All Access Temple Basketball Practice by Fran Dunphy Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Fran Dunphy (Rental)-All Access Temple Basketball Practice $39.99
Basketball Practice with Coach Fran Dunphy Go inside Coach Fran Dunphy's Basketball Practice. Fran Dunphy is one of the most recognized coaches in not only the American Conference but all of college basketball. His teams are perennially well prepared and disciplined and it has led to hundreds of wins. This DVD is very unique in that it offers you an unprecedented inside look at actual Temple practices in the middle of their season. This is real life coaching at the highest level. Coach Dunphy will go through a handful of their staple drills but will also spend a great deal of time showing you how to prepare for an opponent. Session 1: Pregame Preparation for Buffalo This basketball practice session is filmed the day before Temple plays Buffalo. It shows the entire process starting with the film room. You will learn how to break down film of an opponent and then how to apply what you learned to the practice floor. The assistant coaches provide an excellent example of how to do a great job of running the scout team with your backup players to simulate your opponents offense and defense. Since this is the day before a game, you will also get an idea of how intense a pre-game practice should be. While it is important to prepare for your opponent, it is also just as important to get better at what you do. Dunphy spends much of the practice working Temple on areas of improvement. You will see a series of transition drills, post-perimeter drills, and competitive two-man drills. You will also see some different options out of Temple's "Nose" two man game. Dunphy is a tremendous teacher and does an amazing job of giving players immediate feedback without disrupting the flow of practice. This is a fast-paced, energetic practice that keeps most players involved with every drill. Session 2: One Day Preparation Basketball is a tournament based sport where you often only have one day to prepare for an opponent. This practice session will give you are great foundation for how you can get this done. The session starts in the locker room where Dunphy breaks down the Buffalo game, both good and bad, with the players. They then go into the film room to scout their next opponent. The team finally hits the court where they work on implementing the focuses they identified in the film room. An emphasis of the practice is physical post play, it was a problem during the Buffalo game and is an emphasis for the next opponent. Dunphy shows a series of 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 drills that work both the perimeter and post players. The drills are great, for both the offense and defense, at working on a variety of screening situations. Temple also works on their 2-3 zone with a focus on what adjustments they will have to make. Dunphy shows how to lightly condition your time by using a 5-on-5 controlled scrimmage where the second unit runs the offense and defense that they will face against Delaware. Session 3: Game Preparation for Duke This basketball practice session shows the Temple staff preparing the team for the legendary Duke Blue Devils. The assistants and Dunphy go through the Duke Scouting report where they discuss individual players (tenancies, strengths, and weaknesses), team offense, and team defense. On the court, Dunphy takes him team through what seems like a normal mid-season practice. They do less work on preparing for what they will see against Duke and more on working on their own sets and drills. You will see offense to defense transition drills, two man action drills, and some shell defense work with common actions used by the next opponent. Under the leadership of Coach Dunphy, Temple has been one of the most consistent programs in the NCAA and you can capture much of what makes them special by renting this DVD today. Rent this basketball practice video today.