Push Break Transition-Secondary Offense by Delano Thomas Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Delano Thomas (Rental)-Push Break Transition-Secondary Offense $18.99
This championship-level transition offense features quick-hitting secondary-break options. An inside look at the "Push break" transition and secondary offense. Includes drills and coaching points to help you integrate it into your offensive attack. Pre-practice work, including communication drills, buildup drills, shooting drills, and pre-practice, equips players with the skills and fundamentals to successfully execute this offense. As well as teaching transition structures, you can set play options to provide high-percentage scoring opportunities. Delano Thomas quickly made a name as one of today's most prominent and up-and-coming basketball coaches. He has won national championships, wide praises, and numerous national coaching honors. This is due to the exceptional success that his teams experienced during his time as a college head coach. This video is very informative and gives a glimpse into some of Thomas's teaching strategies, practice drills, and innovative set plays which have helped his team reach the top. This video gives you the on-court breakdowns of his transition and secondary offense. It includes drill components, build-up drills, and installation drill components to teach it. There are also quick-strike options that keep the defense guessing and on the edge. Pre-Practice Drills - Setting the Table for Success Thomas starts with pre-practice drills that build energy and teach communication skills between players. These are essential for successfully executing the offensive concepts discussed in this video. After setting the tone with his pre-practice work, he moves to "Box-X," which launches a section of daily drills that can be used to strengthen communication and provide plenty of repetitions to improve fundamental passing skills. Thomas introduces the "Nova Drill", which focuses on player cutting and communication while in full court situations. This drill is the next step in his highly successful "PushÓ transition offense and secondary break. The segment ends with a "Ladder Drill", which focuses on individual shooting. It challenges each player to hit shots under pressure while emphasizing the support of teammates. This creates a sense of camaraderie between players. Dummy Ofense (4-on-1, 5-on-1), "Push Transition" & Secondary Break Thomas illustrates how important it is to teach offensive concepts in components by using a dummy offense section of practice with drills with 4-on-0 or 5-on-0 situations. This creates lots of repetitions for shooting, and emphasizes the importance being efficient with each possession. Thomas finishes his presentation with the "Push Break," which he considers his most important identity as a coach. The coach explains the need for teams to play great defense in order to be able put themselves into transition situations. He also offers options for paint touches that can help create high-percentage shots. Each drill Thomas introduces pushes his "Push Break" to its final form, emphasizing the importance of proper cutting techniques to create space and get open. This video is a valuable resource that will help you teach and incorporate a strong transition offense in your offensive attack. 75 minutes. 2022.