Drag Screen Based Transition Offense by Eric Konkol Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Eric Konkol: Drag Screen-Based Transition Offense If Louisiana Tech head coach Eric Konkol knows anything, it is the drag screen transition offensive attack. Konkol took over the Louisiana Tech program in 2015 and promptly set a school record for wins (23) by a first-year head coach. He won another 23 games in his second season and is winning nearly 65 percent of his games using a transition offense that relies heavily on spacing and the ability to create open 3-point shot attempts. In this video, Konkol shows you his primary and secondary fast break offenses as well as the drills that have helped him develop one the nation’s most effective and efficient offenses. You will see how Konkol teaches players to play not just run plays. It is a simple philosophy that any coach from junior high to the NBA can use. Breakdown Drills for the Primary Break Konkol starts his practices with a series of five two-minute drills that serve as his team’s warm up. The drills help to build players’ conditioning level as well as teach the options on the primary fast break. You will also see variations of the Celtic Fast Break Drill which continue to build conditioning as well as teach the flow into the secondary break. If you use the Celtic Drill, you will see how you can easily implement Coach Konkol’s adjustments. Konkol also introduces you to the Tennessee Drill and the Advantage Progression Drill using on-court demonstrations. These drills teach players to make quick decisions against a live defense. Konkol uses these drills to break down and build up the transition offense and simply teach players to play basketball. Drag Screen Secondary Break The heart of what Konkol does with his offense utilizes three drag screen breaks all of which are demonstrated here. The Rocket 4, Rocket 5, and Double Rocket are three breaks that transition from the primary fast break to the half-court offense. Konkol also demonstrates for you a number of 5-on-5 and 5-on-4 situations that he uses in practice to teach players how to read a defense and find the first available quality shot. In 75 minutes, Konkol teaches you how to teach your players to play at a fast pace using a simple yet effective offense that is easy to understand. Using Konkol’s ideas, you can install the transition offense in no time.