Pistol Offense Set Plays &  Counters by Chris Briggs Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
Chris Briggs (Rental)-Pistol Offense Set Plays & Counters $18.99
Pistol Offense Basketball Set Plays & Counters The traditional post player playing with the back to the basket is long gone. Modern post players need to be able to contribute in some fashion around the 3-point line whether that be actual shooting or stepping out to set screens. Georgetown College head coach Chris Briggs and his Pistol Offense is the perfect way to give your best players the opportunity to score. Briggs has taken Georgetown to eight NAIA Tournament appearances, coached 19 NAIA All-Americans, and won two national championships (2013, 2019). In this pistol offense basketball video, Coach Briggs walks you through the various options out of the Pistol. You will see a set that the Los Angeles Clippers used to use when they had Blake Griffin. The Pistol continues to evolve as Briggs finds new options to fit the skills of his players. 5-on-0 Walk Through In order to begin teaching the pistol offense, Coach Briggs begins with a 5-on-0 walk through. He explains which specific actions to call against different defenses. Coach Briggs then teaches the attack for each different call. He uses ball screens, wide pin-down screens, lobs, clear-outs, and dribble handoffs to force defenses into difficult situations. 5-on-5 Live Action After teaching the offense in the 5-on-0 setting, Coach Briggs moves right into running plays against a live defense. After each possession, he points out different counters you could run from each set. Slip screens, changing the angle of a screen, turning the corner to go, and utilizing the dribble handoff are all discussed in the 5-on-5 segment. This is an outstanding resource for coaches at any level. Coach Briggs takes you deep inside his version of the Pistol Offense. After watching this video, you will understand the options off the basic Pistol action and nine set plays that can be used when your team needs a basket. If you have been thinking about the Pistol, think no more! Rent this pistol offense basketball video today.