaching School Baseball Lectures $19.00
Why This Lecture Series Is A Must-Have Stepping onto the field, every baseball coach carries not just the weight of the game but the responsibility of shaping young athletes into both champions and commendable individuals. The 2017 Coaching School Baseball Lectures, featuring insights from some of Texas' most successful high school coaches, is your toolkit to achieving excellence in coaching and beyond. Learn from the experiences of Adam Foster, Randy Culp, Chris Morris, David Smith, and Frank Chumbley to revolutionize your coaching methods, foster academic achievement, and instill community values in your athletes. Key Features & Benefits Comprehensive Coaching Insights: From outfield player development to offensive planning, gain a wide range of knowledge to enhance every aspect of your coaching. Academic Excellence: Discover strategies that led to a 90% Academic All-District varsity roster and learn how to maintain high academic standards among your athletes. Community Engagement: Understand the correlation between community service and team success, with each senior graduating with a minimum of 120 hours of community service. Proven Success Records: Learn from coaches who have not only achieved district titles and state finals appearances but have also significantly contributed to their players’ academic and community achievements. Exclusive Presentation Slides: Gain access to valuable presentation slides that complement the lectures, giving you actionable insights and strategies to implement immediately. What Makes This Lecture Series Stand Out? This isn't just another coaching guide. It's a detailed roadmap guided by the real-life successes and challenges of seasoned coaches who have been where you are and have achieved the excellence you're striving for. Whether you're looking to improve your team's performance, boost academic achievement, or foster a stronger sense of community and teamwork, this lecture series offers the wisdom and tools you need. FAQ Who are the coaches featured in this lecture series?The series features Adam Foster of Georgetown HS, Randy Culp of Harker Heights HS, Chris Morris of Montgomery HS, David Smith of Cibolo Steele HS, and Frank Chumbley, a retired coach with 31 years of experience. What topics are covered in the lectures?Topics include offensive practice planning, outfield player development, competing at everything, and simulating the game in practice, among others. Is this lecture series suitable for new coaches?Absolutely. Both new and experienced coaches can gain valuable insights and strategies from the wealth of experience shared by the featured coaches. How can I access the presentation slides?Presentation slides are included with the lectures, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit for transforming your coaching approach.
The BEST Pre-Game Ever - Drone Footage and Setup Guide
CoachTube The BEST Pre-Game Ever - Drone Footage and Setup Guide $13.99
Unlock the Secret to a Winning Pre-Game Routine Discover the revolutionary approach to pre-game preparation that has taken 30 years to perfect. With "The BEST Pre-Game Ever - Drone Footage and Setup Guide", you'll be guided through an unmatched pre-game routine that is guaranteed to set your team apart from the competition. Experience a pre-game like never before, designed to be quick, efficient, and impactful. Key Features & Benefits: Quick and Efficient: Streamline your pre-game to just 9 minutes with a comprehensive 15-minute course, saving time while maximizing effectiveness. No Downtime: Designed to keep every player engaged and active, eliminating idle time and boredom. Optimal Player Involvement: Ensures every player gets ample touches and makes significant throws in game-like settings at game speed. Set a Competitive Tone: Demonstrate to opposing teams, umpires, and spectators that your team operates at a superior level. Practice-Integrated Drills: Incorporate movements and drills from practice into your pre-game, reinforcing skills and teamwork. Expert Guidance Included: Learn the optimal positioning for players, the best exercises for each phase, and how to execute them correctly from a National Epstein Master Certified Hitting Instructor and Hall of Fame Coach. Why Choose "The BEST Pre-Game Ever"? Not only does this guide offer a game-changing pre-game routine, but it also comes with the credibility and experience of a coach who has achieved over 600 wins and multiple Hall of Fame inductions. This isn't just a guide; it's a comprehensive strategy developed over decades, now available to elevate your team's performance and mindset before the game even begins. FAQ Is this guide suitable for teams at all levels?Yes, this guide is designed to benefit teams of all ages and skill levels, from youth leagues to high school and beyond. How long will it take to see results?Teams can start seeing immediate improvements in their pre-game efficiency and player readiness from the first use. Long-term benefits include enhanced team performance and morale. Can this guide be integrated into existing pre-game routines?Absolutely, this guide is flexible and can be adapted to complement your current pre-game strategies, providing a seamless transition to higher effectiveness.
