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Rhino Skin Low Bounce Dodgeball Set



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Dodgeball Fun Without the Sting! Introducing the Rhino Skin Low Bounce Dodgeball Set

Dodgeball: a classic game that gets kids moving and laughing. But sometimes, the sting of a hard rubber ball can take the fun out of it. That's where the Rhino Skin Low Bounce Dodgeball Set comes in!

This innovative set is designed for safe and exciting dodgeball games, for both kids and adults.

Here's what makes it the perfect choice:

  • Super Durable: The balls feature a patented Rhino Skin® coating, making them ultra tear-resistant. No more worries about split balls interrupting playtime!
  • Safe and Soft: The low-density foam core and soft exterior ensure a comfortable catch, even for young players. Say goodbye to painful stings!
  • Reduced Bounces: The low-bounce core keeps the balls in play, minimizing frustration and wasted time chasing after runaway throws.
  • Multiple Sizes: Choose the perfect size for your needs, with options available in 8", 7", and 6.3" diameters.
  • Bright and Fun: The set comes with six colorful balls in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, adding a pop of fun to any game.

In short, the Rhino Skin Low Bounce Dodgeball Set offers:

  • Durability for long-lasting use
  • Safety for worry-free play
  • Reduced bouncing for a smoother game
  • Multiple size options for all ages
  • Bright colors for added fun

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many balls come in a set?

A: Each set comes with six balls in different colors.

Q: What size should I get?

A: The ideal size depends on the age and skill level of the players. The 6.3" diameter balls are perfect for younger children, while the 7" and 8" sizes are suitable for older kids and adults.

Q: Can these balls be used outdoors?

A: Yes! The Rhino Skin coating is weather-resistant, making these balls ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

Get your Rhino Skin Low Bounce Dodgeball set today and experience the fun of dodgeball without the ouch!

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