Our collection of Basketball Dribble Drive Offense Instructional Videos offers a range of drills and techniques designed to improve your team's offensive strategy on the court. These videos cover all aspects of the dribble drive offense, including ball screens, cuts, and drives to the basket. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights and guidance to help your team master this effective offensive strategy and improve your overall performance. Whether you're a coach or a player, our instructional videos offer a range of drills that can help you develop your understanding and execution of the dribble drive offense. With our easy-to-follow videos, you can practice these drills on your own or with your team and take your offensive game to new heights.
Dribble Drive Motion
Ron Hughey Dribble Drive Motion $19.99
In this course, Coach Ronald Hughey describes and analyzes the 4 important zones on the court you need to successfully apply the Dribble Drive Motion. He coaches that the players must have an attacking mentality to rack up as many points as possible. The attackers must constantly be thinking about what they can do to score and he teaches how creativity can make that possible. Video # Video Title Video Length 1 Introduction Free 1:06 2 Basic Offense 2:15 3 Basic Offense 4 Burn 0:50 5 Burn Free 6 Kickback 3:21 7 Kickback 8 Through 5:21 9 Through 10 Kick 11 Relocating Rules for Posts 0:31 12 Relocating Rules for Posts 13 Creativity 1:40 14 Attacker Must Think Score 0:45 15 Pitch 0:53 16 Post Options Free 2:08 17 Open Window 0:36 18 DDM Shooting Breakdowns 18:56 19 DDM Shooting Breakdown Diagrams 20 Q&A 9:30 21 Dribble Drive Motion (Auto Download) You will be redirected to our store on CoachTube.com to complete the purchase. Ronald Hughey Coach Ronald Hughey is the head coach of the women's basketball team at the University of Houston. Coaching Achievements: 2x WNIT (Houston-'18, '19) 2019 4th place finish in AAC (School record) 6x NCAA tournament as an assistant coach ('09-'14) COACHING EXPERIENCE Year School Position 2014-Present University of Houston Head Coach 2012-2014 Florida State Assistant Coach 2010-2012 Texas Assistant Coach 2009-2010 Rutgers Assistant Coach 2008-2009 UCF Assistant Coach 2007-2008 South Carolina Assistant Coach 2004-2007 South Carolina State Assistant Coach