Half Court Match Up Zone Defense by Bill Evans Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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Half Court Match-Up Zone Defense The Match Up Zone Defense is a defense so unique opponents have a hard time figuring out what it is. If you long for a stifling defense that takes offenses completely out of their game, Coach Bill Evans’ video is for you. Coach Evans is the head coach at Idaho State and was previously the winningest head coach in Southern Utah history. While an assistant at Montana from 2007 to 2012, the Grizzlies led the conference in scoring defense every season. This is one of the most in-depth videos on match-up defense ever produced. Coach Evans shares with you his experience with zone defense and how you can amp up the pressure on offenses with multiple traps and more. Rules of the Match Up Zone Defense Using both whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstrations, Coach Evans reviews the rules of the zone defense. You will see the responsibilities for each player and how they rotate as the ball moves through the offense. Unlike most zone defenses, Coach Evans’ system makes it easier on guards so they are not trying to cover too much of the floor. Coach Evans explains all of his terminology and court geography so your players can effectively communicate. You will also see how the match-up zone protects the paint and how the “middle man” protects the rim while also getting to the corner with the support of the “up men.” Adjustments in the Match Up Zone Defense As with any system, adjustments must be made to counter offenses and their schemes. Coach Evans shows you the most common scenarios that you will face and how to adjust your coverage. The “modify” adjustment is a technique to defend the skip pass, for example. Coach Evans also goes over how his match-up zone defends ball screen, out of bounds plays, and how the defense can optimize your chance at getting rebounds. The defense is effective at nullifying dribble penetration and Evans presents multiple ways for defending the high post should an offense get the ball inside. Disrupting Offenses with the Match Up Zone Defense Where the match-up zone really gets crazy is when the pressure is turned up. Coach Evans shows you how you can really disrupt offenses with traps that can occur in multiple spots on the floor. You will see three different methods for trapping in the low post. The “Choke” and “Blitz” calls help to extend and cut off passing lanes. These are the types of adjustments that confuse offenses and result in turnovers. Coach Evans includes three breakdown drills you can use to help install his defensive system. The drills help your players understand the different rotations and how to get to their spots as quickly as possible. This 94-minute video is an outstanding look at the match-up zone. Rent his Match Up Zone Defense DVD today.