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Vance Walberg created the Dribble Drive Offense while coaching at a community college.  It's an offense based on attacking the basket, skipping the ball to the other side of the court, and attacking again.  It's ran in a 4 Out 1 in Set and to run it effectively you will need to have multiple 3 point shooters and guards that can handle the basketball.  The post player plays opposite the ball side looking for dishes and lob passes.

The Vance Walberg Dribble Drive Offense DVDs cover everything you will need to learn to teach your players the Dribble Drive.  You'll see all of Coach Walberg's drills to teach the offense and how he moves from 1 on 1, to 2 on 2, to 3 on 3 drills, to 4 on 4 drills.  

Dribble Drive Offense 

We have many other Dribble Drive Offense DVDs beyond Vance Walberg.  The Fran Fraschilla set is a ton of content and he really covers everything you need to know.  He does a lot of breakdown on a whiteboard and then the action is demonstrated on the court.  Andrew Grantz has a really good Dribble Drive Offense DVD called Installling the Dribble Drive Offense.  We really like this DVD because Coach Grantz shows you how he teaches the offense to his players so that they can really learn all the various actions and how to put them together.

We have several videos that break down how to best use the post player in the Dribble Drive and also how to run the offense against a zone defense.  The spacing in this offense is incredible because it uses Double Gaps which means there are two top guards and the other 2 guards are in the corners.  So at the start wth wing is empty creating a Double Gap - which really opens up the drive and kick action.  Rent our Dribble Drive Offense DVDs today and teach it like a Pro.


Vance Walberg (Rental)-Vance Walberg: Mastering The Dribble Drive Attack Offense $39.99
vance Walberg's Dribble Drive Offense Was That Idea That Was Birthed 10 Years Ago, And Since Inception, It Has Taking The World Of Football By Storm. This Incredible System Has Metamorphosed Into An Offensive Attack Taken On By So Many Renowned Coaches Including John Calipari, Larry  brown, Lawrence Frank And Hundreds Of Coaches At All Levels Across The Globe. coach Vance Walberg Used A Unique Two Point Guard (attackers) Set Which Is Complemented By Two Wings And A Rim-running Post Player To Make The Illustrations In This Presentation Come Alive. In The Video, The Offense Featured Two Unconventional Ideas:  no Screens And The Post Player Runs To The Weak Side Of The Floor. However, The Two Features Created More Space For Dribble Penetration. walberg Also Broke Down Each Player's Movement On The Floor According To The Level Of Ball Penetration. You Will See How Players React To Penetration And How They Move Into Drag, Drop And Rack Zones With The Goal Of Creating Spaces And Gaps And To Get To The Rack. walberg Also Taught Middle And Baseline Penetrations And The Kick-back Option That Is Able To Produce Open 3-point Shots Or Open Drives To The Basket. Additionally, Coach Walberg Also Touched His "daily 45 Drills," Which He Enjoys Running In The First 45 Minutes Of Each Of His Practice Sessions. these Fast Moving Drills Dealt On The Necessary Fundamentals Needed To Run The Dribble Drive Attack Offense - Including His Popular "blood Drills," Which Focuses On Shooting, Passing, Footwork, Cutting, Catching And Pivoting. Walberg Also Illustrated Every Part Of The Dribble Drive Attack In Various 3-on-2, 2-on-1 Full Court Breakdown Drills. all Through The Presentation, He Highlighted The Key Drills And Teaching Points Which He Used To Build The Offense. This Is Why According To sports Illustrated; Vance Walberg Is "the Master" Of The Dribble Drive Offense And One Of The Top Innovators In The Game Of Basketball In Recent Times. If You Are Looking For A Fun And High Scoring Way To Play From The Inventor Himself, Install This Offense, Follow It Keenly, And Thank Me Later!