2018 Coaching School Baseball Lectures
CoachTube 2018 Coaching School Baseball Lectures $20.00
Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive athletics conference in Texas. The 2018 THSCA Coaching School & Convention baseball lectures are now available, offering unparalleled insights and strategies from top high school coaches. Whether you aim to enhance your team's performance, foster a winning culture, or navigate the challenges of athletic administration, these lectures are your gateway to excellence. Key Features & Benefits Expert Guidance: Gain insights from renowned coaches like Jason Thompson of Alamo Heights HS and Scott Holder of College Station HS. Comprehensive Content: Over five hours of content covering culture, process, champions, team batting practice, and more. Exclusive Access: Get the inside track on strategies and methodologies that have led to state championships and accolades. Flexibility: Learn at your own pace, from anywhere, to fit your busy schedule and coaching demands. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of over 12,000 coaches, athletic directors, and sports enthusiasts. Professional Development: Enhance your coaching skills, knowledge, and professionalism. Why Choose the 2018 Coaching School Baseball Lectures? Endorsed by the Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA), these lectures embody the heart and soul of Texas high school baseball coaching. Each session is meticulously curated to provide actionable insights and foster growth. By embracing these teachings, you're not just improving your team's performance on the field; you're elevating the standards of high school athletics. What's Included? Including powerful presentations from Jason Thompson on "The Round Rock 6" and Scott Holder's "Culture, Process, Champions", this collection is indispensable for those looking to leave a mark in the world of high school baseball coaching. FAQ Do I need to be a THSCA member to access these lectures? No, these lectures are open to anyone interested in honing their coaching skills. How can I benefit from these lectures if I'm new to coaching? These lectures cover fundamental to advanced strategies, making them suitable for coaches at all levels of experience. Can I access these lectures on my mobile device? Yes, the lectures are designed to be accessible across all your devices, ensuring you can learn whether at home or on the go.
Play Better Baseball featuring Coach Jerry Stitt
CoachTube Play Better Baseball featuring Coach Jerry Stitt $20.00
Transform Your Game with Comprehensive Training Introducing "Play Better Baseball featuring Coach Jerry Stitt," a 70-minute instructional video designed to elevate your baseball skills to the next level. Whether you're a player seeking to improve or a coach looking for effective teaching tools, this program covers all bases of the game with expertise only decades of top-tier coaching can provide. Why Choose This Program? Expert Instruction: Learn from former University of Arizona Head Coach Jerry Stitt, who brings over 27 years of experience to his teaching. Step-by-Step Guides: Master the fundamentals of throwing, fielding, and hitting with progressive, easy-to-follow instructions. Exclusive Drills: Gain access to movement, throwing, and batting drills designed to enhance your skills effectively and efficiently. Reduce Fielding Errors: Implement fielding fundamentals to significantly decrease mistakes on the field. Improve Hitting Mechanics: Learn the four key elements that all great hitters share and how to apply them in your game. Features and Benefits Comprehensive Coverage: From gripping the baseball to executing the perfect swing, no aspect of the game is overlooked. Real-World Applications: Each section includes drills that can be used both in the batting cages and on the field, ensuring players get ample practice. Proven Techniques: Adopt methods and tips that have helped mold major league hitters and contributed to NCAA Division 1 championships. Interactive Learning: Engage with the material through detailed explanations, demonstrations, and the opportunity for hands-on practice. Who Can Benefit? Play Better Baseball is perfect for players at any level seeking to improve their game, as well as coaches looking for a solid foundation to teach their teams. With Coach Stitt's program, you're not just practicing; you're building the skills necessary for success in baseball. FAQ Is this program suitable for beginners?Yes, it's designed to help players of all levels, from beginners to advanced, refine their skills. How can coaches use this video?Coaches can incorporate the drills and teachings into their practice plans to develop player skills effectively. What makes Coach Stitt's instruction unique?His extensive experience and success in coaching at the University of Arizona, coupled with his direct involvement in developing major league talent, provides unparalleled insights into the game.
Baseball Tips and Techniques featuring Coach Tom Waddell
CoachTube Baseball Tips and Techniques featuring Coach Tom Waddell $20.00
Discover the secrets to elevating your game with "Baseball Tips and Techniques featuring Coach Tom Waddell." This comprehensive program is your ticket to mastering the fundamentals of baseball and advancing your skills to compete at the highest levels. Why Choose This Program? Expert Instruction: Learn from Tom Waddell, a former Major League Baseball pitcher with over 40 years of experience. Comprehensive Coverage: Covers all key aspects of the game including hitting, throwing, pitching, infield, and outfield play. Unique Drills: Access a wide variety of drills to practice and master your baseball skills effectively. Progressive Learning: Each topic is taught progressively, ensuring maximum practice time and player improvement. Proven Techniques: The techniques and strategies have been instrumental in creating successful players at all levels. Convenient Format: A 70-minute program packed with insights and easy-to-follow instructions. Benefits of the Program Improve Your Game: Elevate your baseball skills with proven techniques and drills. Learn From the Best: Gain insights from a coach who has worked with legends like Hank Aaron and Bob Feller. Maximize Your Practice: Use your practice time more effectively with targeted drills and progressive teaching methods. Compete at Higher Levels: Prepare yourself to compete successfully at any level of baseball. FAQ Is this program suitable for all ages and skill levels? Yes, "Baseball Tips and Techniques" is designed to benefit players at all stages of their baseball journey, from beginners to advanced. How long is the program? The total running time is 70 minutes, packed with essential baseball wisdom and practice drills. Can I see improvements in my game with this program? Absolutely! With dedication and by following the drills and techniques taught by Coach Waddell, you will see notable improvements in your game.