Our collection of Basketball 5 Out Motion Offense Instructional Videos offers a range of drills and techniques designed to improve your team's offensive strategy on the court. These videos cover all aspects of the 5 Out Motion Offense, including spacing, ball movement, screening, and more. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights and guidance to help your team master this effective offensive strategy and improve your overall performance. Whether you're a coach or a player, our instructional videos offer a range of drills that can help you develop your understanding and execution of the 5 Out Motion Offense. With our easy-to-follow videos, you can practice these drills on your own or with your team and take your offensive game to new heights.
Motion Offense
Mark Cascio Motion Offense $46.99
Learn the free-flowing motion offense that incorporates spacing, ball movement, player movement, passing and cutting, and screening. Motion is a great offense to teach players to play conceptually while building their skill level and basketball IQ! In this course you will learn a 5-out, 4-out and Open-post option to allow for ultimate versitilty. This course offers a step-by-step guide to install the cutting game and screening game which feautres down screens, flare screens and ball screens - everything you need to play against packline or pressure man-to-man! "I love the motion offense for many reasons! First, is unscoutable since it is free flowing and has a built in counter for any defensive coverage. Second, motion incorporates a variety cuts and screens so your teams are prepared to guard any actions your opponent may run. The possibilities for two-way teaching are unlimited!" - Mark Cascio Video # Video Title Video Length 1 Introduction Free 2:35 2 Cutting Game 7:52 3 Adding the Bounce (part 1) 3:31 4 Adding the Bounce (part 2) 7:27 5 Downscreens 8:45 6 Up Screens 3:59 7 Stagger Screens 5:57 8 Open Post and Back Screening 4:29 9 4-Out Motion 4:40 10 Ball Screens 3:58 11 Breakdown Drills 5:09 12 Possessions 5:06 13 Conclusion 1:26 You will be redirected to our store on CoachTube.com to complete the purchase. Mark Cascio is an assistant coach with the Appalachian State University Women’s Basketball Program. Previous to coaching collegiately, Coach Cascio was a head high school coach for 15 years. During his eight seasons at Catholic High School, the basketball program has experienced unprecedented success of 5 District Titles and 3 Final Four Appearances. Prior to Catholic High School, Coach Cascio became the youngest coach in the history of Louisiana to win a State Championship when he led Christian Life Academy to a 2012 Title. His tenure at CLA also included another Final Four Appearance and back-to-back-to-back district championships. Prior to becoming a head high school coach, he served at the youth, high school and AAU levels.Over the years, Coach Cascio's success and style of play garnered attention from coaches at all levels. As he began to network with coaches around the country, he became passionate about sharing the game. He now provides modern mentorship for modern basketball through his business, Courtside Consulting.In the last year, Coach Cascio has conducted hundreds of webinars and traveled the country leading clinics for coaching staffs ranging from Professional to High School levels.