100 Drills & Sets For Implementing The Dribble Drive by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-100 Drills & Sets For Implementing The Dribble Drive $29.99
The Dribble Drive offense Coach Vance Walberg is one of the most recent trending strategies in the world of basketball. It has taking the teams by storm! In this on-court presentation, Coach Walberg shared his individual breakdown drills by positioning and demonstrating the team drills he uses while teaching the offense. INDIVIDUAL DRILLS Coach Walberg offered a detailed breakdown of positions of the individual skills needed to run the dribble drive most efficiently. He brought up over 40 drills to compliment his Daily 45 drills (as seen in Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense) and included not just offensive footwork movement but also getting shots within the offensive framework. When you follow this presentation, you'll pick some of his favorite drills such as "20 Minutes of 3's." in this scheme; players are paired up and must get through several preliminary shooting exercises before shooting 3's. The players would chart their shots to see how many they make in the time allowed. It is one of the greatest conditioning drill and it will enable you determine who will be your "Streak Shooters." Coach Walberg also shared individual drills for the 4-man including quick ups, lobs, jump-jump, re-locations, clean-ups, combinations, and the "Drop 4 series". TEAM DRILLS Coach Walberg utilized over 60 breakdown drills/sets to instruct and illusterated the formations and action of the Dribble Drive offense. These breakdowns are three-man groups including 1-2-4 breakdown, 1-4-5 breakdown, and 2-3-4 breakdown. In these breakdown groups, Coach Vance Walberg would take you through the dribble drive actions that may take place and the movements involved. He as well shared examples of the rack series, drop series, drag series, fist series, pistol series, quick series, replace series, kickback series, 415 series, re-loop series, thumbs up series, and skip series. Combining different players, Walberg explained the series actions and how the formation of plays comes together for the Dribble Drive. In the on-court presentation,Walberg wrapped it all in his "Two Stops or One Turnover Drill" which is a half court, 5-on-5 drill used to reinforce the breakdown drill work. This DVD set demonstrated deeply how the Dribble Drive offense works and ways to help teach it to your team. It is a must have for anyone using or thinking of installing the Dribble Drive.
Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone & Transition Game $44.99
Advanced Dribble-Drive Offense: Dribble Drive Zone Offense  & Transition Game The founder of the Dribble Drive Attack offense, Vance Walberg is back with a deeper look into the offense. The former Sacramento Kings assistant reviews the basics of his dribble drive offense and then goes into some new innovations in the system. You’ll see some of the basics like offensive terminology, spacing, player positions, and more before Walberg gets into what’s new with the dribble drive zone offense. Over the years, Walberg has made changes to the Dribble Drive. You will see some of those new innovations in this presentation. Some of those changes include the S-gap, the use of the dribble, T-cut, rub cut, X cut, corner cut, and thumb cut. Walberg also describes the value of eyes up, the value of the shoulders, and the tear drop shot and pass. Transition into the dribble drive offense is important to the offense’s success. Coach Walberg teaches player positioning and responsibilities in transition as well as points of emphasis using five fast break drills. These help players create proper spacing to flow right into the dribble drive. When trying to stop the dribble drive, most opponents will go to a zone defense first. Coach Walberg shows you how to take advantage of zone defenses using a variety of actions. These include 2-game, push action, push with 2-game, and more. Each action is explained and then Coach Walberg takes his players through it on the floor. Coach Walberg then looks at ten of the most frequently asked questions about the dribble drive. He shares his answers and then leads right into some in-game video that helps to explain the various components of the offense. This DVD is a must-have for coaches looking to install the entire Dribble Drive Attack offense into their programs!  Rent this dribble drive zone offense DVD today.
