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Elevate Your Kicking Game with the 2" Extra-Point Tee

Give your field goals and extra points the height they deserve with the 2" Extra-Point Tee. This durable kicking tee is designed to provide a stable platform for optimal ball placement and a clean strike. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner honing your skills, the 2" Extra-Point Tee can help you achieve greater kicking accuracy and consistency.

Built for Stability and Performance

The 2" Extra-Point Tee is crafted from high-quality rubber, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of even the most intense practice sessions. The tee's compact size (5" x 4" x 2") makes it easy to transport and store, while the 2-inch height provides the ideal elevation for extra points and field goals.

Here's what makes the 2" Extra-Point Tee a winning choice:

  • Durable rubber construction: Built to last through countless kicks.
  • 2-inch height: Provides optimal elevation for extra points and field goals.
  • Serrated bottom: Ensures the tee stays securely in place on any surface.
  • Compact size: Easy to carry and store.
  • Classic black design: Integrates seamlessly into your training gear.

Please note: Ball and other accessories are not included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What size football is this tee compatible with?

A: The 2" Extra-Point Tee is designed for use with standard-sized footballs.

Q: Does the tee come in different colors?

A: Currently, the 2" Extra-Point Tee is only available in black.

Q: How can I clean the tee?

A: You can easily clean the tee with soap and water.

Dominate the field with improved kicking accuracy. Order your 2" Extra-Point Tee today!

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