Maximizing The Post In The Dribble Drive Offense by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Greg Kampe (Rental)-Maximizing The Post In The Dribble Drive Offense $15.99
Maximizing the Post in the Dribble Drive Offense The Dribble Drive offense has become the go-to system for teams that have athletic wing players. What do teams do with their post players in the Dribble Drive? Oakland University (MI) head coach Greg Kampe shares a new wrinkle to the offense that reduces the importance on playmaking perimeter players and creates opportunities for post players. Kampe is a five-time Summit League Coach of the Year, a four-time conference champion, and his Grizzlies teams are normally one of the top scoring offenses in the nation year after year. With over 600 career victories, Kampe has developed an offensive system that scores points. Offense Responsibilities In this video, he will provide a breakdown of guard responsibilities within the offense. With simple one-word cues, Kampe walks players through the many options that are available. It all starts by initiating the offense at the elbow, which is unique. Plays Within Dribble Drive First, Kampe shows you the “Loop” play. This leads to several other options like “Pitch,” “Kick,” and “Skip.” With the “Through” cue, an immediate driving lane opens up at the top with multiple options to pass and score. You will also see backdoor options and ball screen plays to give the offense even more looks. The beauty of Kampe’s system is that he can string together these one-word cues and come up with countless numbers of offensive sets. All the motions are demonstrated using 5-on-0 action and then again in a 5-on-5 setting. Maximize the Post As teams get better at the guard action, Coach Kampe introduces the post options showing you how to get a deep post up or ways to create scoring opportunities for good shooting bigs. Kampe demonstrates an easy way to get a high percentage shot from the elbow. When facing teams that play aggressive help defense, Kampe shows you a number of duck-in options that can make the post the most dangerous scorer on the floor. The offense also creates a lot of weak side rebound and scoring opportunities. In the final segment of the video, Coach Kampe demonstrates “Loop-Through-Fist” which is great against 2-3 zones. The dribble drive offense is not just a playground offense anymore. Kampe’s teams have finished in the top 10 nationally in scoring on several occasions. With its options for guards and post players, coaches will discover how effective the dribble drive can be. Rent this Dribble Drive Offense DVD today.
How to install the Dribble Drive Motion Offense
Andrew Grantz (Rental)-Installing The Dribbling Drive Motion Offense $15.99
Rental Term Highlights  We only rent DVDs in the USA.  No rental DVD orders will be mailed outside the USA. This DVD is for rent only and is not for sale.   Before you can rent a DVD, you must download and submit a Rental Membership form. This is a one time requirement. No monthly subscription fee is required. 5 Day (Single Titles) or 10 Day (DVD Sets) Viewing Period FREE Shipping! The price of the rental includes shipping and return shipping. There are no shipping charges added on either way. FIRST TIME RENTER? Submit Rental Membership Agreeement if this is your first time renting from us we need you to fill out our Rental Membership Agreement form before we can send you DVDs. Just click the button above to fill out the short form, submit it online, and then order away! The Rental Membership Agreement form has all the details of renting DVDs from us but if you still have questions feel free to contact us. Learn America's favorite offense! The Dribble Drive Motion Offense has taken the country by storm with its success at all levels. Learn the key concepts and essential terminology associated with this high paced, attacking offense - including the breakdown drills for each part of the offense that will allow your players to quickly learn the offense and get valuable skill development in, as well. Indiana University Southeast has enjoyed much success since installing the dribble drive motion offense. The have become one of the top scoring teams in the country at the NAIA level. In the 2011-12 season they averaged 49.5% field goal percentage in the dribble drive motion offense. See how the coaching staff breaks down the system and how they teach their players to play within the offense. Assistant coaches Andrew Grantz and Trae Cunningham take turns breaking down the offense and teaching the essentials so that any coach can easily install this player friendly attack. They demonstrate how to properly use NBA spacing to take full advantage of their "attack hard to the rim" mentality. The coaches break down the zones where the attacks begin and discuss how the players work into these areas and then quickly pass out of these areas. Watch as the coaches diagram how to implement their dribble drive offense into your practice session. They demonstrate how to start out teaching your players the basic elements of the kick up/kick back movements of the offense. They use several build up drills to teach their players how the action and drives are supposed to look. By moving their players to different spots on the floor, they are able to demonstrate the kick out. By the time you are at your fifth or sixth day, you have added all five offensive players into the mix and demonstrated how they are to move depending on where the drive comes from. With each day, they progress their offense a little more. This action is fantastic for high school coaches that are limited in the amount of time to implement an offensive system. The coaches also run through a number of breakdown drills that emphasize their attack, attack, attack mentality on offense. Break out your guards and post players to maximize the time needed to teach the basic skills a player needs to thrive within the dribble drive motion offense. Their warm-up drills are great for players to get loose, get a lot of shots up, and understand how the drives are supposed to develop. Their post player drill is great for any post that wants to dominate at his position by keeping the ball high and relocating once a guard drives to the rim. All of these drills simulate game action and truly make a good use of your practice time. This comprehensive DVD includes quick game clips that demonstrate how each piece works and will truly make a believer out of any skeptic. Bring this aggressive and fun attacking offense to your gym and see the amazing results both on the court and with your players. This is really a player friendly offense that constantly keeps your opponents on their heels. 100 minutes. 2012.
Vance Walberg: Mastering The Dribble Drive Disc 1 by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-Vance Walberg: Mastering The Dribble Drive Disc 1 $19.99
  Rental Term Highlights  We only rent DVDs in the USA.  No rental DVD orders will be mailed outside the USA. This DVD is for rent only and is not for sale.   Before you can rent a DVD, you must download and submit a Rental Membership form. This is a one time requirement. No monthly subscription fee is required. 5 Day (Single Titles) or 10 Day (DVD Sets) Viewing Period FREE Shipping! The price of the rental includes shipping and return shipping. There are no shipping charges added on either way.
Dribble Drive Drills by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Greg Kampe (Rental)-Dribble Drive Drills $17.99
Dribble Drive Offense Drills with Greg Kampe With an understanding that, the dribble drives offense thrives on dribble penetration, an attacking mindset and spacing the floor with 3-point shooters. You should be excited because you are about to explore or discover the drills that legendary coach Greg Kampe uses to build his dribble drive offense in this look at an Oakland University master piece. In this presentation, Coach Kampe included the breakdown drills and shooting drills that will help any player to not just execute but improve certain skills, and also make strategic decisions on the court. Dribble Drive Offense Drills  Coach Kampe went on to carve up further insights into his offensive system by showcasing the two customized sets which he uses to compliment the dribble drive offense. These sets incorporate multiple screening actions and an emphasis on feeding the post. Areas covered include: the blood series, choice offence, Triangle Offense, O.D.O. - 5-on-5, shooting drills for DDM. He highlighted that one of the most important yet often overlooked aspect of shooting drills is passing. When you follow his dribble drive strategy, your players will not only improve their shooting, but also the passing, screening and rolling that can make or break a scoring opportunity. Coach Kampe's breakdown drills and sets will aid teams at all levels advance their dribble drive motion offense. Rent this dribble drive offense drills DVD today.
Advanced Dribble Drive Motion Offense by Kurt Guelsdorf Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Kurt Guelsdorf (Rental)-Advanced Dribble Drive Motion Offense $18.99
Advanced Dribble Drive Motion Offense : Sets and Entries to Improve Your Dribble Drive Offense vs Man or Zone Former Oregon City HS girls’ head basketball coach Kurt Guelsdorf won more than 450 career games and captured three state championships (2004, 2009, and 2014) by working to put his players in the best possible situations so they could be successful. Much of his success came from his study of Vance Walberg, the innovator behind the dribble-drive motion offense. In this video, Coach Guelsdorf shows you over 30 different set plays and entries that you can easily incorporate into your offense. Dribble Drive Motion Offense Coaching Points Coach Guelsdorf begins with basic alignments in the dribble drive offense to make sure you understand where to look for open gaps and driving lanes. One of the keys to the offense is proper spacing and Guelsdorf emphasizes this in an effort to create driving angles. As the ball swings from side to side in the offense, you create more gaps and the backdoor option allows your players to attack the middle of the floor. False Motion & Isolation To set up defenses and take advantage of scoring opportunities, Coach Guelsdorf shows you seven different sets and entries that utilize false action. It is the false action that helps create the scoring chances. One is Rocket where a series of loop cuts are used as the ball swings around the perimeter. The idea is to create an open driving lane from the wing to set up a pass back to the shooting guard. Coach Guelsdorf also reviews his isolation sets. You will see how he overloads one side of the floor to free up space for his best player to operate. Coach Guelsdorf also shows you how it is also possible to use post players in isolation plays giving them the freedom to work in the paint. 3-Point Specials Coach gets into some special plays that will give your best shooter an open look from just about anywhere on the floor ball screen/flare screen action off of a drive. You will see a number of set plays that you can utilize at the end of a quarter, half, or game. They can even be used in other special situations such as right after a timeout or even to win a game. Box Sets & BLOBS Coach Guelsdorf’s 67-minute video ends with some box sets and baseline out of bounds plays that flow right into the dribble drive motion offense. You will see some similar sets – overloads to one side of the floor, for example – that create mismatches and open up driving lanes for your best players. This entire video is a detailed look at how you can improve the dribble drive offense or simply incorporate some of it to get the ball moving in your current offense. Rent this Dribble Drive Motion Offense DVD today.
Ball Screen Dribble Drive Offense by Dave Clarke Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Dave Clarke (Rental)-Ball Screen Dribble Drive Offense $15.99
The Ball Screen Dribble Drive Offense Upgrade your Dribble Drive offense by adding ball screens as well as some elements of the Princeton offense to make it hard to defend. It’s exactly what Dave Clarke did when he took over at Owens Community College. Coach Clarke delivered a 14-win turnaround in Year 1 with his Ball Screen Dribble Drive. A year later, he took his team to an NJCAA Final Four. In this video, Clarke shows you how to integrate ball screens into the dribble drive to create an aggressive, hard-to-defend offense. The results create lanes to drive in and spaces from which to score all over the floor. How to Run the"5-out" Offense One of the most unique aspects of the offense is that all of the positions are interchangeable. Players learn every position on the floor. They know the rules and responsibilities for each spot which makes things easier as they move about the floor. Coach Clarke opens up the middle by putting a guard in the post and a “big” on the perimeter. This works especially well in the “Princeton” alignment. A set play that delivers a quick hitter before the motion is possible as is a quick hitter at the end of the shot clock. Implementing Ball Screens All of the concepts you will see are similar to other dribble drive offenses, but Clarke’s version uses ball screens. Using the 4 at the top to initiate the offense sets up a number of opportunities for screens. Making the 4 responsible for setting screens keeps thing simple and allows for continuation, which is a given in the dribble drive. Part of Coach Clarke’s on-court presentation involves a 5-on-0 walk-through as well as full speed demonstrations that emphasize the value of good spacing. He shows you how his players move off each pass, what options they have, and how all five players react to ball movement off the pass or dribble. Clarke also shows you seven different quick hitters that allow you to get quick scores in the paint or create wide open 3-point attempts. Coach Clarke’s offense is easy to implement and is perfect for junior high, high school, and junior college programs. It works especially well in programs where there is a lot of player turnover as well as in those that have a bunch of “small” players. Rent this Dribble Drive DVD today.
Drive & Kick 4 Out Motion Offense & Drills by Ryan Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Ryan Odom (Rental)-Drive & Kick 4 Out Motion Offense & Drills $18.99
Drive and Kick Basketball Drills 4 Out Motion Offense & Drills Looking to force the hand of an opposing defense? UMBC head coach Ryan Odom can help you do so. If you don’t recognize Odom’s name, it was his UMBC team that became the first-ever No. 16 seed to beat a No. 1 seed (Virginia) in the 2018 NCAA tournament. Odom led his program to a 25-11 overall record – a school record for wins – and the America East Conference Tournament championship. Odom favors an up-tempo style of play that forces defenses into situations they do not prefer. Just ask Virginia, which is perennially one of the best defensive teams in the country. In this drive and kick basketball drills video, Odom gives you an inside look at his motion offense and the drills he uses to teach it. Drive and Kick Basketball Drills to Score Coach Odom begins his practices with a passing drill to get his players moving and warmed up for the day. You’ll see something Odom calls “freelance ball handling” in which he gives his players the freedom to create as they learn to handle the basketball. With players loose and ready to go, they transition into half-court offense. Two-Man Ball Screens is a drill where your players learn to work together. They learn to read defenses and react accordingly to create scoring chances. Coach Odom will teach the side ball, angle ball, and middle ball screens as well as how to clip or fake the ball screen. All of these drills are great for helping players transition into motion offense shooting. Coach Odom reviews his UMBC Shooting Series where players get up game shots after learning how to get open using V-cuts, the drive and kick, and the flip back pass. Motion Offense Coach Odom begins the teaching of the Motion offense with the fast break that has been so successful for his UMBC teams. Players are taught to hunt for their shot within the first 7-10 seconds of the possession. This applies immense pressure to a defense. The keys to getting a good shot in transition are making sure there is a quick outlet pass, being creative in getting to the paint, and searching for open layups and 3-point shots. You will see Odom’s 12-second drill which emphasizes the fast break. You will learn how to use drag screens, double drag screens, and more in an effort to create scoring opportunities. This 139-minute video reveals to you a fast-paced style of play that has created havoc for some of the best defensive teams in college basketball. Use it to do the same in your program. Rent this drive and kick basketball drills DVD today.
John Calipari: The Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
John Calipari (Rental)-John Calipari: The Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense $19.99
Isolate your best shooter for more open shots You can create penetration by adding a driving lane to your basket Space is a good way to distort your defense With his Dribble Drive Offense, Coach Calipari took the nation by storm. Calipari breaks down this attack into four parts in this instructional basketball video. Each component is expertly woven together to create an efficient, well-organized offense that scores high. The dribble drive is unconventional in its design. It moves the ball to the opposite end of the low post player, anchoring it on the side with a great shot. This feature opens up the floor to create driving angles from different areas. Calipari explains the ways that downhill drive, pitch, relocation and kickback features can create more scoring opportunities. These four components are described in an easy-to-understand manner that coaches of all levels can use to effectively implement the dribble offense. The second penetration is just as dangerous as the first and each one breaks down defenders. You can balance your team's scoring by giving both perimeter and post players equal chances to succeed. 40 minutes. 2009.
Origins of the Unstoppable Dribble Drive Offense & Breakdown Drills by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Vance Walberg (Rental)-Origins of the Unstoppable Dribble Drive Offense & Breakdown Drills $18.99
Origins of the Unstoppable Dribble Drive Offense + Breakdown Drills The dribble drive offense is about teaching players to play basketball, not to just run plays. That is the mantra of Clovis West (CA) HS head coach Vance Walberg, who used to be an assistant with the Sacramento Kings. Before that, Walberg was the head coach at Fresno City College where he won a California state championship in 2005. Walberg is also the founder of the dribble drive offense and in this video he will share many of the concepts that have turned this offense into the latest craze. Dribble Drive Offense Tactics To understand the dribble drive offense, you must first learn Coach Walberg’s numbering system. A traditional “5-man” is a 4 in Walberg’s system and vice versa. After the numbering system and a few other details, Walberg shares the three things that never change about his offense: It’s attack mentality – every time a player touches the ball, they must think “score” It opens gaps – after passing the ball, players need to cut to open up space to score Spacing off penetration – once the ball has been taken inside, athletes must make sure they space the floor properly to provide additional scoring opportunities Dribble Drive Offense Actions With the basics in hand, Coach Walberg then runs through a number of early offense actions in the dribble drive. He demonstrates how to attack defenses based on how they defend off-ball players. The idea is to teach players to read defenses and attack them where they are weakest. You will see how an easy basket is created when a post defender steps up to help on a drive. The driving player can lob to the post defender’s man giving him an easy layup or, at the very least, a trip to the free throw line. Dribble Drive Offense Daily Drills To perfect the dribble drive offense, Coach Walberg offers a number of daily drills. To improve conversion of more quick buckets inside, you will see a drill that requires post players to make three layups in quick succession. The idea is to make them more comfortable making these shots so they will make them in game situations. There is also a 5-man drill that Walberg shares. This drill mimics an action that is often utilized in the dribble drive offense. Coach Walberg finishes up with the “Drop Layups” drill and a few other shooting drills. Drop Layups helps players focus on all the little things that are important in the dribble drive – passing, timing, attacking the correct spots on the floor, and relocating. At the end of the video, you will see the Olympic Shooting, 5-Spots, and Star drills. Each is a great shooting drill that can be used at the beginning of a practice. Coach Walberg shares with you why the dribble drive offense has been so successful in this 71-minute video. This is a fantastic resource to use as you implement your own dribble drive system. Rent this Dribble Drive Offense DVD today.
Breakdown Drills For The Dribble Drive Motion Offense by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
John Calipari (Rental)-Breakdown Drills For The Dribble Drive Motion Offense $19.99
Use intense drills and fast-paced instruction to teach the dribble drive How to make your drills more challenging Your dribble drive offense should be run at its highest level Dribble Drive Motion Offense, a 94-foot attack on the basket. John Calipari demonstrates how to create this mindset in your basketball practice by using his favorite dribble drive drills. Every competitive drill involves sprinting, passing and hard-line drives to reach the rim. Your offense will have many opportunities to score on the open floor with Calipari's attack drills. Calipari runs these drills quickly, intensely, and requires maximum focus. Each drill is unique because of peer pressure, special conditions, and time constraints. These drills are all required to ensure that the machine works at its best. These drills will help you score consistently in the full and half courts. 67 minutes. 2009.
Dribble Drive Action, Set Plays, And Inbound Plays by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Greg Kampe (Rental)-Dribble Drive Action, Set Plays, And Inbound Plays $17.99
Dribble Drive Offense Action, Set Plays, and Inbounds Play Oakland University head coach Greg Kampe is one of the longest-tenured head coaches in all of NCAA Division I men’s basketball. Kampe is a six-time Summit League Coach of the Year and has over 500 career victories. He is known for his ability to develop high quality shooters and scorers. Kampe has coached 11 professional players all who have led the nation in either shooting percentage, shots made, assists, or free throw percentage. In this dribble drive offense video, Coach Kampe shows you how to get your best players the ball in important situations in the Dribble Drive offense. Kampe demonstrates his Slice Series as well as a variety of sets to get your best scorers and shooters the ball when it counts. Slice Series Coach Kampe details three 1-4 sets that create misdirection and confuse opponents with screens away from the ball. Shooters come open off all sorts of screens like down and cross screens as well as screen-the-screener actions. Some defense might be good enough to deny your shooters. No problem for Coach Kampe who provides other scoring options for post slips, baseline drives, and skip passes that will score against even the best defenses. Designing Sets for Your Best Player A huge part of offensive basketball in the modern game is simply getting your best players in spots where they can be successful. Here, Coach Kampe shows you the basics of the Oakland Dribble Drive motion offense and how you get your best players the ball. You will see a baseline drive and middle drive for your best slasher and skip passes for your best shooter as well as a number of other ways to find scoring opportunities against any defense. Coach Kampe has made a career of getting his best players the ball in crucial situations. Whether it’s a set play or within the dribble drive offense, Kampe demonstrates how to score against the best any defense has to offer. That is why this video should be part of your collection. Rent this dribble drive offense DVD today.
The Dribble Drive Zone Offense by Jerry Petitgoue Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Jerry Petitgoue (Rental)-The Dribble Drive Zone Offense $15.99
Effectively manage your dribble offense against the 2-3 zone (or 3-2 zone), and in transition To get your players to open, learn to "box out" offensively Use the same formation to dominate the zone as your man dribble offense The Wisconsin High School's winningest coach, Coach Petitgoue shows you how to defeat zone defenses using the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Petitgoue shows on the court how to defeat zone defenses in the 2-3, 3-2 and transition zones. Petitgoue demonstrates different options for the post against zone defenses, such as stay, dive to the corner, weak side and stay. Boxing out on offense is a strategy that creates open shots and allows for easy baskets. Petitgoue demonstrates how to set up Dribble Drive Motion Offense. He focuses on spacing and actions like driving the gap, kickbacks from the wing, reversals, cuts, and skip passes. Petitgoue demonstrates how to dominate defenses in the 2-3 and 3-2-2 zones with the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. 49 minutes. 2009.